How to start a campfire in camping – Sepaq

Start a campfire Whether it’s for cooking, keeping yourself
warm or simply to relax, the campfire is an be dangerous if not practiced properly. Here’s
what you will need. Logs. Firestarter or newspaper. Lighter. Water. Before starting, you must be conscious of your surroundings. The only
area allowed for a campfire on your site is bounded by a metal ring. Make sure that nothing
that can catch on fire is close by. Start by placing small logs in an angle to form
a pyramid. Next, insert either a small piece of the fire starter or a few balls of newspaper
under your logs. To be certain that the fire will start, it is important to light several
sides of the fire starter at the same time. The fire needs oxygen so be careful not to
make it smoke too much. You can blow at the base of the pyramid to stimulate the formation
of flames. Avoid exposing your face too close to the flames as the smoke from the fire may
irritate your eyes and airways. Once your fire has started, continue feeding it by placing
larger logs in it. You are now all set for a nice evening beside the fire. For cooking, wait a few minutes for ember to form. The heat released from the ember will ensure that your meals are delicious. Although very pleasant, an open air fire can also be a source of danger.
Don’t get too close to the flames and never leave a fire unattended. If you have to leave
its side, make sure to put it out using water. In national parks, it is prohibited to take
wood from the forest. Branches and dead trees represent a habitat for small organisms and
they contribute to the development cycle of forests. Use the wood that you bought in the
park or locally. During warmer temperatures, forest trees become dry and the fire danger
level rises. Be aware of this level. When the fire danger level is extreme it is prohibited
to make a fire. If doubtful, speak with a park employee. Their information will help
you spend a pleasant and safe stay.

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