How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World | Full-Time Travel | Work and Travel

How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World |  Full-Time Travel | Work and Travel

So in this video, I tell you the 3 things
that I believe anyone can do to make full time travel possible no matter what their
situation. So I was recently diagnosed with Basal Cell
skin cancer. I had a biopsy the other day and that’s why
Im wearing this ball cap because they took a little chunk out of my forehead. But please don’t worry or pity me, I am very
fortunate that it’s the least dangerous skin cancer. And by the time you see this video, my doctor
will have already removed it and I’ll be getting ready to board my plane to Lima Peru to start
my 12 month trip around the world. The point of me sharing this with you is that
it serves as a reminder that nothing is guaranteed and our time on this earth is finite. We should be spending our time doing the things
we love to do. For me that’s traveling the world. So Im sure many people watching this video
dream of traveling the world, that’s why the clicked on it. And I believe there are two categories or
reasons for why people think they can’t travel full time. The first is financial and that’s what this
video is primarily about and what I’ll be talking about in a moment. But the other category is just general life
circumstances and situations. And I figured I would address that as well. Everyone has their own situation, their own
responsibilities, and their own set of unique challenges. But no matter what your situation, whether
you have kids or limited resources, a disability, or any other challenge you can think of, you
can find people on YouTube or in the blogisphere that have the exact same type of challenges
and situations and there able to travel full time. Don’t let any excuse keep you from traveling
full time if that’s truly what you want to do. Find a way to make it happen. If you know of any YouTubers or websites that
feature people that are traveling with kids, or with disabilities or any set of unique
challenges, please comment below and share those so people watching this video with those
unique circumstances can go and watch their video or read their blogs. Ok, So there are three basic things that I
think anyone can do to make full time travel possible. And these fall under the financial category. The first thing is you need to get out of
debt. I think financially that’s probably the biggest
single barrier to people being able to live out whatever their dream is, whether it’s
full time travel or something else, they are saddled with debt and that keeps them at a
job that they may not enjoy because they need to be able to pay those bills. So start tackling that debt and getting rid
of it and that will open up a lot more options for you. When I started my debt free journey, they
way I did it was I worked extra jobs, I sold stuff, and I quit buying stuff. One of the great things about full time travel
is you quit buying stuff. And you save so much money when you don’t
buy stuff. So quit buying stuff, sell the stuff you have,
and start knocking out that debt. The second step that I believe you should
before embarking on a full time travel lifestyle is to save 12 to 18 months of expenses. So all you have to do is figure out what your
monthly expenses are going to be while you’re traveling full time and save enough money
to do that for 12-18 months. One great resource out there for figuring
out how much it cost to live in a certain place is a website called BUDGETYOURTRIP. That website has a great tool for breaking
down your travel based on your needs. So if you have a lot of money and you want
to live an extravagant lifestyle, the website will tell you what it will cost you a month
to do that. If you want to just have a normal lifestyle,
it’ll tell you how you can do that as well and then it has an option to see how much
it would cost as a budget backpacker type of traveler. So that’s a great resource to figure out how
much you need to save before embarking on full time travel. And the third step is figuring out what type
of work you can do remotely to make full time travel sustainable. You can do this while our doing step one,
getting out of debt,, and step two which is saving 12-18 months of expenses. What would be great if before you embark on
your full time travel adventure that you already have a remote career in place. Some people are fortunate enough to be in
a career field that allows them to work remotely. So if that’s the case with you approach your
employer and see if you can work remotely. I am traveling with a program called Remote
Year and most of the people that I am traveling with kept their normal job, they just convinced
their employer to let them do it remotely. So that might be and option for you. If that’s not an option for you, like it wasn’t
for me, then you need to find a job you can do remotely or start acquiring skills that
lend themselves to remote work. We are really fortunate to live in a time
when being able to work remotely is a possibility for anyone. You just have to figure out what remote work
you’re going to do. So those are the three basic things that I
believe anyone can do to make full time travel possible. Get out of debt, save 12-18 months of travel
expenses, and figure out what type of work you are going to do remotely. If you want to travel full time, just find
a way to do it. Come up with a plan and start chipping away
at it. If you’re starting your journey towards full
time travel, please comment below and tell us what you’re planning on doing. In a few weeks I’ll be hopping on a plane
to Lima Peru to start my new life as a travel vlogger. I’ll be visiting 12 countries on 4 different
continents. If that type of content interests you, please
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8 thoughts on “How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World | Full-Time Travel | Work and Travel

  1. Another great video. Solid advice on how others who want to travel full-time can get out there and do it. It can be done! We're all products of doing what Kevin is talking about.

  2. Another great video Kevin thanks, you going to do what i dream of doing, we are heading down a different track due to having kids and dogs that will necessitate shorter trips, we are saving hard trying to pay off the house and re-skilling so we can shift to 6 months on 6 months off. kids are almost adults so the light is at the end of the tunnel. As you say get rid of the dept, then we can work for six months to save money then travel then repeat! I already work in IT remotely (interstate) from home but its going to be tough to ask to shift to remote as in overseas, a lot of company's still struggle with this approach wanting bums in seats.

  3. I love watching your videos! You shared great advice that really puts things into perspective. I admire your initiative and I can't wait to see your travel videos.

  4. Thanks for the video! Saw your interview with Amber. She is an amazing person! Looking forward to following your journey around the globe!

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