32 thoughts on “How to Pronounce VACATION — American English

  1. Hello, Rachel.
    Thanks for your interesting method to help us learn English. I want to practice and improve my English, especially the pronounciation and intonation. I consider Rachel's English as a great opportunity in this process, so I thank you so much.

  2. Rachel, I love hear you. Every day I listen your lessons in mp3. Thanks for teach us. I love your video " talk about places". It's very cool , because you talk with your friends about places and you laugh so funny and your voice is beautiful. Tks

  3. I live in WA state and that's how everyone says vacation here. No /ei/ sound here in the first syllable lol

  4. It would be interesting to see how to pronounce "heterogeneity". I looked it up on the freedictionary website but it's so messed up!
    Your channel is amazing! 🙂

  5. Dear Rachel,  I want to be precise with English pronunciation, so please bear with me if I am overly critical.  A friend of mine, also speaking English as 2nd language, told me that, in "vacation", the "a" after ”v“ is to be pronounced as the "a" in "Pacific". Honestly, when she pronounced "Vacation Bible School" to me, I thought she said "Vocation Bible School".  In order to be accurate about the name, I had to ask her whether it was vacation or vocation.  That's when she told me vacation is pacific.   Please advise.

  6. why did we pronounce the first a in this way, not like the a in apple? is there a certain rule? thanks

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