How to interview for a job in English

How to interview for a job in English

Did you know that in the US If you submit a résumé with a photo Some employers would just disregard it Cause’ in America you can not discriminate people based on their gender, appearance, age, So it’s really uncommon to put your photo on a résumé here But if I was talking about the UK or Europe If you do not put your photo on your résumé some employers wouldn’t even notice you and there is so many things like small cultural differences And I’m sure that there’s a list things that you know about your country So in this video I’m gonna guide you through interviewing for a job in English If you’re interested, continue watching. And because that conducted so many interviews I was surprised that there are so many great professionals out there but when they start interviewing when they start answering with questions they just lose it And another they might be great at their job but they’re really bad at interview So we decided to put a course together and this is my new course coming out very soon This is a course that gonna teaches you real position you know what happened in life when I was eighteen years old I saw this position at the Bristish Embassy in Russia And I was like Oh my God this is a job of my dreams then I submitted my résumé but of course I didn’t even get to the interview stage cause’ I didn’t know how to create a proper résumé and these things like these opportunities they just come into your life without expectations you like May be you’re not even looking for a job But next week somebody posts an opening and you like OMG I really wanna work there But you don’t have this knowledge on how to pass the interview how to create a résumé So for this course you will be prepared for those opportunities in your life and I’m gonna talk about the US parts I’m gonna talk about résumé how to present yourself and I’m gonna give you some vocabularies that gonna help you and I also ask my friend from the UK to help you with that his name is Matt He’s actually a Director expert international one of our partner schools he manages a lot of people he hires a lot lof people and I also have a teacher and he is our teacher Rob who gonna gives you all the basics like grammar and stuffs It’s gonna be really informative course the link is below and I’m giving 20$ off to everyone who is watching this video so don’t miss this oppoturnity the discount is limited the link is below I’ll see you at the course and by the way if you’re watching this later in 1st July we gonna lengthen the course every 2 or 3 months so just check the link below for the next start date Now, let’s move on to the interview basic so first of all when you come to the interview all of the employers know you are nervous and their goal is to help you relax and they gonna ask you very simple questions Tell me about yourself Now this is not a question for you should go into like oh I love dogs my hobby is to travel I just moved to the new place bla bla So this is not about your personal stuffs this is all your professional stuffs and here I’d talk about your job experiences bout’ what’ve you done before? about why you interested in this job? and like all of the professional stuffs so basically, American and Bristish people love small talk whenever you walk into a meeting don’t start with you know presenting your company or presenting yourself straight away as sometimes oh my god this is an amazing office How long have you been here? or did you know it was so hot this weekend in San francisco everyone was boiling ah what did you do this weekend? like some things like this just start the conversation get you into the right tone and I was, you know just start building the relationship with somebody who interviews you preparation is everything when it comes to an interview cause’ I’m gonna give you all the questions that like 99% chance you gonna be asked those questions so it really helps if you prepared answers beforehand so that all of your like brain activities go into answering the questions that you haven’t been prepared it for and there would definitely be some of those questions So the next question that people definitely ask is How did you hear about our opening? and just don’t be caught off guard and think about the answer, think about it at home and practice it like researching this website or maybe my friend told me and if it like internal our refer that works really well the next question is what attracted you to our company? and I had so many situations in my life when I was asking people like what do you know about linguatrip and maybe you’ll like oh you have like 5 co-founders and you are guys based on out of what Germany and I was like oh okay so he doesn’t really know the basics about our company and this is something we’re really proud of this is something that I blog about this is something that we talk a lots in the press and this is the same for any other companies there is company’s history there is notable clients and notable events that they’re taking part in so you have to be aware you have to really show that you’re interested in the position and when you’re asked what attracted you to our company you’d say I love your mission, I love how you help people learn languages or I love your story guys how you started with a small start-up survive with a like a hundreds dollars and now you build I’m talking about like a not just us but I’m talking about a lot of companies have the same history like mention their history, mention their manager mention whatever you love about this company cause when I interview people and I see that they don’t know this basic stuffs My opinion is that maybe they’re just applying to like whatever they see on the Internet and this is not really the right person for it cause’ people that stick with their company they come really interested they come really passionate about what we do and this is what we’re looking for and I’m sure this pretty much the same for other companies Especially if you apply to senior position where you have to be like a really involved with whatever going on with the mission strategy so really really research this subject research the company that you’re applying to then the interviewer would probably ask you about your strengths? and I know it’s