How to Prune Grapes — Summer

How to Prune Grapes — Summer

Hi, I’m Tricia, a California organic gardener and today we’re going to talk about summer maintenance for your table grapes we’ve had an extremely wet season this
year and my table grapes have gone bonkers I’m growing four different types of table
grapes here and there’s a lot of vegetative growth making for a very dense
canopy over the grape vines earlier in the spring, the shoots were thinned when they were about six to twelve inches long you should have about six to eight
shoots per foot of canopy at the same time as thinning the shoots, I also cut the suckers off at the trunk and i’m going to continue to trim these suckers throughout the season, as necessary you see there’s not enough sunlight getting into this little fruit clusters the sunlight is what helps improve the
flavor and the quality of the fruit by having so much foliage around the
cluster, I’m also at risk for disease the first step is to take these long shoots and tuck them into the trellising and keep them out of the fruiting zone that helped a lot but you can see there’s
still a lot of hanging vines I’m going to trim back this shoot that has no clusters on it if you’re going to trim back a shoot that has clusters, be sure and leave about 15-17 full-sized leaves before you make your cut cut as little as possible and try to cut at
the point where the leaves are half the size of the mature leaves these smaller leaves haven’t started
producing food yet so the vine won’t miss them as much as
it would miss these larger food producing leaves the grape vines are looking a lot better the cutting is going to stimulate the growth so you don’t want to do this too late in the season if the fruit is just beginning to ripen,
it’s too late to cut now that I’ve tamed the vines, it’s time to thin the fruit cluster thin when the fruit has just set
and before it gets too big for good-sized table grapes leave one
cluster per shoot in order to improve the size of the
grapes, snip off the very bottom of the cluster I’m happy to have completed my summer
maintenence on my table grape vines now I look forward to grape jam, grape jelly,
grape juice, and those frozen grape treats so enjoy your grape vines and Grow Organic for Life!

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  1. organic for life, yes ma'am! thank you for your knowledgable information on the pruning. ive had a good sized grape vine on my fence for quite some years but hasn't even produced leaves in the past 4 0r 5 but this year it seems like it got on steroids and looks likes yours times 2 its a barbed wire fence so it has multiple branches going an all four wires and never knew how to take care of it with your help now i do i hope it grows to be as healthy and beautiful as yours. thanks again.

  2. Thanks, good luck with your grapes! Grapes can certainly get away from you in a heartbeat.

  3. Wasp nests in grape vines can certainly be a problem. You can trap them, make sure you locate the traps away from the house and have someone else dispose of them. Should you get a nest in your grapes the safest thing is to hire someone, or ask a friend to remove the nest for you since you are allergic.

  4. so I got given a grape vine from my gran about a month ago, she randomly bought it for me from a supermarket, its now about 2 feet tall, still only young, so I assume that I don't do any pruning on it this year, leave it to grow until next year, its also in a pot – actually just repotted it today into a pretty large pot, will they grow fine in a pot ?

  5. Yes, you want to prune it in the dormant season to train it to a single straight trunk. From there you can work on either training it to a head or to cordons. If you want more information take a look at the video on dormant pruning grapes on our channel.

  6. right, sweet, thanks for that, its been quite hard to get an answer to the question of pruning such a young plant, so again thank you, I will check out that video for sure

  7. How do you keep the area under the grape plants from having so much grass/weeks? I have to mow way too much. And how should you trellis concord grape vines? Thanks

  8. hi! i like ur videos bcoz u do organic, i started planting grapes last December and i want to have more knowledge how to care grapes, ur video help me a lot, i got only one variety in my grape yard ( red cardinal), can u help me where i can get supplier for more varieties? i'm from Philippines, my kids really love to eat grapes.

  9. Thank you! We have two other grape videos, one on care and planting, and the other on winter pruning which may be helpful. I'm not familiar with any nursery stock suppliers in the Philippines. You can however make more grapes from your first grape vine by rooting cuttings. Enjoy your grapes!

