How to Plan a Working Holiday in New Zealand (2018)

How to Plan a Working Holiday in New Zealand (2018)

how do you plan a working holiday in New
Zealand and what are the steps you need to take to plan a New Zealand working
holiday and what do you need to do in your first week in New Zealand on a
working holiday visa all of that coming right up in this video hi guys we’re Robin and Laura the team
behind backpackerguide.NZ helping you plan an epic backpacking trip in New
Zealand before we begin make sure to hit the subscribe button below to be
part of our notification squad and make the most of New Zealand today we are talking
exclusively about working holiday visa in New Zealand that’s the ultimate gap
year here we’re gonna be covering everything you need to know by the
timeframe and how to organise it we’re gonna start four months ahead of your
trip and then go down from there two months and one month before departure and
on top of that we are gonna cover everything you need to do during your
first week when arriving in New Zealand on the working holiday visa so what do
you need to do four to five months before the start of your working holiday
well first you need to do some research to see if New Zealand is right for you
and then once you’ve decided it totally is here are the steps that you need to
take the first thing to do is to check if you are eligible for a working
holiday visa in New Zealand there’s over 40 countries that are eligible and every
country has different conditions so we like to use a website called where you can enter a few information and get an
instant result on your eligibility for working holiday visa as well as your
conditions then you want to start thinking about money look into the cost
of traveling in New Zealand the cost of life in New Zealand as well and start
saving up money so you have enough money for your trip Laura and I think that
about 5,500 New Zealand Dollars plus return flights is plenty enough to
have enough money to enjoy New Zealand as well as not been too stressed job
wise speaking of jobs start looking into what kind of job you can do during your
gap year here in New Zealand there’s heaps of entry-level jobs and there is something
for everybody but it’s really important to be open minded and want to try new
things and finally the last thing to do is to start planning the best and
biggest epic bucket list for your trip in New Zealand
the best way to do that is to watch our video webseries called New Zealand’s
biggest gap year where we challenge ourself to tackle 365 activities around
New Zealand in only 365 days that will help you plan the best bucket list ever
once you have found out whether you are eligible for a working holiday visa in
New Zealand and decided that New Zealand is the best country for you then it is
time to apply a book and make this trip real this is a good idea to do this
about three to four months before the start of your working holiday all right
so to get started you would want to apply for a working holiday visa in New
Zealand this is really easy to do you just go online and you apply it takes
you about 30 minutes and then you receive your visa by email within
two days or weeks something like that we have a full guide on how to do so on
backpackerguide.NZ and it’s a breeze you’ll see trust us then you would want to
start booking your flight it’s really the most expensive part of your trips so
you want to take the time to shop around and find the best deal for you you will
find out that the city of departure is usually the thing that affects the most
the price of your trip we have lots and lots of advice on how to find a cheap
flight for New Zealand on and we put a link to
the article in the description below then you will want to start looking into
working holiday program those are companies that usually try to facilitate
and make your first few weeks much easier when arriving in New Zealand they
usually pick you up from the airport put you in a hostel teach you how to get a
job open your bank account get a cell phone all those nitty-gritty this is not something for everybody but if it’s
something that you are interested in go on and then check
out our article on the subject to see if that’s the right fit for you if you
decide not to go for that you will want to make sure to book a hostel in your
city of arrival just because especially in summer in
Auckland Wellington and Christchurch things get really really busy so you
want to make sure that you do have a room for when you arrive after a 14-hour flight
finally you also want to get a travel and medical insurance this is mandatory
with a working holiday visa and something we have a full article on with a lot of information about that turns out that is a great resource for planning a gap year in New
Zealand we write a lot of articles and we go in-depth on all those subjects so we
had a lot of links in the description below make sure to take some time to read
because that’s your Bible for backpacking in New Zealand oh and one
more thing you also want to make sure to apply for an international driving
permit this is something that you can only do back home in your home country
you can know that when you’re in New Zealand and especially if you do not
have an English written driving licence this will make your life so much easier
in New Zealand so make sure to get one it’s definitely worth it we are one
month before departure so now’s the time to start gathering the supplies you’re
going to need and gearing up for your working holiday all right so one month
before departure is a long time to do some shopping but you’ve got a lot to
