HOW TO START the GAME [GUIDE] – My Summer Car #162 | Radex

HOW TO START the GAME [GUIDE] – My Summer Car #162 | Radex

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  1. I did this but after summgering rusko and killing the wasps i left to home with the tractor then drove the mini bike there than got the tires and went home and made satsuma not quite done yet

  2. I've had to restart 4 times. First time I got the tractor stuck next to train tracks. Then I somehow managed to flip the car with the hammer after pulling it out of the water and it had no gears. Next time I got all the way over there without the screw driver 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  3. What i could do is drive the moped to the fleetari shop either when its open to borrow the muscle car, or to take the tool box with me at night and steal the car with a screw driver

  4. After restarting 5 times because of all sorts of mistakes, I finally managed to get all the stuff and even the tractor back to the house. With all the things in the car, heading back home, some piece of shit hit my car from the back and the character died. It's been a pleasure guys, I am throwing my computer out the window.

  5. Not sure if they updated it, but there was NOT enough fuel. I only got down the road slightly lol. Had to restart and do it again.

  6. REALLY THANK YOU FOR THE INFO … havnt played this game in quite long time and yesterday when i played again i saw that tires dont spawn in the garage anymore i thought it bugged or something.. Gj mate!

  7. I love this game to absolute bits, but what really annoys me is how updates add new and cool things but fuck up your save. I've had to restart from 0 for at least 20 times now.

  8. Thank you for this, I played from 2016-2018 but haven’t played in like over a year now so this really helped. I was reading the dev notes yesterday and saw u dont have the van at the start anymore and was like fucking what lmao

  9. Oh oh there is tractor nearby…… I just walked to the direction of the town jumped on a bus now i am in town ordered some makkaraperunat thought Teppo made those too slow pissed on his bike and now i am waiting for the Shop open 😀

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  11. I put the car together perfectly, I turned the key and the car didn't even turn over. I rebuilt it 3 times and still it wouldn't turn over. just to make sure I was doing everything correctly I downloaded a game save and STILL the car wouldn't turn over. the game is a waste of fucking time

  12. i turned my computer off by the power point and somehow it’s breaking the laws of electricity by still working

  13. sorry i have a question and a problem when i go with old car (going to the city) it gets off and i cant turn on again. how can i solve it?
    sorry for my english im not american

  14. realllly you should just take the tractor and get the wheels first, then you go to the car and steal it, but then you tow to car to the shop using the tractor and buy the things neccesary, and tow the car back home. much more time consuming, but saving the hassle of getting the tractor back when soing the firewood mission

  15. Shopping list:
    – 3 brakefluids
    – 1 motor oil
    – 1 coolant
    – 1 spark plug box
    – 1 oil filter
    – 1 battery
    – 3 beer cases
    – every sausage
    – every juice
    – every yeast
    – every sugar
    – atleast 1 coffee
    – diesel
    – gas

  16. I hate it when there is no any hint videos for gear chanching I would have the game completed by now if I knew the button to change gear I try to raise the gear but nothing happends

  17. I have something to tell you guys, you can follow this way but if you back to home, just don't use the SHORTCUT otherwise you will sunk your car and wasted the progess

  18. Amazing!!! I just got this game a couple days ago and I've been having to drive too slow tractor to the store for food and to the mechanic, driving that tractor was not fun, thank you this video was great

  19. I thought this would be a simple sim game that I could finish in a couple hours to kill a little time. Boy was I wrong. I have to run a bunch of errands and take care of myself while building a car lol.

  20. Great video helps a lot, any chance you could do a tutorial on how you fit each new part step by step. Time consuming I know but it would help a lot

  21. How do you get to the car and the shop so fast? It's always closed and i have to sleep in the car and wait forever for the shop to be opened

  22. Please make a video about setting timing chain and gears, and make a video about setting fuel dose and tuning it to make a race car engine

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