How to Travel Carry On Only ✈️My Best Carry On Travel Tips and Tricks

How to Travel Carry On Only ✈️My Best Carry On Travel Tips and Tricks

In today’s video tips and tricks that I use to make traveling with a small carry on possible. Is that all you travel with That’s all you travel with for a full year? That’s a question I get often when I show up at the airport with just a backpack. But traveling full time with just a carry on backpack Is much easier than you think. Last year when I started planning for my one year Remote Year adventure I became obsessed with figuring out how to travel carry on only. There are a couple reasons I chose to travel with just a small backpack. The first reason is that it saves me time. I never have to check a bag or worry about losing my luggage or stand at a conveyor belt after my flight waiting for it to spit out my luggage.

24 thoughts on “How to Travel Carry On Only ✈️My Best Carry On Travel Tips and Tricks

  1. Thanks for sharing the tips you know!
    Terima kasih kerana kongsi tips yang anda tahu!

    Oof my malay and chinese isn't that good 😛

  2. Carry On is the best!! Whether short or long term travel. As for woman perspective is kinda different but still apply to general viewers. One thing I wanna share is "I do not bring padded bra? just a silicon reusable tiny piece adhesive bra which saves me space! (for your women viewers) or a bikini set which can be use as double purpose instead bringing so many variation.
    Similar to shoes, 2 pairs ? one multipurpose for water & hiking/running something no shoelace, one black 1nch. shoe heel. My way of one carry on!!!

  3. \(^▽^@)ノ good video!! Keep going!! We will support you!! And also Im Malaysian but not that well in malay .. ヘ(。□°)ヘ

  4. Another great video Kev. I personally am obsessed with one bag travel although I usually have a personal item as well. I personally have a small rollie from american tourister. ( fits in the overhead of all small aircraft) and I carry a small backpack that slides over the handle. I could do without the backpack but I usually carry a few cosmetics, my camera gear, and a few snacks). What works well for me is to carry a small roll up backpack also. I like a company from Canada called YNOT. I have one of their Deploy multicam backpacks that can roll up but is very durable. It's great when you get to your destination and need something as a day pack. In hot climates I always like to carry an extra t-shirt when I am out and about to change if I get sweaty and to carry a water bottle. I love this roll up backpack. I have never tried the summit compression sacks but as a packing cube like Chase Reeves I love the peak design medium packing cube and their smaller packing cube. I am 6'2" and 205 pounds and I can easily carry 6 t-shirts, 1-2 dress shirts, 2 pants, 2 shorts and 6 pairs of underwear and socks and pair of sandals. I could easily fit all of this in my 34L Northface backpack also with compression sacks but I can sweat easy if lugging it around in hot climates even airports so these days I usually do the small rollie. My next goal is to eliminate 75% of my camera gear and use a fixed lens camera like a Fuji x100F or Leica Q ( I love cameras….lol) . It will be hard as I love photography but it causes such a burden when I travel. Cheers buddy from Northern Canada.

  5. I haven't opened my phone and youtube for 10 days because i had to study alot ? but finally i can watch youtube 🙂

  6. My family got me a Osprey Porter 30 and a Daylight Plus as a Christmas gift.
    They asked me why have two bags? I said to them just in case so when I travel on those cheap airlines again in South East Asia and if the airlines make me claim the bag as luggage due to overweight Carry-On I can swap my 15" laptop and other important items over to the Daylight Plus. Very excited to use the packs on my next travel adventures. Also thank you for the awesome vlogs keep it up.

  7. My wife and I get that "sideways look" from people when they see that we're only traveling with one bag for weeks or months at time. And now thanks to "30 And A Wake Up", I now have Unbound Merino shirts to make travel even easier!

  8. Loved the suggestions, for the most part. I’m very conscious of caring for my skin and hair. Since my longest trips are about 14 days, I do take small containers of what’s in my routine, a hairbrush, and scrunchies and clips. Minimal makeup also comes with me. Kind of like you have your scale? There are some girl things I won’t sacrifice. Not even a small amount of scented oil as my perfume. 🙂

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