  10. I have a very large grape plant that I planted last year. I believe it was already 1 year old when planted. I live in Tucson AZ and it has already produced a 3 small clusters of fruit and I do not see any new clusters. However it is still growing crazy. Should I trim the vines this late in the season or just keep pulling them up

  11. It is up to you. It wouldn't hurt the vines to prune them now, or you could wait for the winter pruning. Typically one cuts about 90% of last season's growth off in the winter. We have another video on winter pruning grapes too. Hopefully that's helpful.

  12. Thank you!! I will view the other video. I love to see all the green growth and hate to cut the plant, but the branches are growing all over.

    Do you have suggestions for growing new plants from cuttings?

  13. You're welcome. Grape cuttings can be taken now from vigorous shoots from this year. Cut the shoot. Remove the bottom two leaves and then cut it after the fourth or fifth leaves. One whip usually yields two to four cuttings. Plant the cuttings in good potting soil and keep them evenly moist. Good luck with your grapes.

  14. I usually get two clusters per shoot. I know I want to thin to one cluster. What cluster do you cut, the one closest to the spur or the one further down the shoot? Thin the further one so you can tie back most of the shoot? My clusters are just starting to form. Thanks!!

  15. Thanks for the response. I have a Himrod and Reliance . I made the mistake of spur pruning instead of cane pruning as they say you should for table grapes. Should I cut them back to the "T" and try to keep the closest shoots on either side of the T? I hate to do this since the cordons are about an inch thick but I heard they'll produce better.

  16. I'm new to caring for grapevines and they're more for decoration/wildlife. I've finally got them to grow a lot of vines but as I was checking for pests and mildew, I found a weird pink bubble type growth and have no idea what it is.. There's no fruit either.. I wish I could show you to give you a better idea of what I'm talking about. Any tips besides the ones in your video will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  17. I want to ask for advice if I may. I have grapes trained horizontally along my back fence. This is the 3rd year so every little vine growing out has grapes on the end of it. They are about 6 inches apart. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to cut about half of them out to increase energy to the ones that are left.

  18. I've just moved into a home with 2 vines along a fence.  One vine looks great but has little fruit.  The other is loaded with fruit but looks as if it's dying.  What would you suggest to keep the one from dying?

  19. Thank you so much. This was very helpful.
    I will look for more of your videos as we have been trying to switch all our gardening to organic and avoid all GMO's. But the organics have been hard for us this first year. I guess we're just used to the engineered stuff being easier to raise.

  20. I bought a house that has two grape bushes as I call them. They are producing a lot of grapes. I have no idea what to do with them in the fall after I pick the grapes. I live very close to wine country but don't know what to do with my grapes. I believe they are concord grapes. How far do I cut them back? I am not a gardner but I would like to learn at least what is in my yard. They vines have gotten out of control I'm pretty sure. They are pretty huge. So I'm going to call this year a wash but what can I do to prepare for next year so that I can get the best grapes possible? Thanks for you help.

  21. Love it Trish. Very thorough and helpful. I am growing my grapes up a pergola so it is different but your info was still so helpful

  22. Question what do you use to keep insects adn that powder mold off of our vines? I need honeybee friendly solutions.

  23. Question what do you use to keep insects adn that powder mold off of our vines? I need honeybee friendly solutions.

  24. Bought house with grape vine growing on the porch. Just want to preserve the vine. Untangle from the porch and got on a fence. Thank you!

  25. Which specie is this Grapevine with the large leaves on it ?
    Have you tried to make stuffed grape leaves from it and how do they taste like ?

  26. I just pruned the heck out of my grapes as the Japanese beetle came home to roost. Covered the vines with mesh. Hoping the grapes do ok.

  27. why don't you just cut off 2 to 3 feet it won't harm the vine at all I saw it on derek wilber on canopy management, seneca lake wine trail, I'm using his method even the leaves around the cluster take it off, this will give more sun, your way still get to much opala (rubbish in hawaiian) by fucking it in the same busy area

  28. Cheers for the Video clip! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you researched – Lammywalness Green Grapes Guide (google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning how to become a successful grape grower minus the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my old buddy Taylor after many years got amazing success with it.

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