How to Make My Family’s Secret Holiday Toffee Recipe | Karlie Kloss

How to Make My Family’s Secret Holiday Toffee Recipe | Karlie Kloss

Hi everyone! Welcome to my kitchen. It is almost time for the holidays, I live for any excuse to put on a chic sweater and be cozy. So, thank you Express! It’s toffee time! My Uncle Mike’s famous toffee recipe is legendary. It’s been around for longer than I’ve been around and I’ve never told anyone what goes into it I’ve never told anyone how to make it until now… Okay you’re gonna need an apron because we are about to get serious. Enough talk, it’s toffee time! You’re gonna want to unwrap your choc- your chocolate um okay so we’re gonna start with our toffee, I did it again okay so we’ve got our butter here and it is four sticks of butter which makes a pound not exactly a healthy situation here but that’s okay okay so now you’re gonna measure out your sugar and then I’m just gonna unwrap my chocolate, not gonna turn it on yet but I’ll put this over here keep the sugar nearby so we have our six bars of chocolate get a good look at that and then the last thing, this is a really cute little nut grinder there’s coarse and fine so you’re gonna want to do coarse like I was saying my whole life my Uncle Mike like every holiday he would give this as gifts and then one year, I don’t know where along the line that must been early in my
modeling career I made a batch with him and I broke it up and I sent it off to a number of different editors and photographers and designers that were on my like holiday thank-you list what kind of gift can I give them that would actually like mean something to them and for whatever reason this toffee was instantly famous so every year I felt like okay I can’t like not make them the toffee cause like what if I don’t get booked again! I really owe my entire career to toffee truthfully. pause on that story again this is the prep work before we even make the toffee we’re good we’ve got a little bit of extra walnuts we’re gonna keep to the side just sprinkle when it’s finished and you’re gonna want to just keep this off to the side I keep saying it’s toffee time but now it’s actually toffee time because we have everything prepped. This is the one and only famous pan or pot that my Uncle Mike makes his toffee in every year. It will be, like, hand carried back to St. Louis tomorrow We are turning the stove on medium heat and you’re gonna want to start melting your butter anyone can buy something and this is something that takes time and none of us have enough time so if you’re gonna take time to do something like this I think it shows you really care. so our butter is now kind of at a good melted point I’m gonna start adding in the sugar you want to make sure that you’re kind of on medium to high heat they’d have to be like super specific with watching what temperature it hits because if you leave it on not long enough it’ll be like caramel it’ll be really stringy and it won’t ever like properly harden and then if you leave it on for too long, it’ll burn. okay so I’m gonna add our candy thermometer now I’m just thinking, did I add the right amount of sugar? I’m gonna call my aunt, real quick. Hi! Hi Aunt Nancy! Hi Uncle Mike! okay don’t get mad at me, but… Well, cause, you know I’ve always kind of messing this up, but does this look right? And it’s over medium heat? or high heat? okay got it oh you know what actually while you’re here can I ask you a question? thank you why did you start making toffee? like where did this come from? it’s not easy, it’s time-consuming what year was that? 30 years ago I told you, before I was around. How many batches do you think you make per year? okay we’re at 310! Taking it off, I’m gonna call you back! I may have just burned his pot don’t tell him! oh are you still there? Hi I may have just burnt your pot. Don’t tell Uncle Mike! what you want to do it’s just kind of like spread it out along the nuts it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t always look pretty it always tastes good Quickly take your Hershey’s bars and drop them on and it kind of doesn’t matter how you put them on because as long as they melt. I’m making a real mess here, do you have any advice for me? Thanks! That’s good advice! I actually think I did it! I love you guys mwah all right and so the last and final step is just kind of decorating it I just you know Express and Klossy gotta make our mark on this toffee now it’s a waiting game you want to just keep this in a cool dry place for about 24 hours and then you’re gonna take it out of the tray and you’re gonna break it up with your hands and I’ll show you how to do that I am covered in toffee goodness so I’m gonna go change because I’m headed to a holiday party tonight and this is my gift I’ll be
right back okay a cute little outfit change I was covered in chocolate for my
toffee making and I’ll show you my cute little look I’m going with a nice little kitten heel, skinny jeans and a cozy warm sweater so thank you Express for making me look cute I don’t know about you guys but when I get dressed in the morning, I’m running to work, running to meetings and then also to like a friend’s holiday gathering at the end of the day so I need to be able to like run around but still feel cute and put together so Express has got lots of great looks for that. okay I’m gonna do the last step of this whole process and that is cracking this into pieces. my job here is done. guys I’ve never told anyone the secret of making this famous Uncle Mike’s
toffee until now, so I hope that you appreciate just how spectacular this
toffee is however you’re celebrating the holidays this year, I always find the
best gift you can give is something that’s made with love. Make this, try it, let me know what you think in the comments below and if you’re not already
subscribing, you have better subscribe because I’m sharing family secrets here,
so subscribe and Happy Holidays

