How to Prepare an Eco-Friendly Picnic | At Home With P. Allen Smith

How to Prepare an Eco-Friendly Picnic | At Home With P. Allen Smith

A-tisket, a-tasket, I’ve got an eco-friendly
basket for a great picnic for the weekend. Hey, who doesn’t love a picnic? But you know
what? I like a green picnic, and I like a picnic that doesn’t take a lot of time. You
don’t have to have the best quilt or grandma’s quilt. I have this red gingham which works
really well. But the thing I did before I put this thing down is I used some insect
repellant and sprayed the area right around here. No one likes insects showing up at their
picnic. I like to go Green. So I used some cloth napkins. Whenever I organize a picnic,
I always try to do as much as I can ahead of time. I also like to go ahead and set the
portions out for each of the guests of the picnic. Let me show you an easy way to do
it: You see, you can just take these fruit jars like this. Here I have a chicken salad,
fruit salad and a pasta salad. You see, by putting them in these fruit jars and sealing
them, it’s a great way to not have to bring any sort of plates and so forth. And once
you’re finished, you just take all this back home and wash it. Now when it comes to drinks:
Of course, bottled water. Love glass bottles. Better for the environment. And if you’re
bringing along some bread and you wanna keep it fresh, not stale, and you don’t want it
to get soggy — I’m using some biscuits, but you could also use English muffins or bagels
— I wrap it with foil and then just wrap it with a napkin. Works out beautifully. For
these things that need to remain cool, I keep the ice cooler in my car, and then I just
drop a couple of those little ice packs inside the picnic hamper. By the way, the picnic
hamper is one that is repurposed. I got it at a second hand store. Anyway, these are
just a few ideas for your next picnic. Hey, if you’re enjoying these tips, check in with
us regularly. Subscribe to eHow Home. And I’d also love to know what your favorite picnic
food is.

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  1. mix equal parts 20 Mule Team Borax and White Sugar together then sprinkle it on the ground to deter bugs and ants from you picnic

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