45 thoughts on “How to Keep Ants off Your Picnic Table

  1. You will need:
    Outdoor insect fogger
    Soad and water
    Garbage cans
    Detergent or ammonia
    Outside ant and flying insect repellant
    Food containers with lids
    And an ant-free enviroment

  2. "Use an insect fogger in the picnic area. the fogger spreads into the air and onto the trees shrubs and plants."… yea, killing everything in sight! XD

  3. I would rather eat at home then doing this, takes too much time and effort, bite a sandwich takes less minutes than doing this… -_-''

  4. These "simple steps" could be useful in actual camping, like group of people uniting with nature for two or more days. But as for the simple picnic, between spray and ants I'll take ants.

  5. @VInimin1992 1 dude killed 6.000.000 jews, 1 dude conquered the whole known world (multiple times), 1 said "release the slaves" and 1 "f u we keeping 'em".

    I have a point; that this kind of thinking (kill anything you don't like) was,is and forever will be wrong.

    What's your point?

  6. Or you can just buy a netted canopy 🙂 or you can just eat the bugs good protein 🙂 anything might be better then using chemicals. Oh this park is in Cali even better, If you pick nick near a bum you have a better chance they will be wanting to crawl on them, they love days old food on the crevice of the bums mouth, ass and fingers.

  7. The entire message of this video is to go enjoy the outdoors without the pesky nature. Horrible video, horrible message.

  8. Step one- blast your entire eating area with insect repellent so it murders every tiny creature in the surrounding bushes and trees. Who the hell thought this was a good idea?

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