really tempting to say oh I am very disciplined I’m a really good worker I’m really responsible I’m always on time Like all the general words boring and proves nothing you want to say you go oriented then tell them that whenever you’re set with the KPI you received by 20 percent this is like a good example or if you wanna say that you’re responsible then tell them “Hey, I have this project” that I have to complete within a day but normally it will take me like a week to complete such project but I’m so responsible I really want to impress my manager I did it in twelve hours and get what he was impressed with the result Some like that If you’re applying for the Marketing position tell them that you’re lead course 3 axes less than the market average like something that will prove that you’re really strong like avoid the general words forget about them now the next thing that interview gonna move on to your weaknesses and this is not time to talk about your personal stuffs about like maybe how you like to sleep at night and how you hate to wake up at 9 a.m this is something about your professional weaknesses and don’t tell that you don’t have them and I’ve heard that so many times like ah I’m perfect and I don’t have any weaknesses this is not true, everybody has weakness and it’s smart and it’s very responsible to admit them okay maybe I’ve made a lot of spelling mistakes and normally if I do this job I work for the corporator and I only have the corporator that I work with like this is indeed the answer or maybe you could tell that you know you require upper intermediate English my spoken English is upper intermediate but my written English is still intermediate but I’m working on it really hard I own 10 hours a week I’m taking private classes I’m going on the trip to the US dealing with school to push up my English this is something the adult would do like this is how you approach the problems that you have them, you admit them and you work to solving them and your employer gonna love that another thing that they might ask they would ask you Have you done this this and that? and like big chance that you haven’t done it but the right thing to say here is that you know I haven’t done exactly what you mention but I’ve done a very similar project and I think what I’ve done there is really applicable to whatever you’re talking about again for me as an employer and for other employers this will show that you’re willing to go that extra mind Do you know apply whatever you have to a new task Maybe do some more researches, maybe educate yourself a little more So we’re always looking for passionate people who go into go this extra mind So really show you in the interview that you’re ready for challenges yes you know there will a task that you are not familiar with yet but you know you have all the skills set to you know you go and handle them One of the most common questions that you get through in the interview is and I know it’s very confusing and you never knows what gonna happend in a week but it’s good to show that you are very goal oriented like in 5 years I want to manage the Sales apartment in 5 years I see myself as a mamaning partner in the company cause’ I really love it this is a great answer a bad answer is sometimes I aske people like how do you see yourself in 5 years and they will get back to me with an answer “I see myself married with 3 kids” and I’m like okay and how is that you know how would I be interested in that how does it apply to the job that you’re applying to like this is something that happen to you in your personal life this is something that you should not mention to in an interview so this is all about the professional stuffs another answer that I wow this is honest and I appreciate honesty but this is terrify for me when somebody tells me that I’m actually looking to start my own company and I want to work for you for like a couple years get your experiences and then go ahead and start my own and I like why would I invested this person cause’ whenever we hire somebody we want to invest in their education we want to invest in them so they would stay with the company and go with us and not for them to go somewhere else and just you know do their own thing so yes it is okay to be honest but if you really want to get that job otherwise saying that you are willing to copy whatever the company’s doing and just move on about yourself Next In here I get a lot of feedback like I hated my manager he’s a crazy guy, I hated my colleagues whenever I got on with them this is like a bad thing to say because I know that probably in a year you gonna be looking for another job and maybe telling bad things about me so don’t do that you can talk about you know opportunity to grow that weren’t there you can talk that the company was small and you were looking to work for a bigger company cause’ you want to more work or something like that okay Finally it’s your turn to ask questions and please don’t tell that oh I really think that’s clear to me that’s it thank you really use this opportunity ask about how the contract works, ask about your colleagues, ask about potential project like show that you’re interested show that you’re already mentally working there like what are the questions if you are suppose to start the next day? what would you ask? like think about them before the interview that was it, for me guys ah the interviewer gonna ask you a little more questions if you apply to google you gonna have like 7 interviews with 7 different people they gonna ask you all technical questions and stuffs this is like a really basic subject any employers would ask you So take my business English course get ready for your next interview in English I hope this video would useful for you guys

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  30. Don't be passive. Use your body language to show engagement–lean forward, take notes and make direct eye contact. Ask for the job at the end of the interview. The interviewer won't tell you during the first interview, but will be impressed by your interest. Follow-up with a handwritten thank you note to the interviewer. Everyone sends emails, but it is better than not following up. Be an equal partner in the interview process and do not be intimidated.

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