How to Travel and Stay in Europe on a Budget

How to Travel and Stay in Europe on a Budget

Hey guys so today’s vlog is really something Abby and I are both passionate about And that is travel We love travel In fact, when I graduate law school, our plan is to just pick somewhere either across the US or across the world and we’re going to move there but traveling all through out our lives and making that a big priority with our disposable income We both love to travel, and we’ve both been fortunate and privileged to get to travel a lot in our lives already And so this vlog is going to be helping you book a trip fast, affordable, and I’m gonna walk you through it step by step I’m going to take you to Paris for a month And I just wanted to make this video 1: Because Abby and I are passionate about it and 2: I know a lot of people in college, my sister is one, that are about to go on study abroad and I wanted to make it for them and people like them But whoever you are out there I hope you can get something useful out of this And I will put some links the links that I use in the video and some other links and some other links of people that I recommend travel vloggers to look up for advice I will put that in the comments So just check that out Nomadic Matt will be one One of my favorites that I will recommend in the comments and right now He wrote a book called how to travel the world on $50 a day It’s an awesome book I recommend checking it out if you have the time But I read it, I love it And he just gives awesome practical tips Everyday living When living and traveling abroad and in another country So I hope y’all check that out Enough talking, here is my step by step walkthrough of booking a trip to Paris in under 12 minutes and staying there for a month hope y’all enjoy Hey everybody, so right now I am going to quickly walk us through step by step on how to book a trip we’re gonna go quick and cheap alright, so first let’s go airlines my favorite two budget carriers to get from the US to Europe are gonna be Wow Airlines, and Norwegian Air So we will go to Wow Airlines Alright So as you will quickly notice They have of course limited airports around the world So you’ll kind of want to pick the one closest to you or cheapest based on what most meets your needs BWI is not in central Washington and it’s probably going to be a more expensive airport to fly into So I am going to do Boston I am feeling Paris, let’s go to Paris It’s a good idea to book a few to several months in advance That’s when you’re gonna get the best deals and then Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are typically the best days airfare wise And so, I’m feeling let’s try and stay a month We’re gonna go Monday to Monday Okay so we’ve got that We’re gonna search flights I have a calculator beside me and I will be adding this up You’re welcome to as well as we go along just so I can demonstrate that it is possible to travel for a lengthy amount of time on a budget Okay so $299 and then $249 $249, I feel better about but I mean this is $548, to put this in perspective United or American, the cheapest I’ve seen their round-trip flights to Paris are about $750-$800 a person And so, we’re saving at least $200 right now And if you wanted to go with this, this is all you need I mean you could fly this price and I believe bring a 12 pound carry-on with you for free That would be You’d be good to go For those of you that don’t think you could pack for a month in 12 pounds and a small dimension bag There are some other options and that’s what I’m gonna show y’all right now Okay so, carry-on like I said, you could get the 11 pound and the dimensions So it’s about a foot; sorry, two feet a foot, and a little under two feet and so not a huge bag, sadly And so most people are gonna want to either do the 26 pound bag but it still has to be those dimensions So while I would say get yourself a good travel backpack or something like that I’m just gonna click these because you have to But then I would almost say it’s worth paying the one bag this is gonna be 44 pounds so you could bring yourself a good backpacking backpack put everything and more you need in it for your month there and you’re gonna, don’t pack too many sets of clothes because you’re gonna plan on doing laundry and stuff there so to save money on having to pay for extra bags and all that craziness so we’ll continue okay and so this is actually all we need the problem with budget airlines they are gonna try and hit you coming and going You need cancellation protection, you need this, you need that Most people don’t need all those things You really just need bags and a ticket So $682, let’s just say we’re good to go Alright, so we move on, and of course, I live in Knoxville So I have to get myself to Boston first and so we’re going to say “knoxville to boston” flights in google flights and we’re gonna trust that google can help us find something moderately priced alright so we gotta change the dates to our dates alright so the 11th and then May Okay so that’s a pretty good deal okay so april 11th to May 9th those are gonna be of course Okay and I was hoping something like this would come up If we can get ourselves to if you have a friend or connection in Atlanta which I do, and I’m sure a lot of people who live in this area do $167 can get us to Boston from Atlanta and so we can do something like that There are always these cheaper options and so I’m gonna add up that $167, now putting us at $849 if you’re following along and we have booked our flight So next, let’s hit up Airbnb because we of course need a place to stay alright so let’s go with Paris since that’s where we’re going and then that searches, we search those dates and then of course you’re getting there probably the next day and you gotta stay the night of the 8th probably and then let me zoom out so I can show you best this is gonna be Central Paris within this kind of