How to Pose for Vacation Pictures! ? 12 Photography Hacks and Tricks!

Hey what’s up it’s your girl
Ally! welcome to Cancun, Mexico I am so excited to be here as a part of the
Taste of Karisma Summit so I’m going to be doing another photography hacks
video here in Mexico for you guys so I hope you’re excited so let’s get started don’t you guys feel like you’re in
paradise right now I think it’s a common misconception that when you come to a
tropical location all of your photos have to look sexy or
revealing! Well I don’t think so! I think a one-piece swimsuit can definitely be
your best friend so I’m wearing this one from my cloth and I love the embroidered
detail I think it’s so really fun and flirty without being like way too
revealing so right now we’re at the Eldorado
casita Royale and I’m going to show you if you have my favorite poses in front
of this really cute little Cabana hut so let’s go hmm know what I write we’re a like
flesh-tone or nude or light-colored swimsuit I feel like I look naked I know
not every girl feels comfortable rocking a two-piece swimsuit at the beach your
best friend is a swimsuit cover-up this one is just a light and simple scarf I
really love it because of the colors design and the pom-pom details one of the biggest struggles to
traveling alone it is finding someone to take pictures for you and sometimes you
just can’t trust strangers to take great photos so you can also bring along with
to each tripod something like this these are so affordable they’re less than $20
I’ll link a few of my favorites down below like I mentioned earlier I was in
Mexico for a summit and I made a few new friends
Alexis Samantha and Theresa we ended up hanging out by the pool grabbing drinks
and then ended up at the beach it was my first time in an all-inclusive resorts I
thought why not show off the drinks and the food so the key to a cohesive group
photo is having everyone to a similar pose with the same prop a lot of you on
Instagram asked how do I find the perfect place to take pictures well I
was lucky to be in Mexico for Mexican Independence Day so I packed a few
statement dresses when I travel I try to find locations
that compliment my outfit not compete I love the tiles in this bar but I found
that it was too busy whereas the rooftop really enhanced my look when I choose
walking down the shore diving headfirst down to the ocean floor highlight of my
Mexico trip was taking a camel tour on the beach it was my first time riding a
camel and we even have a chance to feed them I made sure to wear all white
because it was really hot that day and to capture the fast movement of the
camels I made sure to use first mode on my phone it was such a memorable
experience that I would recommend to everyone what’s great about being in a tropical
location is the fact that there are so many tropical fruits and beautiful fresh
flowers around you to use us props in your photos so I snag this really
delicious and fresh pineapple from the juice bar and I’m just gonna try a few
poses with it hey guys so it’s day two here at El
Dorado resort and I wanted to show you how to take a cute photo of a bubble
bath so I have this gorgeous bath in my room right now and I thought why not
take full advantage I filled it in with some flower petals I have some champagne
cheese and fruit is on the way I got you Scott we’re going to hop on it
snap some photos not one of my biggest challenges to shooting
photos in this public pool location is the fact that there is so much humidity
in the air camera just keeps fogging up and it’s looking really blurry sometimes
in our room it can be a little bit cold and outside it’s humid so your camera
can’t adjust properly be sure to take it out leave it outside for about like 20
minutes and you should be ready to go the story goes will a bigger treat they try to bring the suckers own
singing louder than the crowd last night we were treated to a
multi-course mexican tasting menu Atlas chic it was voted the world’s fiftieth
best restaurant and is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience
for Scott and I so if you’re ever a lead Playa del Carmen area definitely stop in
make a reservation because this is something you should not miss thank you so much to Crispo Hotel for
hosting us for the taste of Christmas summit I had so much fun filming this
photography hacks video and experiencing Mexico for the first time I hope you
guys enjoyed this vlog thank you so much for watching and I will see you next
time bye

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