buy first step you need to buy yourself a brand new luggage what are you going
to be doing backpack or suitcase there are pros and cons for both of them and
we have an article on so you can read it check out
which one’s gonna be the best for you and go for that one then it’s time to fill
up your luggage these are lots of things that you cannot live without so you need
to start making some lists and also making some choices because not
everything is gonna fit we have some packing lists available on so you can get inspiration here and see what other
travelers usually pack for the gap year in New Zealand you also want to start
thinking what you’re gonna have on you carry-on you’re gonna have a very long
flight ahead so you want to make sure that you have enough entertainment and
you also want to make sure that you have all you essential like passport flights
tickets each and every insurance paperwork and the most common things
also you’re gonna want me make sure that all your electronics is gonna be working
here in New Zealand because we all know that you cannot live without your phone
without your laptop without your tablet without your iPod so you need to make
sure that you have a travel adapter and also that they’re going to be working
here especially your phone because the New Zealand phone network is very
different than what you are used to back home so we are going to be linking below
to a few articles that we tell you more about that and also link to websites
that will help you check if your phone is compatible with New Zealand networks
and finally you need to talk to your bank i know no one likes to do that but hey is the two thing you need
them to do for you first up you need them to make sure that their write down
that you’re gonna be going overseas that don’t flag your card but because very
often that’s just not enough you need to make sure that you give authority on
your bank account to a trusted family member like you mum so in case you are
stranded on the other side of the world with no money she can come to your
rescue all right so this is d-day you are finally leaving home and making your
way to a beautiful New Zealand for the gap year of your life but before you get
into the country there is a few more thing that you need to know so once you
arrived in New Zealand you got your luggage
you are gonna head over to the immigration desk here immigration are
gonna look at your passport they might ask you a few questions but they’ll also
ask you do you have anything to declare now when you are on the flight over to
New Zealand you should have got a passenger arrival card which lists a few
things that you will be checked for biosecurity for instance hiking or
camping equipment or food or anything like that so even if you’re unsure of
something and even if you have packed something
don’t be sketchy and don’t try to hide it just declare it chances are it’s
gonna be completely fine but it’s always good to declare it because if something
is found and you did not declare it then you will receive an instant fine so this
then gets checked once you go over to biosecurity at biosecurity your luggage
is x-rayed and scanned for these items there’s quite strict biosecurity rules
in New Zealand to keep the country beautiful but it should
an absolute breeze and you’ll be cruising on out of the airport to your
shuttle off bus to your hostel so now once you’re making your way to your
hostel you’re just gonna relax take it easy because tomorrow this is where
you’re gonna go through and start setting up your working holiday
congratulation you’ve made it to New Zealand right now you put me sleeping in
your hostel trying to get rid of that jetlag and stressing over the fact that
you have this stupid idea of taking a gap year in New Zealand
what the hell were you thinking but don’t stress we’re here to help and it
is what you need to do for your first week to get started in no time on day
one you wanna head out of the hostel you want to wake up around 7:00 a.m. and go
to bed around 10:00 and get some fresh air
it’s very important you get rid of the jetlag and that’s your only thing to do
today so get out to walk around take the time to explore it with the city and
maybe stop by the supermarket so you can get yourself some groceries so you have
enough food for next week to come then when getting back to the hotel stop by
reception and ask about the proof address this is a paper that will tell the
bank where you’re living for when you open your New Zealand bank account it’s
a super simple process there is really almost nothing for you to do and finally
I’m pretty sure that you mum is dying to know if you are in New Zealand sound and
safe so make sure that you use text Facebook emails and whatever else to
tell your mum that you are okay on day two this is a good time to set up your
phone for New Zealand now hopefully you’ve done a bit of research on the
different phone network providers in New Zealand and the plans that they offer and
choose one that suits you rather than just picking the first free SIM card
that you find in your hostel and then if you follow the steps that we talked
about before on making sure your phone works in New Zealand then all you have
to do is pop your SIM card into your phone and follow the on-screen
instructions it is that easy and the first call you’re gonna make
with your phone is to the bank to make your bank appointment it will be a
quicker process if you book an appointment with one of the suburb
branches rather than in the busy city center on day 3 it’s time for you to
actually open your bank account so you need to show up to a bank at the
