How To Make a Tourist Visa in Thailand for your Partner, Simple Advice and Tutorial

How To Make a Tourist Visa in Thailand for your Partner, Simple Advice and Tutorial

Hi everybody my name is Simon this video is going
to be about visas and it applies to people who are currently or in the
future wanting to make a visa in Thailand to
take a Thai partner back to their own country as the foreigner so it could be
back to Australia USA UK Europe wherever so if your not into that no
problem thanks for popping in anyway I’m going to play devil’s advocates on this
video and the reason I’m doing this video several reasons lots and lots of
subscribers have been asking me visa questions loads of them are to do with
the first tourist visa it is well known that taking a Thai person partner let’s
refer to it as if it’s a girl but it could be a boy it could be a ladyboy but
let’s let’s say it’s a foreigner taking a girl back to his own country the path
would be a tourist visa first further down the line settlement is the
relationship carries on marriage settlements in the in their country the
remain to stay and then on to passport possibly now I have done loads of
visas with my wife okay there were 15 years ago but since then I’ve helped
friends do visas given advice on visas to other friends and I’ve seen a lot of
refusal letters I’ve seen a lot of good stories but I’ve also kept up-to-date
with the embassies and the laws and I’ve even got friends or had friends that
were in the visa agency not anymore so many highs and lows with
the visas and the applications and how it works so I thought I’d do this video
as devil’s advocate to try and show you what to do what to look for and
the main thing is presenting the correct information through whether it’s in my
case UK VFS is the agency who check with the paperwork then pass it on to the
British Embassy for a clearance officer to go through and make a decision I’m
not sure if this applies to American Europe Australia you might go direct to
the embassies but it’s still the same principles the biggest problem people
make the biggest mistake people make is they don’t present enough information on
their first application for a tourist visa they don’t understand what’s the
other side of the window behind the embassy walls what they’re looking for
they don’t read the website properly tip number one whichever embassy it is so
let’s talk to UK embassy they’ve got a website they have all the requirements for tourist visa
every detail you need is there in black and white and the application forms are
there make sure you get the right application for the one you’re making it
will be confusing but it’s there and it tells you on all the websites for all
the embassies exactly what criteria you need to fulfill to make your application
it even gives you clues of what the embassy is looking for now in 2017 all
around the world countries are tightening up on the immigration rules
for people visiting that country for whatever visa is getting a lot harder so
it makes your job even more important you get it right if you
do a tourist visa whichever visa it and you don’t put it incorrectly and you
fail it goes against you as a black mark also if you turn up in to Thailand you
fall in love with a let’s say a girl you’ve gone to Pattaya you’ve met a girl a
few weeks down the line you’re not going to get a tourist visa you might go to go
to a tourist visa agency and they’ll tell you yes you’ll get it you pay loads
of money and he gets turned down there’s not enough evidence and proof so devils advocate let’s imagine you have a Thai partner and you’ve got your
application and you’ve gone to the embassy
so I’m British a lot up again UK embassy I’m the clearance officer I’m in an
office I work Monday to Friday some days I’m grumpy some days I’m tired
good and bad mood I arrived to work on my desk is 50 applications of inch-thick
applications half of them maybe for a tourist visa maybe some other students
long-term visas but that’s talking the Tourist visa all of the embassies they’d
like you to take the path you do the tourist first then the settlement then
you get married and so forth follow that route that’s the sitemap they’re looking
for so I’ve arrived at work I’m a clearance officer
there’s the applications there’s nobody else in my office let’s pretend I’ve got
a computer in front of me and I’ve got three screens I push all the piles to one
side and I get my first application plonk it down and the application is a
standard form I see every day as a clearance officer I have got to make a
picture I’ve got to build a story of this couple let’s say it’s a an English
guy and a Thai girl I’ve got to build the picture to see whether I’m going to
give them permission for the Thai girl to go to that country on holiday three screens because I’m working for
the government I more than likely have access credits agencies so these are
