1. Great video and awesome tips!! You are so organised. I mean I thought i was organised?.you are very organised XX

  2. Really useful tips. I had no idea about using incognito tab for browsing flights. Something like increased price happened to me before and I thought it was just a popular flight. Well, I won't be fooled again 🙂 Thanks.

  3. Great video and we are just thinking of travelling abroad with our 1 and a half year old. Can you tell me how child car seats are organised for transfers and any taxi trips?

  4. Some really cool tips, thanks for sharing. Loving the channel!

    Couple of things to share through my own experience:

    1. It's essential to pay through a card like you say, BUT you are also covered through a 'charge back' on your debit card, so not only a credit card, for those who may not have a great credit limit.

    I was caught by the Lowcostholidays collapse in 2016. I checked reviews and they had appeared to be a good company but I failed to check if ATOL / ABTA protected. They had been but when they moved out of the UK they lost this.

    The summary was HSBC reimbursed me over £2,600.00, the total expense of the hotel booked through my DEBIT CARD.

    2. Remember, although I TOTALLY AGREE, especially with children, TRAVEL INSURANCE IS ESSENTIAL. We've had to use it several times with a 3 & 9 year old. CHECK the EXCESS when purchasing and check all the limits. I can never take all my camera equipment, laptop, phones, kids ipads etc etc etc, as their is a limit on my insurance payout! Check it!

    Thanks again.

  5. Thank you so much these tips were everything we needed! We just had twins and were trying to figure out a vacation plan! ✈️ ?

  6. Love your videos!
    We are in the US and on a tight budget, also, our nearly year old doesn't sleep well overnight on holidays, so we are aiming local this year. We picked up a road map, drew a circle around our town and everything within a 1 hour car ride. Every month we pick a town or national park within that circle, research what to do, where to eat, etc, then plan an all day trip. As soon as our little guy has had breakfast we jump in the car and come home just in time for bedtime. We don't feel guilty paying admission or for eating out every meal because we aren't paying for a hotel.
    I find that making sure our kitchen is cleaned and our bed is made and turned down makes coming home a relief at the end of a day trip!

  7. I LOVE your travel videos! I'd love to hear a ranking of your favorite family holidays and/or what the pros and cons of your family holidays have been.

  8. Best wishes for the future Emily and congratulations on your success…I've watched you for years. Unsubscribing. Really sad but you appear to be selling your life now rather than sharing it.

  9. Would love to take our kids abroad. My youngest was a poorly baby and every time we went away in uk we ended up at the emerg drs or even hospitalised ??‍♀️. Now he's well but finances aren't flexible enough! We have started saving etc though as we have said we want to do it in the next 2 years.

  10. Love this vid. Where is your skooter suitcases from?
    We are going to st.malo in France via car. First vacay away with our daughter (will be 9months old by then) so we thought of getting her own little suitcase but thought since they are pricey we would get one that she can use for a while

  11. Hi Emily love all of your videos but I do have a question for you. Have you heard of the momo thing that's been on the YouTube apps both kids and regular ? If you have what did you do? I let my 2yr old use his iPad when I'm trying to take care of my 6month old or trying to quickly tidy up. Would you recommend deleting the apps? I'm a paranoid mom when it comes to technology. Hes always in whatever room I am. I that way I can listen to his iPad when he has it on bc I've always liked to know what hes watching but now this dumb momo thing is making me worry more about him being on it at all.

  12. It’s so very true that kids don’t care , my 2 oldest are 5 and 7 and we have been aboard 2/3 with them and if you ask them where there fav place is , it’s always Center parcs or butlins ? As long as your together that’s all that matters . ❤️

  13. Great tips. I was such a travel buff before getting on the mommy bus but things are different now. This video got me excited to plan my first holiday with my toddler.

  14. This was great! We are going on a vacation to North and South Dakota in a few weeks to see Mt. Rushmore and other national parks. We are going with my parents and that helps a lot with keeping expenses lower since you can split many things! Seriously wonderful and informative video!

