How to Obtain Philippine Visa on Pakistani Passport?

How to Obtain Philippine Visa on Pakistani Passport?

Welcome to Travel Trekker youtube channel. As you know, Philippine trip series is going on channel. And I got many messages, that how we get Philippine visa. This video is about how to get Philippine visa. Tell you how to obtain Philippine visa from Pakistan conveniently. Philippine is a very beautiful country, consist of more than 7,000 island Border of Philippine doesn’t meet any country from all directions (east, west, north, south). Documents required for Philippine visa are: Fill two (2) application forms (Philippine visa application form). Dully filled, not unfilled. Sign the form then Passport with minimum 06 month validity. validity of passport would be start from end of Philippine trip date. Flight reservation Just book a dummy ticket, no need of pre payment or book from an agent or book from an airline website e.g: Turkish Airline one copy of itineary of flight details. that is not a ticket, but a schdeule e.g: If you are travelling to Philippine for 07 days, from day 01 to day 07, where will you go, write the detail of day 01, day 02, as write details of 07 days, That called flight itinerary (travel itinerary). attach one copy When your visa will approved and ready for travelling, then need to show confirmed air ticket. while immigration in Pakistan and Philippine. Need original bank statement copy not shown in website, how much? Last 06 month Almost PKR 2,00,000. and attested by MOFA (Ministry of foreign affairs). I got visa from other country My Bank statement was less than PKR 2,00,000 Why is so low statement, said by visa officer. for how long will you stay I said just for 05 days then he approved Need 02 copies of passport information page Name page 02 passport size pictures Need to attach 01 copy of Police character certificate. also attested from MOFA (Ministry of foreign affairs) hotel reservation, no need pre payment In last some other supporting documents, can be asked by visa officer or consular officer He will get little interview while submitting form. How long will you stay? what do you do here? ……….. can ask you some document. One thing should be noted here, if you are going to philippine for 07 days Visa validity will be 03 months for entry, but you can just live for 07 days, not more than that. So, if you stay long, then mention clearly Philippine embassy for Pakistan are located in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Islamabad embassy is the main embassy, where not Pakistani passport holders can get visa but, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan Krgystan, and Tajikistan passport holders can also apply for visa. I put all the details of embassy’s in description. Islamabad embassy website, Islamabad embassy address, Lahore and Karachi embassy address Timing of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi Contact numbers of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Email of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.. and visa processing time. Islamabad embassy visa processing days are 09. while Lahore and Karachi take 11 working days How long visa is validate? Visa validity is 03 months You can enter any time (once) within 03 months How long I get visa? For Islamabad embassy take 09 working days. Lahore and Karachi embassy’s take 11 working days 11 working days means 02 weeks I got visa after 14 days How much visa Fees? For single entry Rs 5,600 ($40) Multi entry visa fees for 06 month is Rs 11,200 ($80) Multi entry visa fees for 01 year is Rs 16,800 ($120) Hope, this video will increase your knowledge. and you gain benefit from this video If you liked this video, plz do LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to.

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  1. They kept my passport from submitting documents day to till last day (14 days). But after documents approval after 07 days, then they asked for pay visa fees which is around Rs 6,200/-

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