100 thoughts on “How to Make My Family’s Secret Holiday Toffee Recipe | Karlie Kloss

  1. omg i'm sO BAD WITH MAKING TOFFEE AND CARAMEL AND STUFF because i get impatient and try to eat it from the pan as i'm going along AND IT BURNS MY TONGUE LIKE HECK SO CREDIT TO YOU FOR NOT DOIBG THE SAME IN THIS VIDEO I'M PROUD OF YOU

  2. I loved this recipe so much! I'm not American, nor do I really celebrate Christmas but gosh you made the holidays sound so cozy that I wanna move to the US haha <3

  3. it is funny that the object she refers to as "a cozy warm sweater" actually makes me feel cold just by looking at her wearing it in November, especially that she does not even wear any other layers under it: it is visibly not thick and has a big V neck. (I know, I sound like a grandma)

  4. Y'a pas moyen de traduire t'es vidéo on Français s s'il te plaît parce que je galère à comprendre avec mon anglais approximative

  5. Looks good nd easy. Really, if there wasn't a snow storm going on right now, I'm off, I would go buy everything and try it. Instead I just walked to the store and got a Wunderbar, a Hersheys Cookies + Caramel and a bag of Doritos Jalepeno Cheddar…… and a box of Pizza Pockets (a rare occasion I buy processed food if you wAnna call it that) and some change for the laundry.

  6. karlie: oh you know what actually while you're here can i ask you a question?

    uncle mike: no.

    karlie: thank you. proceeds to ask the question

  7. Karlie, you are so pretty beautiful! You have some secrets! ? I always find inspiration from YOU! Thank you ❤️ and that haircut is so cute ☺️?‍♀️✨✨✨

  8. Ohhhh I think this will be the new favourite toffee recipe!!!! … Will be trying this for sure over the weekend! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. I’m a chocolate maniac and I might try to make this, looks delicious, thanks a lot for sharing.. btw, you are my favorite model ?

  10. Amazing you are a great chef miss Karlie you was like an expert in the kitchen like to have some of your homemade toffee looks so delicious you are amazing person so funny love you girl.?‍?❤?

  11. Who else wants Karlie to make a video on how to bake cookies featuring Taylor Swift?? I guess all I want for Christmas is this to happen??

  12. karlie is still connected to her midwestern roots and has such a kind heart, I love it. could you make some more making videos? I made your apple krisp last year and everyone just devoured it lol!

  13. Cute video! And I agree so much, true gifts are not valued by the price, but by the actual thought, love and intention that we put in to it! Something personal and thoughtful is worth more than 1000 dollars

  14. Karlie: Can I ask you a question?
    Uncle Mike: No.
    Karlie: Thank you. (Proceeds to the question anyway)

    Why is that so me? ???

  15. It's tastes very delicious I know… but it would have been more delicious and healthy if you replace those readymade chocolates with pure dark chocolate….❤Btw love you Karlie ❤?

  16. Wooooo spectacular recipe!!!! ??? Could you send a little piece to your most loyal fans??? ???? THANK YOU Karlie!!! ???

  17. Ripe #persimmon is the fruit for you this season … huge, Red covered strawberries and white almost chocolate cherries Karlie Kloss Kariann – cherry picking for entrepreneurs … nations, cities and cherries with Karlie !! … really oily sugar-free creamy peanut butter smell … shredded breakfast cocoanut …

  18. That's so funny, I have this famous fudge recipe I've never told anyone either and its hard to make for some reason, but it's the best fudge anyone I know has ever had..I'm gonna try your toffee karli!

  19. Sweet potatoes with carrots and persimmons, feta cheese from you friend and gutsy relative of the both Greek, Med, American and Mongolian Kashmir sweater goat tart goat cheese, orange and red … nicely dried tomatoes, nuts – your ready with salt-less butter from the Indians of the lakes – steamed … could be boiled and fried lightly … after thoroughly cooked … add green spices and your local red/steam-able vegetable … chard, basil, spinach, bok choy leaves … a warrior's dish combined from the best of the Arabic/Greek and Hebraic civilizations … lucky vitamin A carrots, sweet potatoes … a few regular add color … and any ready vegetables like radishes and yellow/red peppers make this dish representative of the sweetest and best calories, color and low sodium/low sugar holiday cooking by … Laura Solomon Stand. Great the next day with fresh grits/potatoes and eggs …

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