How to Plan an Indoor Picnic : Planning An Indoor Picnic

Hello! My name is Denise Robinson and on behalf
of Expert Village, I am here to talk about how to create an indoor picnic. Okay I guess
you wonder why I am in my pajamas and of course, I’m sick right now. The weather outside is
rainy but or it can be sunny. I’m just going to show you how to create an indoor picnic.
Well my friends are off and running and having a good time without me so I am going to create
my own picnic indoors and I am just going to show you some little things that you can
do to entertain yourself or if you a have special friend with him, you can have him
come along. Don’t get too close so that they won’t get sick too. I’m going to show you
some item that you can bring. Even though you are inside, you can still have that outdoorsy
feel and still like you are going on a picnic instead of just sitting on the couch or a
big easy chair curled up watching TV so let’s get started.

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