How to Pack Travel Documents

How to Pack Travel Documents

Hi everyone. I’m Alejandra from
and in this video, I’m going to show you how to organize and pack all your travel documents
that you take with you on a trip or some kind of getaway. But first, if you are looking to get organized
or you’re looking for more travel tips or travel checklists, you can visit my website and search “travel” and all the fun travel stuff will come up. OK. So in this video or in the last video
or in the recent video, I showed you guys how to pack a carry-on suitcase and the top
thing on the carry-on suitcase in that video which I will link below, it was this baggie
right here, this poly envelope. This is what I use to pack all of my travel
documents safely and in a way where it’s not going to get damaged or wrinkled or torn
or something. But I love this bag because it’s plastic but it’s really like – what’s
the word? Like foldable plastic, so when this thing is empty, I can just fold this poly
envelope nicely. I guess I will show you in the end. Then I can just stick it inside here and it’s
really nice and it also has a really nice zipper. You can’t feel this but it feels
like butter. It’s just really nice. It’s also indestructible. So it’s not
going to like get damaged. It’s weather-proof so you can take it out in the rain and nothing
will happen. You can keep it in like extreme heat and it’s not going to melt. It’s
just awesome. So it comes in two sizes. There’s letter size which is this size. It’s like
the smaller size and then there’s the legal size which is – it’s not really long but
it’s bigger. It fits legal documents and So I will put links to these in the description
as well. But what I did on the outside was I put a nice bright yellow label that says,
“If you find this …” There’s my phone number and there’s my
email address. So in case anybody does find it and they’re nice enough to return it,
then hopefully I will get it back. But all right, let me show you what is inside here. So this is perfect for all those travel documents.
I forgot if I listed them in this video but all the travel documents you have when you
go on a trip. Like maybe there’s ticket stubs or hotel confirmations or some kind
of like receipt or a map or a notebook or a magazine. Like any kind of paper thingy
that you want to keep protected is perfect for this thing. So let me show you what I have inside mine.
So I have a book. Here’s a book on poodles. I have a notebook. I have a little poly envelope.
So I have shown this before. This is a little poly envelope for travel receipts. So every
time I go on a business trip or just like a pleasure trip and I get a receipt from something,
I will just put it inside here and then when I get back home, I will just take this to
my office and then I will just register all the receipts and then if I need to keep them,
I will file them away. But it’s a good place to just keep them
to distinguish what is travel and what isn’t travel. All right. So that’s in there also. Then
I have my passport in here as well. So it’s nice and safe kept away from like water or
anything. I have a magazine, Getting Organized Magazine. It’s my favorite organizing magazine.
So that fits perfectly in there and then I have packing lists. So like I mentioned this in my carry-on suitcase
video that when I go away, I check things off of my packing list before I go, and then
I also do it after I go. Like when I’m coming back from my trip. So I will pack these with
me and I will just check things off as I’m packing to go home. I laminate them so I can use a dry erase marker
to erase it and reuse it over and over and not have to keep it reprinting them. So these
are my travel packing lists. So the front has the full list and then the back, you can
customize the list to yourself. So if you have like special things that you
pack, you can just type them before you print them. So those fit nicely inside here and
then anything that is inside, like any kind of like single sheet of computer paper or
like something that you print out, I didn’t want to just like put it in here. I wanted
to put it in like a sturdy file folder. So a file folder and then I just have – in
this example, in this video, I have more checklists for traveling. So recently we came out with
a license plate game checklist. So, when you’re on a road trip in the car and you’re looking
out the window, it’s a long car ride and you’re looking for all the states of the
license plates. We always played that as a kid. So we made an official license
plate checklist game. So that’s in here and we just created this. So I didn’t have
a chance to laminate it yet. But I would totally laminate this. So this can be reused over
and over. Then the last checklist is a travel itinerary
checklist which we just came out with this also. But one of the problems I was having
for a while is getting all the information like my flight number, my hotel confirmation
number, rental car information. Like printing all that stuff out just seems like a lot of
paper and then when you keep it on your phone, it’s a lot of searching on your phone and
stuff. I like to have the stuff in front of me like when I need it. So we created this travel itinerary checklist
that you just like pick the type of thing that you’re looking for and then you write
the information. It’s kind of hard to explain but that’s what it’s for. OK. So those computer pieces of paper, we
will just go inside this folder and then the bottom here, I just have a dry erase maker
for the laminated checklists. Then I have a highlighter because every time I read a
book, I always highlight in the book because I like to go back to books. I sometimes go
back to books. It depends on what the topic is. But I will go back and I will just look in
my highlighted notes as like reminders, whatever the book is. Then I have my favorite pen right
here. All right. So let me show you how this envelope
folds. So just nice poly envelope and then it just folds. Like, it’s so nice. You can
just fold it in half and you can fold it in quarters and stuff. You could probably fold
it like this and like it unfolds perfectly. It doesn’t keep the creases in it and that’s
why I love it. So yes, then you can just like pack this in
your suitcase for your trip or put it in your bag or keep it in the car, whatever. So anyway,
that is how I would organize and pack all the travel documents for my trip. So I hope you found this video helpful and
if this is your first time watching any of my videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube
channel for more tips on how to get more organized and live a more productive life. Thanks for
watching and I will see you soon. Bye.