  15. Great video. Going on our first abroad holiday this year with our now 18 month old. He will be almost 2 when we go. On Spain so not far. But it's worth noting as I've just sent off for his passport. It says now on the form that you can't use the post office service check and send. I don't know why. But it must be a new rule. Thanks again Emily. Always love your content. Our little one is called jackson too! I have been watching since you were pregnant with him ? x

  16. Hello emily, these were very helpful tipps, thank you very much! Completely off topic, but did you by any chance already make a video on how to clean/ maintain your sneakers? I really love to wear sneakers, but they just get dirty so quickly when i go to the park with my daughter 🙁 i remebered that you and your husband also wear them frequently so i thought you maybe already made a video on how to keep them clean 🙂 best wishes from france!

  17. Yesterday I said to my husband ‚We really need to start planning our vacation for this year. But I’m totally lost.‘ And then you post this video. Great timing. Thank you!

  18. To be honest I did not think that there was that much to consider when booking a holiday, but I watched anyway as I love supporting your channel, glad I did because this ended up being a great resource. Great tips xo

  19. Hi Emily. Love your videos. Have you ever done a home filing ideas type video? I love how you organise things and need some inspo xx

  20. I badly wanted to go on a vacay but my lil one is just 5 months old &I am beating up myself for taking him on a long airplane journey ????

  21. Hey Emily! I'm in desperate need of tips to travel with young ones, on a plane especially. We have twin boys that turn 1 in a few days and another 5 year old and plan a holiday soon. Our destination is only 3hrs away by plane but I'm undecided on travel double buggie or baby carriers, for the plane ride ?

  22. I always love your videos and I’m looking to book our first UK holiday with a 16 month old. Have you ever been to butlins or could you recommend something similar for a young baby where the priority is to keep her active and tire her out xxx

  23. Love this video Emily!! Love your parenting style! And I love your blouse/dress!! May I ask where it is from? You look amazing as always!?❤️

  24. Amazing information provided thank you..opening a incognito window was very helpful…nd u have Dubai in ur weather list..r u planning to come to dubai..u really should its a nice place for families and kids???

  25. Love this video, Emily. Incredibly helpful, practical advice and tips but you’re also so warm and watchable, too. I reckon you could read the phone book out and I’d still like it! ? My absolute favourite YouTuber xxx

  26. Emily, what tends to be the case if say you’d booked your holiday and paid and then just before you’re due to go you have something unexpected happens, do you get a refund on your holiday? I..e illness etc?
    ThAnk you for a fab video ? xxx

  27. Love all your travel videos and packing hacks and travel tips! One travel tip is to book directly with the hotel / resort, a lot of hotels / resorts will give you the best rate guarantee, if not you can always email the hotel to ask to match a lower rate you find online elsewhere. I got so inspired by your travel vlogs as a first time mom and I am now planning to bring my will-be-11-month-old baby to the beach first time next month. Your packing videos definitely help to relieve any worries and stress that come with traveling with a baby! Thank you!

  28. Loved this!! What do you about car seats for younger children when you are transferring from the airport to the resort if you are travelling in a car/taxi? Xx

  29. These are such great tips! Especially how to save for travel. It's so simple, but I never thought to treat it like a "bill" Love all your videos. They are so motivating ♡

  30. I love your holidays. Your last one was amazing! Villa was beautiful. We would love to fly but we are a larger family & I have 2 with autism so it’s prob not gonna happen… we will stay in the uk for now. Xx

  31. I would say if you have a nursing baby make sure you nurse them on take off and landing! I did a video about traveling with a breastfeeding baby on my channel as well. THese were GREAT TIPS! I am planning a trip to Turkey with our baby and I am very nervous. She has been to places here in the US but hasn't been abroad yet.

  32. I learned the hard way, always get a direct flight if possible and yes as you stated keep the travel times as close to the your routine schedule and definitely all inclusive is the way to go. Love you so much Emily!

