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  1. Thank you so much about planning for trips, especially when traveling outside of the United States! I’ve seen many videos about travel tips and I have to say I learn many new things about planning just watching this video such as the websites and apps that you mention and now I use them to help me plan my trips. Using incognito was a huge surprise for me and I never thought about it until I saw this video. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and recommendations. 😊

  2. it feels like ages ago i stumbled onto your podcast on google music. i'm basically in love at this point, and yep i'm hoping for a trip to japan in a year or two, once i have some money and speak the language better. /blog tldr you're on point don't change, and thanks c:

  3. next month I was planning to go to Ohio to visit my dad's side of the family and Aileen puts out a new video about traveling.


  4. i'm going out of the country for the first time in two months, and i used all of these tips and resources! i'm glad to know that i prepared well. 😀 this video was still very helpful! thank you aileen!

  5. Really wonderful tips. I find the Hello Talk and the SkyScanner 'Can't Decide Where' absolutely mind-blowing. So thank you for posting this. It's always lovely and wonderful to watch your videos. The aesthetics are so pleasing and yet so simple. I'm trying to improve my videos bit by bit 😀

  6. I never really search in these websites since I use JetBLue when I travel which is not frequent but there are some destinations that JetBLue doesn't offer from Puerto Rico (my country) so I have to do a connected flight but for example to Tokyo there's no flight unless I take one to NYC and then get another airline to Japan but for future trips I'll use these website just to have a look on average prices. .

  7. Good tips especially the one on handling docs.I am planning my first solo trip to japan. I don't travel so its really difficult for me.thanks aileen

  8. This is so on time I'm going to Coachella next year and I'm trying to come up with a game plan. Thanks for the tips

  9. Very very userful info. May I  kindly ask  you a video about how to make your baggage? or perhaps like how to make the ideal luggage, since you travel so much I guess it helps a lot. Considering  that  in some cases   specially when you travel with  a child, you want to make maximal use of your luggage space but do not know how to avoid useless things or forget important ones.Thanks once more.

  10. Amazing video! I'm going on my first ever solo trip this year and have been struggling to plan it (it's so hard to start from scratch!) and this has been so helpful!

  11. Thank you for the great tip. Bank of america has a travel reward credit card where you get a travel points for purchases and no foreign transaction fee. I use it all the time during travel and pay off my balance when back home. That way, minimum cash exchange required 🙂

  12. I learned a lot, thank you! I'm a frustrated traveler and the amount of options out there can be overwhelming. This is like an introduction course for people like me who are just starting to learn the how to's/basics. =)

  13. I saw the video as soon as you posted it and I can not stop thinking about what you've been to in 27 countries!

    What are those countries? have you been in my country? I'm from Dominican Republic!!

    Btw, i Love your vídeos!!!

  14. Gosh you make me wanna travel so bad, but I'm really scared. Are these bnbs and hotels safe? I have heard a lot of human tracking stories and I honestly don't know. What do you guys think?

  15. Gosh you make me wanna travel so bad, but I'm really scared. Are these bnbs and hotels safe? I have heard a lot of human tracking stories and I honestly don't know. What do you guys think?

  16. Great video! Hope you enjoyed staying in Tokyo! Osaka and Kyoto will be another option in the future if you are interested in exploring more of my country.


  18. I’m also a solo traveler. I have travelled to more than 15 countries like Oman, japan, Italy, Dubai etc. and thanks for sharing wonderful tips regarding the booking, budget and many more for a trip.

  19. Hey i want to go to japan when im older its my dream but what do you mean nonstopflight idk anytging about flights 😂

  20. thanks for your tip about booking flights. it's always the most difficult thing to figure out flight prices on different days.
    My tip would be depositing cash from your debit card from local ATMs during your travel.. Even after the service charge, the exchange rate is still pretty good and you can always get smaller bills this way. Also, it makes me nervous to carry so many cash on me, esp. if I'm on a trip longer than a week.

  21. The perfect video that I needed in order to organize my trip ! WELL DONE AND THANK YOU ! I specilly appreciated your clear explanations and your way of talking (like you had no parasite noises in between sentences like other youtubers) and it was a pleasure to listen to you. Have a beautiful day ! ❤❤❤❤😗😗😗😗

  22. Airbnb is just as clean? Even big hotels can messed up big time, just search "See Which Hotels Were Caught Not Changing Bedsheets for New Guest". People or agents that handle these apartments are not professionals.

  23. Hi Aileen! I definitely used all your tips for our next family trip. I learned so much and it was so much easier to plan after following your method. Thank you so much!!!

  24. Thanks a lot Aileen! Just come back from my very first Europe trip, but I wish I knew and watched your video ealier ❤️ So saved for next time ✌🏻✌🏻

  25. Great video! I have just posted my own video on trip planning. Check it out here:

  26. ok so I’m getting ready for a 2 months trip to Peru next month and I’m watching ALL your traveling videos and they are very helpful!!! I totally love em 💖

  27. Taking a risk is true. I booked an Airbnb and the restroom flooded and there was just dog smell. Fun vacation time.

  28. I’m American and don’t expect other countries to know English if I visit them. Stereotype much? 😒

  29. This is the nest audio sound quality YouTube video I've ever seen! Thanks for all your tips! I'm a new subscriber! Gracias!

  30. One travel tip I have is as soon as you’re off the plane, speed walk to immigration. Every person you pass is one less person to wait behind.

  31. I’ve never traveled anywhere before but I’ve been thinking lately why haven’t I! So I decided I’ll save some money to start traveling ! This has been so helpful! Thank you my love!

  32. I cant speak Japanese but I wanna go see all the evangelion stuff over in Japan. What’s your advice should I not bother if I don’t speak the language? I’ve only ever travel to country that speak Spanish and I speak that so I don’t know what traveling is like with out speaking the local languages.

  33. Usually whey you're traveling abroad you need(it's mandatory)to have a roundtrip ticket and proof of hotel booking or wherever you will be staying at….however what if you're not staying at a hotel or airbnb?? What do you need to do if you are staying with a friend???

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