companies that can tell me all the information on the foreigners credit
cards his creditworthiness whether he’s got mortgage whether he’s outstanding
debt whether he’s been bankrupt this probably applies for every country all
that information would be available I imagine it’s going to be available to
the clearance officer criminal record checks ever been in trouble with the
police never had any problems in life so application
this is mr. Fred Bloggs I type in bring up his life story there there’s his
credit reference all his information on money there’s his criminal record and
I’ve got his details the first thing you’re going to check run through his
finances on the application his name his address that’s the same yep that’s fine
his finances his job he’s been working there for so many years can work it out
from these screens and that is yes that’s right all the way down through
address family all his personal information he’s put on the page if
nothing flags up great anything does flag up there’s a red flag there one red flag
so photos let’s get a picture of these people what photos are there there’s
only one photo of a couple and it looks like it’s next to a bar that’s not good
or oh this 30 photos here this photos of the couple together that’s in Phuket
that’s in Bangkok all this is in the village of the girl looking at the girls
details she’s from isaan and she’s from Khon Keon
she worked part-time in a hairdressers and also helps on the family business
little corner shop okay and there’s pictures of the foreigner with the girl
outside the shop outside the hairdressers around khon kaen there’s a video
evidence there there’s pictures the foreigner has been all around Thailand
whether that’s good that’s a good picture as opposed to one picture
outside a bar not good picture checking the girls details again there’s
information police records on the ID card numbers punch it in any problems no
check all the addresses it all ties up good finances Thai girls many Thai girls
don’t bother with bank accounts they get paid in cash
they spent cash if you’re going to get a say a Thai girl partner for a visa first
thing you do is get passport a Thai passport for them next thing bank
account put a bit of money in there couple of thousand baht shows they’ve got
a bank account if they’ve already got a bank account fantastic and if they’ve
been put in a little bit of photo right maybe 500 by a month in that bank can’t
savings that looks really good all that stuff checks out
excellent or there’s no bank there’s no records of money there’s no proof of
where she’s working there’s no photos there’s no letters from her employer
saying that she agrees for her to go on holiday bit sad or letters from the mum
and dad saying her child they’re going to take care of the child while she’s
away if she’s got a kid any letters from anyone corroborating his evidence if the
girls come from a bar scene there’s no records and nothing red flag that red
flag will be an interview for the girl boom the clearing officer his main job
he doesn’t want a tie say a Thai girl from a bar scene if one picture he
thinks he works in the bar she could sell her body in your country he needs
evidence that the Thai person will go for the holiday for the three six months
to your country and will come back if there’s no evidence tying them to
Thailand they don’t own any land they’ve got no kids they’ve got no job there’s
no reason for them to come back they could skip the visa disappear off into
your country it has to be a reason some sort of proof that they are going to
come back to Thailand very important so emails between the two
of you even if it’s only been for a few months then there’s got to be a you’ve
got to put a letter on there a story how you met when you met and every date on
your application must tie up with everything you write and put in photos
is there any dates on the photos be careful whatever you do do not put any
false declarations in on a visa process do not lie under any circumstances keep
it real and honest if you get caught lying or just try to deceive the
embassies it’s serious you will never get a visa ever for anyone you could get
in trouble with authority photos of your home back in your country photos your
family maybe any photos it all adds up and that finances to support the trip if
you haven’t got the finances it’s not a look good but if you’ve got credit
cards with money available put all that you need all your financial paperwork as
the foreigner copies of it all every piece of paper you put into your visa
application get it translated to Thai and English make sure there’s enough
copies there there will be Thai people in the clearance with a clearance
officer going through this paperwork with it as a set of letters any letters by your
from your family we’re looking forward to seeing your girlfriend come over at
meeting her and you know we may be planning some days out next thing is coaching
