what’s up guys welcome back to my channel my name is Alex and today I decided to make a much requested video of how to travel light and pack for short trips if you guys follow my vlogs then you know I’m fly pretty often around 2 to 3 times a month and after travelling so much I definitely learned a few tricks on packing light and being smart about it now why should you pack light well because if you pack everything that’s in your closet then you gotta check your bag which is a hassle because then you have to wait in line then you might have to pay a fee for checking in more bags than you allow to or they might lose your bag in customs or your luggage might get sent to a foreign country somewhere these are just some of the reasons why I decided to always pack light and this is why tip number one is if you’re going somewhere for less than 7 days always bring carry-ons and don’t check any bags in get a bigger carry-on and a large backpack if you’re a guy or maybe a large purse if you’re a girl and just make it work I was always scared of taking just a carry-on but then I challenge myself to fit everything into my backpack and my carry-on and I’ll tell you what I’m never going back to checking in bags I just can’t stand waiting by the luggage belt for my suitcase if you’re only taking a carry-on then you can walk out of the airplane and get out of the airport and skip all that nonsense tip number two is to use your cell phone as your boarding pass it’s so much easier to get into the airplane that way you don’t have to carry paper or try to find it or risk losing it you just have to download the app of the airline that you’re flying in and then show it in the entrance so much easier that way and you can also just check-in online through the app right before your flight tip number three don’t bring books books are really heavy and just hard to carry and hard to read in an airplane because you have to turn on that little light and then your neighbor is gonna hate you because you have that light on at night so I use a service called audible and the pretty voice would just read the book for me while I’m flying right now I’m reading this book called smarter faster better it’s about increasing productivity I highly recommend it if that kind of thing audible also offers a 30-day free trial so he can go check it out and download the book for free if you use the link that’s in my description here make sure you let me know which books you’re reading in the comments below tip number four wear comfy sneakers that you can take off easily airports are usually so big that you end up walking a lot so make sure you pick sneakers that you like then you have to go through security and take them off quickly make sure you wear nice socks by the way I’ve embarrassed myself a couple of times bonus tip for you guys out there just trust me wear nice socks to the airport tip number five pre-plan your outfits and make sure you bring items that you can wear more than once if I’m bringing five different outfits and maybe I can just bring three jeans and then wear them more than once and that makes it a lot easier and you carry less stuff which means you get to bring your carry-on and not check in a pack bonus tip make sure you check the weather before you fly out a lot of people don’t do that and if you need to bring a sweatshirt or a heavy coat because the weather is going to be a little bit chilly then make sure you wear that to the airports and that way you have more room in your luggage you can also follow me on Instagram and follow all of my trips my Instagram is right down here you can check an inscription make sure you subscribe if you like this video I will bring in more and more so subscribe that way you won’t miss any of them and like the video that really helps my channel grow alright guys I’ll see you soon peace

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