How to Pack for Vacation With Sextuplets | Sweet Home Sextuplets

How to Pack for Vacation With Sextuplets | Sweet Home Sextuplets

[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re going to Dollywood. Woo! Oh! Vacation day is here. Our whole family
loves theme parks. Babies, are you all ready
to go on our big trip? Our boys are so excited. Oh, boogie wipes. Stick those in my purse. Gotta have those. Packing for a family
of 11 is crazy. For the babies, I have
to take 150 diapers, wipes, passies for Tag,
lovies for everybody, and double lovies in case we
lose one lovie, a bazillion clothes, socks, shoes,
hair bows, six Pack ‘n Plays, six mattresses,
six Pack ‘n Play mattress sheets and covers. We’re taking everything. We’ve also got to take
this whole entire table because we’ve gotta have a place
to put them in to feed them. Oh, what’d you do? And it’s not like just taking
a little booster seat for them to sit in is what
I would normally do back when, you know,
when Wales, and Bridge, and Saylor were little. No, gotta have the whole table. It’s still pretty heavy. Here you go. Let me– yeah, it is heavy. And on top of all 11 of us,
we’re taking our dog Belle. [LAUGHS] And Bridge has frogs. We’re taking animals
and reptiles. Keep those frogs away from me. [LAUGHS] No. [LAUGHS] I got a wart right now. I’m got a wart. I got a wart. Oh, here it is. Ugh. Ew! What is this? Dog food. Dog food, OK. Where’s Emily and her kids? They’re going to
have to meet us there. Ray’s got a ball
game they’re playing. OK. We are taking so much stuff. Come and get
Rayne, sweetheart. So we got a bigger van
because our van right now, we literally just like– 11 people squished
like sardines. What do you think, Layke? What you think
about this van, huh? All right, last but not least. Well, of course, we’re
leaving later than we thought. Surely we’re not
running behind. [LAUGHS] That’s the story of our life. Y’all ready boys and babies? [ENGINE STARTS] [CHEERING] Here we go. Look back at our house
because when we get home, it’s going to look different. Woo! Our first family vacation. [INAUDIBLE] You might [INAUDIBLE]
wooing in about four hours.

100 thoughts on “How to Pack for Vacation With Sextuplets | Sweet Home Sextuplets

  1. If i am a mom of 11 i dont think i would have time to do my make up and look fresh like she does . She is amazing i swear

  2. I thought packing for our family of 6 was a lot.. wow they almost need a small moving truck to take the extra stuff

  3. You are a special lady. I don’t know how or why you do it. It’s so much. At least you have a great support system. God bless you♥️

  4. Will it not look the same because someone is gonna make it perfect for these people who have way more babies than they can actually care for? OH NO!?

  5. It hardly feels worth it to go on vacation when you have so much to pack. I would be so exhausted by the time I got into the car. I found it hard enough with four kiddos. Are they having their house extended to make room for the sextuplets? They certainly need more room.

  6. Omg they have to do a lot of work just to go on vacation GOD will help you guys get through anything he’s helped you guys so far

  7. The Outdaughtered comments r tiring can we all just appreciate these cute babies and their uber patient parents please ?!?!

  8. I’m sorry but this could NEVER beat Outdaughtered, but I still love both ❤️ ??????????????????????

  9. I know they love the kids but let me tell you those boys are spoiled rotten! That screaming moooooooommmmmm all the time and she’s suppose to go running? Nope! No ma’am! In the South you are taught manners and respect something the older boys should already know.

  10. I would wait until they were a little older so you don’t have that stuff and I won’t have separate kind of wipes.

  11. Love your show, best one on TLC. You have such a beautiful family, I look forward to every show. You and your husband are incredible parents. Hope the show goes for many seasons. (If you feel like that is right for your family of course) love y'all

  12. OMG this show is such a rip off. Like it’s a copy off of Outdaughtered. Where they have quintuplets. It’s basically the exact same show and it’s a copy off because the Quinta outlets are around like four and this and these babies are around to show me it’s a copier off. This show sucks

  13. Boogie wipes are the same as regular wipes useless thing to need ??‍♀️??‍♀️ from another mama

  14. I love seeing and hearing you guys talk. I live in Georgia but from a small town in Alabama called Gaylesville. About 40 miles north of Gadsden. I love all the kids names so unique. My new granddaughters name will be Langley Cate. Good luck on your vacation!

  15. When the older kid starts screaming about his muffins and they are kicking the seats where the babies are trying to sleep. I would have pulled that damn van over and beat the crap out of them. Do parents actually parent kids anymore?! Wtf?!?

  16. I personally don’t think they needed 6 pack n plays. They’re only gonna be gone a couple days/a week, take 3 pack n plays & double them up

  17. you guys should def check out the channel grace for the miller they have an amazing story and a big heart. I feel like they would make such a good show with their unique and lovely family

  18. Is it a southern thing to put those awful big ass bows in the kids hair? They are gawd awful!! Danielle Busby does that too well, she needs a make over anyways. She dresses like she is 60 years old. Her twin sister don't they should give her the 411 on that. ?

  19. Tag, lake, blu, rain, Rawlings, and rivers are all soooooooo ccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and I want to stay with you guys

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