your Thai partner get a translator somebody from Thailand who speaks your
language sit the Thai girl down go through all the application coach her your
family name the town you’re going to the tourist spots you’re going to visit
in your country with her drill it down and coach the more time you spend if she
has an interview it will get you through that process the clearance officer will
try whether it’s on the phone interview or face to face they will try some trick
questions try and trip you up they’re looking to see if it’s a real
application you’ve got to prove this application is real not them having to
prove it they can fail this immediately until you prove it’s all legit where you
met it’s really important and dates as well if you have been back to your
country before making this application go and buy some Thai food and a rice cooker
and things can get receipts and photos it’s sure an a coat it’s cold in your
country maybe you show on some papers and receipts you’re making preparation
for the arrival of your Thai partner that’s fantastic I made that mistake I
didn’t buy the wife a coat or Thai food but do that if you can get receipts it’s
brilliant as a clearance officer he’s got all this
information on the computers available to him or her all about you all about
the Thai person if there’s nothing there that he can find fault with it will just
give you the visa there and then he or she Bang done if there’s any red flags
any holes in your story that’s what they’re looking for is holes is this
Thai person going to come back to Thailand if there’s any doubt
they’ll red flag it that means you will be called in or the Thai person would be
called in for an interview now if you’re back in your own country and the Thai person
is going on their own you’ve got a coach them so they know exactly what’s going
to happen and how to handle it you’re not doing anything wrong here you’re
just preparing your visa application properly putting everything together
if you cross all the t’s be meticulous if they ask you for nine pieces of paper
put 12 it they ask you for three photos put six in put more in the more you pad
it the more information you give it shows you’re willing and honest and
offering the whole story once you built this paperwork together
and present it and got your visa that paperwork will then go on again when you
come to the settlement make sure you’ve got copy of all of it for yourself
because when you get to the next visa they’ve got a copy of all that and if
you start talking different stories and don’t get it right something doesn’t add
up you’d be straight out use that first
visa application information and build on it for your settlement the clearance
officers in every embassy in Thailand has to prove to themselves that this is
a legitimate case for a tourist visa for any visa if they have a doubt that the
Thai persons is not going to come back they really are going to red flag it and
they’ll try everything on those interviews to trip the Thai person up
Oh only have to trip them up once and the visa it’s easy for them just to say no and
that guy he’s gone there on a Monday morning the clearance officer or girl
there’s 50 applications how many of those are going to get a yes I don’t
know maybe you can guess but there’s a lot there if they put 50 through every
day and said yes and there’s more than one clearance officer in these embassies
that’s a lot of people going into your country a lot of those are going to fail
and if there’s obvious ones the one there it’s bar pictures it’s a bar girl
only known each other for three months passport or the foreigner how many times
has he been to Thailand so its first visit hang on
he’s met this girl six months ago maybe it’s a dating agency how did you meet in
a cafe hang on you’ve only been here for one holiday fail Bang it’s immediate lie
the easier and say no off you go anyway that’s me trying to be devil’s advocate
try and put yourself if you’re making a visa application into the person in the
embassy what are they looking for try and put yourself portrayed into their
mind and look at your application get your friends or complete stranger maybe
please look at this application what do you think fresh pair of eyes it might
spot something immediately that you missed it’s cost you a lot of money to get
the visas if you do it correctly follow the path from the website all the
instructions are there eventually you’ll get to the dream any questions by all
means in the comments below or you can email like [email protected] I will happily try and answer them please like the video hit that little
thumbs up subscribe share the video tell your friends about the channel and I’ll
answer any questions that come in best I can
thanks for watching been a rant I’m sorry but trying to help you guys if
this helps one person with their application I’ve succeeded I’ll see you
on my next video thanks bye bye