74 thoughts on “How to Pack Travel Documents

  1. NICE!  Hubby his heading to NYC, and we have been keeping his items in a manilla folder.  This is a MUCH better way.  Thanks for sharing!  

    ALSO, I have a video request!!  Can you talk about how you organize your business?  Receipts, taxes, expenses, etc.?  I feel like I'm drowning in paperwork and could be much more organized than I am!!  xoxo

  2. I recommend keeping a copy of passport both at home and in travel bag just in case passport is lost or stolen.

  3. Anyone else wondering if Alejandra is pregnant? She seems more tired and subdued in her more recent vids.

  4. Just wondering … Do you realize that people can read the phone number? Just wondering for your safety 🙂

  5. I use those folders for all my different subjects in school, for example all my history books, copies ect. Would be in one folder. (Keeps my locker super organised!)

  6. Laminating your lists is a GREAT idea, Alejandra!  Maybe one day I will get one…I bet you use it for so many things!  For those without a laminater, if you need a quick fix you can use a well-fitting page protector and check off your items.  That's what I'm currently doing lol 🙂 

  7. Nice video. Just wanted to say that you should wear your passport in a money belt/security wallet and not carry it in a suitcase, purse or other bag as bags can be stolen.or pick pocketed. A money belt/security wallet worn underneath your clothing can't be stolen like a suitcase or other bag. What happens if the bag your passport is in is stolen? At best your still here in the U.S and you end up not getting to go on your trip. If the bag your passport is in is stolen while your traveling you're in a foreign country without your passport and that's going to be a nightmare and most likely an expensive one to deal with. You will have to deal with it BEFORE coming home because you wont be allowed on to your flight home or through customs & immigration without your passport.

  8. Planning a 15 day cruise for 2015…my first cruise…great info. Do you have any experience with the RFID wallet/pocketbook series? If so, what brand/company you like? Trying to get my YT channel up by August…what brand of lapel microphone do you use? A lot of questions, but thanks for your time.

  9. I know this is off topic but could you PLEASE DO A how to organize you backpack video for back to school I always have a huge struggle with keeping my backpack organized last year so I think this could help a TON not only with me but a lot of other students!! ;*


  10. That Lip Smacking noise is SO frustrating. It takes away from the video. I love watching these but I can't watch the whole video because 2 minutes in it drives me insane.

    I have heard it 5 times just typing this comment.

  11. Great video! For those looking for back to school videos, Alejandra posted several of them during the last two back to school seasons which might get you started.

  12. Alejandra! Can u please do another school organization video! Your other ones helped me so much! But I think another 2014 one would be perfect! Plus a lot of people start getting ready for school( aka me)!!!! Thanks Alejandra! I love your videos!

  13. Alejandra, try YouNeedABudget app and PC program: it lets you count all your spendings quickly and manages the home budget efficiently. You won't have to deal with receipts at all any more)

  14. Thank you for sharing your organizing tips. Your videos are very informative. Please make a video on how to keep a dressing table neat and tidy and show inside all the drawers.

  15. About 10 years ago, I started a packing list for my daughters' trips (school camps, interstate trips, overseas trips & so on). I kept the list in a plastic folder that stayed in the luggage, attached it with a pen, so they could tick the boxes.

    Your idea to store travel documents is a good idea, but we can't use that method , because the documents need to be with our carry ons & we always bring small size carry ons.

  16. I dont know why, but that shadow thats moving to the right of you is REALLY distracting me from the video… I dont know what it is, but I cant concentrate. 

  17. amazing! i know you like organizing, but your so creative can you show me decorating ideas? want everything you have but cant transport anything to the united kingdom. they dont have most of the stuff you use here. so stupid. 

  18. I don't normally travel with that many papers and things but if I do I certainly will use a folder like yours.

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  20. I like the fact that you don't keep everything in your phone, too. I also prefer lots of paperwork!
    Thanks so much for all this inspiration, I used to be a right slob and since watching your vids I've become so much more organized and productive. My life has become so much easier and better! Although in Europe some things are organized differently, I follow many of your ways of organizing life and house. Keep up the good work and give your poodle a hug from me!!!

  21. I looooovvveeee ur videos but I just think it's not fair that u have to put prices on pieces of paper when anyone can just save the image and print it from there

  22. isn't it really inconvenient to have your passport and stuff (which you need to take out to show / refer to all the time) in the luggage bag though…? lol. (as in, when you're in the airport.) on the other hand, it seems kinda pointless / bulky / troublesome to carry the entire envelope around everywhere when you only need a few things in it.

  23. Ever since I saw the tip about using a small zippered poly envelope for receipts during travel, I adopted that tip. It really helps! I think you mentioned it in a video a year or two ago.

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