How to take the PERFECT photo in busy TOURIST SPOTS!

How to take the PERFECT photo in busy TOURIST SPOTS!

(upbeat techno music) – Alright, so I’m at
the airport right now. I’m running late I need
to go find gate 57. So gate 56, 50, 58? Do you know where gate 57 is? – Through the doors and to your right sir. – Alright, thank you good sir. – I gotta go find Peter at some point. Air Canada called me on
Friday and were like, do you wanna go to a Raptors game? I was like (chuckles) I was gonna play Settlers of Catan, but you know? This sounded a
little bit better than that. – But Settlers of Catan
is, is a pretty good game. – We gotta play one time, would you play? – I’ve actually never played it and I don’t even know
what you’re talking about. – Well you’re not invited
to game night anymore. I feel like I’m missing out
on the family photo right now. This is my new family today everyone. What lens do we need for this shot? – He needs like a negative
one millimeter lens for this. – There’s so many people. – [Crowd] Let’s go Raptors! (clapping) Let’s go Raptors! – Let’s go Raptors, let’s go. – I thought this was a Leaf game? (upbeat techno music) – [Chris] I think this is our seat. – [Peter] I think what are, what are you? – [Chris] I’m 13, I’m 13 the entire, this is mine. – [Peter] I’m 12A. – [Chris] I’m sorry, sorry, okay. Okay, I get to sit behind Peter. I get to be the annoying kid
during the entire flight, kicking his seat. – I love it. – I’m sorry, I’m just like
already gonna start right now. – [Peter] Please, kick my seat. (upbeat techno music) – Who’s my neighbor? – Morpheus. – Morpheus? (laughs) – What can I get you? – Um, I think you’re a fan
of the Raptors, are you not? – I, slightly I don’t know. Some, some would say I am. – Where did you get this
amazing vintage jacket? – You know what– – And how come you didn’t
bring one for me, and Peter? Half the Dope Squads here today
and were going to Washington – Dope Squad. – Quick side note, I was in like Iceland and someone came up to me
and was like hey Chris, it’s nice to meet someone
from the Dope Squad. I was like, Oh it’s becoming a thing! – Yo, if you’re sitting
backwards on a plane, bond. I’m not sitting backwards, they are. (upbeat techno music) – Should I be the guy that
starts clapping at this point, that we landed? – [Pilot] Raptors fans,
welcome to Washington DC – See I can’t do it. (crowd clapping) – Oh. Guys I started it, oh boy, that was me. (crowd cheering) (upbeat techno music) – [Chris] Can I sit beside you? – Absolutely. – [Chris] Oh yay! Bus buddies. Okay, we’ve arrived in
the capital right now, we are in the United States, just a quick like two hour flight. I had to sit beside this
guy like the entire time. It was nice, it was nice. – It was a great flight. – We had Haagen Dazs
together, it was good. So now were gonna go hit up
like all the different spots. We have about four hours in the capital, so we’re gonna go to like the capital. After finding that then were
gonna go to the monuments, go see the Lincoln Memorial, and do all the things before
we go to a Raptors game. And the exciting thing is that this is my first basketball
game that I’ve ever been to. I’ve never been to a lot of
different sporting events but when I go, the
excitement in the stadium is like one of my favorite things. So I’m pumped for today
but in the meantime, we get to be like little
tourists in the city today. So let’s go to our first spot, the capital of the
United States of America. Where to first? – The capital! – [Chris] To the capital! – Wait, where is the capital? – [Chris] I think, I think it’s there. – You mean the big white building? It’s the big white building. – They’re all white buildings. – But the biggest white building. – Okay. – [Chris] Are you trying
to hustle us right now? – I’m trying to hustle you sir. – [Chris] Is this how
you like, you wrangle us? Trying to wrangle the vloggers right now. It’s kind of like when
the dogs trying to like get all the sheep to go to a certain area. Alan’s like the dog, he’s
like come, come this way! we’re like but, where do
we go, where do we go? What is this wonderful– – Yo, What do you think it smells like? Woah! Oh, it smells like fresh grass! – Oh! – [Peter] Oh, ho ho how good is that? – And it’s, and it’s green. And like alive and happy, and
it’s like happy to see me. – [Peter] How good does it feel? – It’s oh it’s like, – [Peter] Do like a grass angel. – I’m sleeping. I’m oh grass angels! – [Peter] What is that? – Wait, wait, wait. (upbeat techno music) – Okay, everyone’s
driving around right now in these little tiny scooters. My mission right now, actually our mission right
now is to find these scooters. – [Peter] Scooters. – We’re apparently going in
the direction of scooters, and were hoping that this would be like a National Treasure’s
search for, for scooters. I’ll be Nicholas Cage on
this adventure, Peter. – What does that make me? – I don’t know, none of the other
characters were memorable. – Like last week I was in Iceland, and I remember we were like
taking these pictures of these horses and this girl walked by and she had a camera and