24 thoughts on “How To Make a Tourist Visa in Thailand for your Partner, Simple Advice and Tutorial

  1. Hi, Simon, is it same process if say a girl wants to go for a holiday by her own somewhere. It seems very hard for thai people to see the world as easy as we can do.

  2. US doesn't get credit info in other countries. There why there are hundreds of thousand of Chinese illegal aliens in US

  3. Great advice thanks, I did meet my girlfriend in a bar that she was working as a cashier, but for the last 18months she has been working in a Hotel , do I tell them I met her in a bar or don't mention it?..

  4. Hi Simon, the thing about "checking out the credit history". That is only for the UK I guess. No bank nor company can do that here in Sweden. That is why you have to add the bank statements to your visa application here. The government can't do that either nowadays because that would make them break the law, they can check if you can't pay your bills and the government had to step in but not otherwise. How much do you recommend that the girl has in her bank account and how long.. First refusal I got was from the embassy for French ppl in Laos. They told us that she did not prove that she had an income. She had lots of money and I wrote that I would pay for everything but the embassy refused the application anyway because she did not bring the paper with her bank statement.
    Thank you for the videos they always keep me entertained! 😀

  5. I might have to disagree a bit here – before I married my wife we applied to have her come to Canada as a tourist ( original idea was to get married in Canada and then start permanent resident process ) however we were turned down as they said that she had no real reason to return ( remember this is "tourist" IE.- visitor visa- she was single no kids – family in VN but that is not considered a "reason to return" ) – after we got married in Vietnam we applied directly for permanent resident visa and had it in less than 4 months – now there was a reason – IE – to be with husband – that gave her permission to work, receive gov't health care etc. – there was no "black mark" from the previous refusal)…it's more about applying ( at least for Canada ) for the correct visa for what you are planning to do – since then I have met people who have brought a Thai gf to Canada – then got married and applied for permanent residency here and have been waiting almost 2 years to hear a result of the application….I'm sure other countries are different but from my experience it seems that if your intention is to marry then do it there ( wherever you are ) and then apply for the residency …now there is a real reason for her to accompany you probably helps if she is not a bar girl ( they are well experienced at reading between the lines on applications…lol ) also I mentioned on your other video about how you met your wife that there is an international non profit organization that can assist in the paperwork for your significant other ( and do the health checks – there are usually only a few places dictated by your embassy that they will accept from ) they are quite reasonable ( cost me less that $150 for everything ) – and most people have never heard of them – IOM ( ) – they have offices all over the world – for those dealing with Thailand…. they are definitely worth a visit…

  6. Couple of things Simon . It is the Thai national who is making the application. You are the friend or family .. you are the sponsor . The application for Ireland can only be made online in Thailand so you can't do it for your girl unless you are over there . Bank statements must be original and current.. all documents must be originals .. i have heard of people been refused cos the bank statement was more than a month old .. i got everything verified by the police here and they officially stamped and signed everything so it couldn't be questioned.. my girl got the visa without interview but was called back to the embassy for a translation into Thai where her id card was registered.. crazy i know .. another thing is why would somebody use an agency ??? Iv heard of guys getting caught for 10000s baht just talking to them .. Avoid

  7. very good info simon.Like I said before the best way to get a thai lady to your country is that they own land there.Too many single older guys go to thailand thinking they can grab up a woman and just take them home with them.It does not happen that way.Bar girl are very hard to get a visa for.Let face it a 50 plus guy and a woman that is only around 30 .Red flag there guys.

  8. I can't thank you enough Simon for taking the time to do this vlog. I emailed you a couple of months ago asking for advice & you replied but I was confused. Now I understand. Brilliant.
    Also…..i know you've got plans……you're busy…'ve got a life…….but please don't pack up YouTube. There's some very good vloggers but when it comes to giving advice or telling a good story……youre number 1.
    You e built up a good strong following…..dont throw it away.
    Cheers Col

  9. All the time, money and effort involved. No chance would I contemplate this lunacy again.
    Thirty years since I first visited Thailand. I still love the place. Thats why I choose to live here. But experience has shown me that 95% of these relationships are doomed to fail.
    If you are in the 5% thats great. Good luck to you. But there are a lot of Jibs out there.

  10. They also want a colour photo copy of your passport and a copy of all your entry and exit stamps for Thailand . This is very important

  11. This got me thinking….. I've been with my Thai partner/wife for 5 years and been married to her since feb 2016. I've been to Thailand 15 times since I've known her. And taken her to Vientam to get a stamp in her passport! I thought it was the Thai embassy making problems regarding the processing of visas (spouse) am I wrong? Thanks.

  12. I had put part of my visa info on another post but ran out of space… Couldn't refind it.We got to submitted paperwork in Bangkok only to be told all the paperwork now gets sent back to Sheffield which cost £120 and it was Easter weekend .Everything needed was there and we paid fast track as only here till 17th April £590 hands….We have gone through all holiday visa etc for my stepson if you can find the other post. At no point on the online application we did was there any mention of all the paperwork now having to be sent back to UK. We only here till 17th as I said as my wife and 4 year old will have been here a month and after tomorrow the office will be shut for songkran. Sorry if you can't slot the 2 posts together.

  13. this is the best advice ive sen regarding visit visa for my wife from Thailand. i thank you so much for taking the time to make the video.. it's given me some more insight into the process and i really appreciate what you've said.. i hope me and the wife can nail the visit visa with your advice Thanks again Nathan

  14. How important is my credit reference. I do have money and a good income of over £75k per year but my credit reference is bad .

  15. I am thai but been living in uk for 10 years I when back to thailand 2 years ago for national service and meet my girlfriend we know each other since we was a kid and we live in the same village only problem is she don't speak English

  16. Thanks for the advice Simon. Just wanted to ask you, if you know! I want to bring my Thai girlfriend to Australia for 3 months, on a tourist visa. She unfortunately was made redundant 12 months ago, and since then I have been supporting her financially. So she is unemployed. In my case I can support her while she is in Australia no problem. She will have a return flight ticket to Thailand of course. With this information I have just given you, do you think it would be possible for her to successfully get a visa??

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