orange circular line and these are called the “arrondissements” sorry if I butchered that but they’re the “districts” and then as you can see, the louvre museum where the Mona Lisa and other famous paintings artwork are One of the most famous art museums in the world I highly recommend visiting And then the Eiffel Tower, and then I believe the arc de triomphe is either here, or somewhere in here And so you’ll want to stay in this area You can kind of browse, find a good looking one And you can go as expensive as you want Since you’re staying a month, I would say try and go cheap this one is girls it’s like almost a privately owned hostel like someone is having in their own house But for a month you could stay there for $637 and I’m sure y’all know this with your own rent in comparison, but my rent is about $800/month and so I would be staying in Paris cheaper than I would be living in my own apartment and because it is in french, you’ll want to translate it you might even want to call them because the translators aren’t always great here’s there’s a 30% monthly discount that is a great thing to look for if you’re going to be staying a lengthy amount of time and then I would advise going through pictures and reading the reviews so that you can kind of see what it is all really about So I’ll add in this $637, and guy’s I’m sure you could find something like this This, I believe the owner is a woman so she only want girls staying here and I just think she wants it to be a safe place for girls and that’s an awesome idea there are probably plenty of other cheap options for guys you can find the reviews so she has a bunch of reviews some might be in french but this one, she speaks English and French the person it is kind of a hostel for girls, but it’s a woman running it and so you’ll just want to look over the reviews and see if it checks out and meets your criteria it looks good to me and so I’m going to move on that puts us at $1486 if you’re still following along and sadly I don’t have a website for food there might be some out there if you just google it or look around But I will say, the most you’re gonna want to spend a day is $50 a day I think most people can even do about $35 a day which is gonna add another $1050 onto our total and so putting us around $2586 and I say you don’t want to spend too much on food I would say try to cook at least one meal on your own if wherever you are staying has a kitchen and a stove because you can really save a lot of money that way if you spent $50 a day on food, it will cost you $1500 over a month and you save $450 by spending only $35 a day and so that’s probably going out for dinner and cooking your other two meals or maybe going out for lunch and breakfast and eating in for dinner or something like that you have to prioritize and find what works best for you I think you can do it and I think getting to experience the markets that locals go to that normal people that live in that country go to I think that is gonna be awesome so our final thing as a bonus let’s work on transportation around Paris and if you’re in that central kind of area of Paris number 1 I would just say is walking is free, it’s great exercise it’ll be getting warmer, starting to get warmer as spring gets close to ending and kind of gets close to summer that time of year the other one you’re gonna want to know is “paris by train” and it is how to do your subway and train stuff in Paris It’s a great website The RER is gonna be going outside of Paris on train and the metro is gonna be the Paris subway so let’s look into a week pass or long if they have any options so this is your week price but since we are staying a month, this is gonna be what I would suggest 70 euros, that’s gonna be about $75 right now and I expect it to be when our trip takes place in April this is a hypothetical trip but just to tack that on, we’re now at $2611 and we have all our airfare is taken care of our stay is taken care of our food is taken care of and most of our travel around Paris is taken care of the rest, what you do, the sites you see, whatever you want to do while you’re there is up to you of course but to put this in perspective this is $2611, when I went on study abroad for a month, in Oxford, England It cost me about $5000, and that did not include most meals or my additional travel Of course a lot of that was paying for pretty good room and board I guess room; and then to take two college classes so, study abroad, amazing experience But, if you don’t want to spend that much money or if you’ve done study abroad and you’re just trying to travel a lot cheaper, and get really just an awesome experience I would recommend doing this this is how Abby and I will be traveling from here on out and you can just save so much more money this way so I would highly recommend this and the other perspective is that a week in Paris would typically run you about $1000-$1200 per person the reason you can just it’s almost only double to go four weeks as opposed to one is because you pay so much money on airplanes regardless of staying a day or a year that it’s worth it to try and stay longer to get your money’s worth that is my opinion I hope you enjoyed this video if you are looking for either long term travel or just a short term travel travel is awesome I really enjoyed making this video I have a feeling I will be making more like it in the future please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed it what you’d like to see me do next or show you how to do if you have any questions of things I talked about or things I did not talk about just let me know, I’d be happy to answer them and if you liked it, again, please give it a big thumbs up and please subscribe to “chrabby vlogs” and share us and tell your friends thank y’all so much for watching, we will see y’all on Friday and remember, always keep it chrabby!!! buh-bye

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