How To Organize Food For Camping 3 Cooler System- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks

How To Organize Food For Camping 3 Cooler System- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks

keep food cold on camping trips how to load a cooler keep food cold camping how to organize food for camping 3 cooler system hi it’s AlaskaGranny when I get ready to pack foods for a camping trip I use three different coolers so my food will stay fresh for as long as possible keep food cold camping I use one cooler just for drinks one cooler for the foods we will eat the first few days and a third cooler for foods we will eat the last few days keep drinks and food separated people are always wanting cold drinks so keep all drinks in the drink cooler that will be opened and closed the most keep drinks away from other food to help keep cold as long as possible and keep food fresh longer keep foods cold as long as possible take empty soda or water bottles freeze water in the containers you put those around the edges of the cooler and you put your food and drinks down in there so I load all the drinks put frozen water bottles around the edge put drinks in there and people are allowed to
get a drink but need to remember close it as quickly as possible because that cold air is going
to escape it is not like a refrigerator and is not going to get cold again will not manufacture more cold air then the water bottles become thawed out the second cooler is for the foods I would take to eat the first few days of a camping trip arrange them with the meats on the bottom and things like vegetables eggs cheese go on a layer on top of it and I put waxed paper between the layers and if I have a rack that will fit it I’ll use that
so-what you I’ll arrange it with chicken and vegetables and fish I’ll put those in this
section if we are having hot dogs and condiments I stack those this way and if I had hamburgers cheese toppings put those together and things like eggs and things together so when I open the cooler pull out that meal and quickly close the cooler will continue to keep things as cold as possible things that go in the bottom color would be things this cooler does not get opened for any reason until day 3 or 4 or however many days I have planned freeze everything that’s going to go in the last cooler
so It’ll stay cold the longest I’ll use biggest
containers maybe even like a vinegar bottle to freeze water biggest frozen container I have the reason I use these instead of ice because when these melt I have water I can
use fresh water don’t’ have a wet mess in the bottom of the cooler things getting contaminated from liquid splashing
all over so if you have the very frozen cooler make sure everyone understands not to open it put a blanket around it and a bungee cord
or something always store your coolers in the shade keep your foods controlled and cold as long as possible keep your foods cold on camp out to help you enjoy your time at camp please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. Love this! It would be so helpful to see some top recipes you prefer and how you would store it in the cooler. <3 Much love!

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