How to Take Solo Travel Photos With Your Phone – 7 Simple Steps!

How to Take Solo Travel Photos With Your Phone – 7 Simple Steps!

100 thoughts on “How to Take Solo Travel Photos With Your Phone – 7 Simple Steps!

  1. What's the difference between the two telepods? And which one do you usually use the most? Thank you very much for your video. Now I have an idea how to shot photos on my own.

  2. Ow! This is the most helpful video i find. Just follow you!keep it up looking forward to find more hacks and tips for taking pictures alone!

  3. Je ne vais pas appliquer tes suggestions et je ferai d'excellentes photos et de plus je n'achèterai pas chandails qui sont trop chers!

  4. Oh! I didn’t about using live as a backup incase I blink or something! My mom often takes a picture of me when I blinl. And touch and retouch is also something new I learned! I can now cut out people from my photos hehe~

  5. Ok you are my new fav vlogger..I LOVE this video it was so helpful! Ive been travel blogging for 4 years and so struggle with self photography, now I am newly inspired to try all this!

    Followed you on instagram from @mapleleopard!


  6. Great tips thanks for sharing ?❤️ I’m usually solo when I’m traveling and never get good pics ?

  7. Hey Guys! I'm a lone traveller. Over 80 cities and counting. Find me on IG @Iam_Johnlouis let's travel together sometime ?

  8. Thank you so much. This VDO is so useful. Honestly, I love taking photo but it makes me upset every time I compare my photo by others with others photo by me lol. I’ve learned a lots

  9. I am so conscious of people watching me taking photos in self timers… I care at first, but later I develop a thick skin towards them ?

  10. I don’t know why but I never see this as a tip, I personally use this myself all the time, just take a video and pose around and wait in your pose and then scroll through the video you took and screenshot the parts you liked.

  11. Very useful tips for solo travelers who wants to take photos of them but no one can take. Thanks for sharing this

  12. just for those who might have missed this, if you have an apple watch, you can use that as the remote for your phone.

  13. l remember having my tripod with me when l was travelling alone l did the same thing but after like several seconds the devices were gone. lt were stolen!!

    so this is not helping you out!!! it will make you only frustration!

  14. I’d also recommend taking a video if you don’t have a remote – you can then take screenshots and they’re much more action based shots!

  15. TouchRetouch used to have A FREE app & PAID app. I had that app on my itouch5 now I cant install the free one on my iphone8+ it sucks. But I really do love that app.

  16. Loved this video, I purchased retouch and it is changing my life thank you!!! My vacation pictures are so much less frustrating now.

  17. oh damn i wish i saw this earlier 🙁 i travel alone all the time and i always duno how to take shots of myself !
    but now, now i know.

  18. The best and concise video explaining beginners on solo self-photography. You make it look so easy. Love it! Watched it 100 times to try it out on my trip in Dec! can't wait! Thank you!

  19. Thank you your a life saver. Done this exactly as you said and you changed our vacation lives. Thank you thank you thank you

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