  33. Perfectly timed video for me. Planning to holiday for the first time with my 2 and a half year old and I’m so anxious! Have you heard of or used the Tots to Travel company? Thank you for all the tips. Going to watch all of your holiday videos now! ?

  34. Hi Emily, could you recommend some of the travel agents that will often do a low deposit per person and then paying the balance 12 weeks before.The last few times we’ve been away we have always paid upfront but I like the idea of saving and booking quite far in advance. Thanks xx

  35. Thanks for the tips! I grew up going on vacation every other year. Some years it was nearby and cheaper, other years it was more extravagant. My husband and I have a 10 month old baby and I’m very nervous about bringing him on a plane or even a long car ride. ?

  36. Planning my first international family vacation with my son, who gets very carsick. It's so hard to plan a 100% car free itinerary. Crossing my fingers he doesn't get airsickness

  37. Perfect timing! We are going on our first family holiday with a 3 months old baby very soon.
    Thanks a lot Emily for the tips!

  38. Hi Emily! Can you please do a video about all inclusive holidays. What do they generally include? Where do you book them? What services do they offer? Things like that..

  39. Great tips! Thank you for the school holiday ones, my daughter started in September and I can’t get over how much more expensive it is ? xxx

  40. Hi guys, any recommendations on some good travel agencies in the UK? We're living in Italy and heard it's cheaper to travel with UK agencies since they have the best deals in Europe. Cheers

  41. So helpful, thank you Emily. Would you recommend All inclusive, Half board or Self catering when holidaying abroad with a youngish family. Ours are 9,7 and 4. Xx

  42. I'm crossing my fingers for Japan this year. My daughter will be just over one when we go. I'm scared and excited but probably more scared. Thank you for the tips!

  43. Love this video! Very informative and you mentioned so many things I never would have thought of or just didn't know 🙂 thank you!

  44. Very useful! I've watched your video even if i don't have any children! Love your videos especially with mini tips like this one 🙂 kisses from Greece

  45. Emily, you really are amazing. I look up to you and have followed you since I've been a mum of 1 boy. Pleeease tell me where your shirt is from? It's beautiful! X

  46. Great pointers but think it all comes down to your travel style. We love to see as much as possible and do historic / cultural type holidays. We've managed to see London, Amsterdam, Thailand, Bali and Morocco so far with our little girl and are planning to visit Singapore and Myanmar before she turns two. I think kids are adaptable to your lifestyle and that goes for travel style too

  47. Great tips!! always love your travel videos and 'travel hacks' especially tips for travelling with babies and children, as I'll have an 9 week old baby in september when we plan to travel to australia (from england) so a bit nervous as I'm a first time mummy and pre-booking such a long haul flight with a 2 month old sounds scary, but want to go then as my sister is giving birth to her first in australia in september and i want to be there for that. Eeek! wish me luck or any tips! I plan to breastfeed so hoping that helps too. Also can you take a sleepyhead on board or a carry car seat? As i'm getting the joie isize lie-flat one…if anyone knows….what i can take on-board a long haul flight.
    Thank you, Lara x

  48. Great video! Just been on holiday with our 1 and 7 year old and wish I had of seen your video first ? no lift, buggy and lots of stairs haha lesson learned!

  49. They are some of THE best tips! The only thing I have to say as I work for a tour operator is that the cookies bear no impact on the price fluctuation. The way it actually works is supply and demand (for most companies anyway). I.e. if the flight is selling well, they will increase the price as they know people will pay ?

  50. Really good video. Our best holidays with baby/toddler have been Vienna in a fab Airbnb apartment. There's a surprising amount of great things to do in Vienna with kids and in the summer we had great weather. Close to home we stayed at a holiday park in Derbyshire in a chalet. Accommodation was perfect, lots to do locally and onsite pool and softplay on those not-so-good weather days was so handy. I'm not a fan of package holidays but I can see the appeal. It's great to have more suggestions for destinations.

  51. I always travel with my family and I would say we’re pretty wealthy we have been to about 50+ countries and every continent except Antarctica and currently I’m 13

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