How to survive your first camping trip – “Bears smell you” PART ONE

How to survive your first camping trip – “Bears smell you”  PART ONE

81 thoughts on “How to survive your first camping trip – “Bears smell you” PART ONE

  1. Haha the ending was awesome! WTG you guys, that is roughing it a bit more than I prefer 🤣 I like my tent trailer with uncomfortable beds and I need access to a real washroom or at the very least a portable toilet. I also don't give up deodorant for anyone haha

  2. This looks so fun! My moms not really into camping because when I was a baby we went to Yellowstone and it was so cold we had to sleep in the car and we didn’t have a great experience, though it was beautiful! We haven’t really done any camping trips since…. But this year we convinced her!(We’ll be glamping for part of it in a cabin.) But we’ll definitely go out in a tent for a couple of days! I wish that we could do something like this! It looks like an amazing experience and one that I’d love to have!And it’s ok that you aren’t pros! What really matters is making these family memories that you and the kids will always remember. And it looks like you did just that!

  3. Omg the wine! 😝😝👍👍👍👍 Tjat is genius! (Also the ending to this video was great, I’ll definitely be tuning in to the next episode of THE HOLDERNESS! And every episode after that!)

  4. Looks beautiful out there, but my idea of "roughing it" is when the ice machine is on a different floor than my hotel room!

  5. That looks like an amazing camping trip! 🤣😂The pooping in the woods 🤣😂. I'm like that at a car camping place, as I have almost a phobia of pooping in public places!

  6. Good Lord I hope Kim takes a poop 💩!! You guys really went all in for the camping! Yay Penn Charles for being a trooper and Lola can provide food 🎣! Kim had her wine 🍷 and Penn… well Penn was there! Haha! Looks like a fun time!!

  7. Colorado is such a beautiful place to camp! Northern Arizona is my favorite, but Co still holds a place in my heart! Also, might I add, Kim is probably the only person who looks gorgeous in the morning after camping. I look a bit more like Penn, lol.

  8. Good job guys, and glad you ditched the moisturizer for wine. I have the feeling Lola wasn't loving this experience 🙂

  9. This was epic! I would love to see more vlog style videos from ya’all. Tent camping with no potties….. is for the brave! and wine in a bag is genius! Hubby and I will totally be copying that idea!

  10. Yeah, backpack camping is pretty tough!!! It's worth it though!!! I will never forget my backpacking experience at Cumberland Island, mostly because I SAW AN ARMADILLO!!!!! IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!! EEEE!!!!

  11. Hello, the Holderness family. I have been watching your videos for a while, and I love them. I feel like I know you since I have seen every video you’ve made. I would just like to say thank you for making these funny videos. It really brightens my day. By the way, I am about to go Camping this weekend. Wish me lunch, and have a great day -Ella

  12. Awesome cliffhanger – just like back when everyone was wondering Who shot J. R.? I hope we do not have to wait until the fall to find out.

  13. This is hilarious!! I would wait the two days, no problem!! Wow!! How can you do it there, just squatting??

  14. I loved this- you guys should do more of just your every day life – this was really well done and soooo funny!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Colorado is the BEST state! I'm so jelly you guys got to do this. It looks so beautiful and fun. Go Lola for taking on all that weight! Good job Penn charles for being full of energy! Kim, you crack me up with the wine, and Penn, being outdone by Lola is a right of passage buddy. Great video! xoxo-stef

  16. I had to do a double take with Lola!!! She is so grown up now!!!! So pretty just like her mother!!!
    Same with Penn Charles!!! So grown up!!!

  17. Nice job, everyone! Gaining 1500ft over 3 miles with full backpacks is a real challenge. And yes, when you backpack with kids, your backpack is heavier because you're taking on more of the group gear.
    Did you actually weigh your backpacks beforehand? It would be interesting to figure out how much weight you save next time by leaving unnecessary stuff at home.
    And tent capacity ratings are always "optimistic". I might put 4 kids in a "4-person" tent, but when I'm backpacking, I use a 2-person tent just for myself (or a 3-person tent for myself and one other adult).

  18. We take our kids camping every year and love it, but usually the car is nearby or in the site to hold all the food and gear.

  19. Ok this is funny for me to watch because I live in NH and I go backpacking at least 10 times a summer and my first trip i had a 24ib pound pack and the elevation was 2,000+ ft and it was 5 miles 😂😂😂

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