appointment time and you need to bring with you your passport your proof of
address your tax number from back home as well as a copy of your visa once the
bank account is opened don’t leave the bank just yet you need
to ask them for a few things first you need to ask them for letter
stating that your bank account is fully functional you will need that when
applying for an IRD number and you also want to ask them for couple of bank
statements which you will need to use as proof address throughout your trip
finally you also want to ask them how to transfer money on to your bank accounts
there is a lot of different ways they are ways that we prefer than others
because they are cheaper and faster and we have an article about that and but you won’t have all the options laid out in
front of you on day four head to the New Zealand post office for a bit more
paperwork to do first up you will want to apply for an IRD number to do so you
will need your passport a copy of your visa you put your address as well as
the letter from the bank stating that your bank account is fully functional
it’s a very simple process just a form to fill and then you hand it over at the
counter but you can even do that online nowadays so we have an article on walking you through the entire process
now one you are the post office you may want to consider apply for the HANZ 18 plus
card there’s multiple reasons to do that but the main one is the fact that to buy
alcohol in New Zealand there’s only three acceptable pieces of ID which for
you it’s going to be only you passport so if you don’t want to carry your passport all the time when you’re going out which you know you’re gonna drunk and
lose your passport then you’re gonna be stranded in New Zealand I know there is
worse things than that but just in case you may want to apply for the HANZ 18 plus car
the only cost $45 and these are just a very short paperwork to do we really
recommend you do that because it’s quick and cheap
on day five start planning how you’re going to be getting around New Zealand
now why wait until day five to start thinking about this well in New Zealand
it’s actually cheaper to book in the country rather than booking from
overseas so this is very true for the New Zealand bus companies so really take
that into consideration but also if you’re thinking of buying your own car
when you’re in New Zealand you can actually see what cars are available
around you in your time and location also there are many different choices
for the bus companies to take around New Zealand there are a hop-on hop-off bus
companies there are national coaches so really take this time to think and don’t
book anything yet just think about it while you’re waiting for your IRD
paperwork to get back to you on day six take the time to explore and have fun in
your arrival city remember a working holiday is about having fun as well so
in Auckland for instance there is so much to do you can go over to Rangitoto
Island you can take a ferry to Waiheke Island you can climb up Mount Eden and
get awesome views of the city you can go to the Auckland museum or in
Christchurch you can go through the beautiful Botanic Gardens or go to the
beach and in Queenstown you have so much to do you can go hiking Ben Lomond you
can do a bungee jump or a skydive and finally in Wellington you can go to the
Te Papa museum or go to Zealandia to see some wildlife there is really a lot
to do and you can get some inspiration of New Zealand’s biggest gap year which
is our daily travel blog here on YouTube so check that out in the description
below and finally on day seven of your gap year in New Zealand you should be
sorting out your transportation if you decided to go for a bus you want to book
your bus pass so you first bus tickets and if you decide you should
shop for car you want to start the process you wanna contact dealers start seeing
some cars doing some test drive and start sorting out your finances
if you decide that you want to travel early start working on your itinerary
start making some crosses on that New Zealand map make sure that you check all
the spot that you are dying to see here New Zealand and if you decide to work
early it’s time for you to start polishing that New Zealand CV check out some
articles on we have heaps of tips on how to make
that CV pop out you also wanna start looking for long term accommodation in
the areas where you want to work in because as much how that you find that
short term accommodation like the hostel
you are staying staying in right now speaking of the hostels you so want to
take the time to socialize with other backpackers it’s highly likely that
they’re going to be heaps of backpackers that have been here for a while so go to
the bar have a drink with them and learn from their successes and their mistake
it’s a critical part of your trip to socialize and also learn from others
mistakes so that’s it for our tips on how to prepare the best working holiday
in New Zealand possible we really put a lot of work into to make sure that this is the ultimate Bible for your gap here in New
Zealand and that is all the informations you
need to make your trip awesome if you do have any further questions make sure you
put them in this in the comments below so we can answer them to you and maybe
make a different video next time the answers that very questions we really
thrive on your feedback also make sure to hit subscribe because we publish
videos like this all the time so you wanna make sure that you’re up to date
and you get all the best tips until next time
travel safe

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