it was shooting vertical, she had her camera sideways
and I was like hmm, I feel like she’s an Instagrammer because we always shoot for the grid now, we shoot vertical photos. And so I go up to her and I was like hey, you shooting for Instagram? She’s like yeah, I’m an Instagrammer, I was like I knew it! So it was funny, like Peter and I, were just kinda talking about it. How nice it is to shoot landscape, like literally just turning
your camera this way. You’re like oh there’s so
many more options again. – Yo, it feels so good to shoot properly not like horizontal like, I’ve totally forgot
there’s so much to see! – Well, we didn’t find scooters, who ever told us scooters
are this way Chris and Peter, is a liar! So, we’re gonna Uber to our next location, which is The White House. (upbeat techno music) Okay, on Friday when Air Canada asked, they were like hey do you
wanna go to Washington? I was like yeah, that sounds amazing. I was like, I had this
one photo in my head and it was here near the Lincoln memorial. And it was shooting low on the water, and you get the reflection like this, and there’s just like a light wind and the entire pond is disrupt, so I guess I’ll have to come
down here to get that photo. (upbeat techno music) – Okay, so we’re at the
Lincoln Memorial right now, and one of the big things is that there’s a ton of people here. Obviously, for good reason because it’s an incredible location. With that in mind it
becomes very difficult to actually shoot photos when
there’s like 200 people here. So, here’s a few tips for you
guys on how to shoot photos when there’s tons of tourists. So, one of the big ones
is actually have like, a tighter lens get like detail shots so you only have to shoot wide, before you’re like trying to
crop people out of wide shots. So, bring a tight lens with you to like really popular locations, so you can get tight detail shots. Here’s a few examples of
some things that I shot here. (camera shooting) – I shoot super wide in really
crowded areas like this, so I can just kind of shoot my camera up and crop everybody off, basically
at the top of their heads. All the space above everyone’s
heads is completely empty, so I take advantage of that. – Another big tip is just
like walk in confidently. If you wanna get your photo,
walk right to the front, take the photo, be really quick
like have the photo in mind, get the shots and then get out of there. Okay, that was our four
hours around Washington. Now we’re gonna go watch
a Raptors game right now. This is my first official basketball game that I’ve ever been to,
pretty excited right now. I’m really excited to get
like really cool shots of just guys flying in the
air with basketballs. Alright, and we also need to go eat, so let’s go and do that right now. (upbeat techno music) Okay, I forgot my glasses in the bus. So, I’m gonna be this guy at the game. The guy who wears the sunglasses indoors. He drive home at night,
like I forgot my glasses, but at least it’s bright in here, so I can kind of get
away with it right now. (upbeat techno music) I’m kind of confusing
it with my hair as well, I think I’m slowly eating
my hair during this. Also, I love cotton candy. (upbeat techno music) – Okay, we, we left early because… ‘Cause the Raptors they’re,
they’re not gonna win. So we’re just like 16 seconds left, there’s absolutely no way
they’re gonna win so we dipped. But that was a lot of fun. Alan, how do you feel right now man? – You know what? It was a great game. We should’ve won. – Who needs a hug? – (laughs) I do need a hug. There’s a fan right there. – Biggest fan ever! It’s all about Drake,
it’s all about Drake. – Yeah, exactly. – Shout out Drake, let
him know what’s good. – I mean that would be great
if Drake watched my channel, like shout out to Drake,
thanks for watching Drake. I really appreciate you subscribin’, hittin’ that like button. I just imagine Drake on his phone be like, oh this is a great vlog,
like good job Chris. Okay, I think one of my
favorite parts of the game is that we were able to take our cameras in and I also brought a 72 hundred in and I was talking to somebody– – I got a tripod in. – Somebody else got like
their tripod taken away, they were like this could
be a weapon. I was like- – The selfie stick was taken away. – Literally everyone’s selfie
sticks were taken away, I was like oh I got my 72
hundred here, no big deal, professional camera equipment. It’s ’cause I have two
compartments in my bag, so like this part was just
closed and she’s like, oh she, he just has clothes
in there but really, I have this secret compartment. Guys, don’t worry I know how to open bags. Boom, and in here, that’s where I kept my 72 hundred, boom. Dude that was so much fun. – That was amazing. We did so much in a day. – That was so random, we were
just like hey it’s Sunday, you wanna go to a Washington
watch a Raptors game? With Peter? Yeah sure, sounds amazing. – Let’s go see the White House! – [Chris] And like everything else. – I’m so tired. – So, (car starting) I’m outta here. – Peace dude – Peace! (upbeat techno music)

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