How To Travel Cheap: 5 Realistic Tips Every Traveler Should Know

How To Travel Cheap: 5 Realistic Tips Every Traveler Should Know

not this like, “Oh tricked you. Get a
credit card.” No, we’re not about that life. Okay, so stick around I’m about to share five tips to travel
for free or a little to no money that have been enabling me to travel for the
past five to six years. Let’s get right into it. sell all of your things I know this is
kind of gonna be really hard for most people. The ego is insane and pride…; super
hard for me to get rid of things that I love but you just gotta do it you gotta
do it sit down close your eyes and think about that place where you want to go
you need to travel a light load so if you have clothes whatever it is you can
sell things. You can get those things back in the future but if you seriously
want to travel and explore places get rid of everything that you own. This is
my grandma’s sweater. I feel…a little granny right now you know I’m wearing
her stuff but its cold, is cold. This cold front came in and it, *woosh* So that’s why I’m
wearing it. I sell things on OfferUp, Facebook
marketplace. You need to be super strict whenever you put things out. There’s a
specific way to write. You sell things way faster the more serious you are. If
you put in all caps, “no negotiation ,serious inquiries only, then you will
sell your products super fast. You need to respect yourself and your time. If you
go into it with that energy… don’t worry you’re gonna sell your stuff super fast. Two. Petsitting. I discovered this this past year. I wish I would have
discovered it sooner. There are so many platforms that exist where you can create
a free account and get paid to watch people’s animals. I personally chose a
website that doesn’t enforce a payment method, however there are way more
options with lodging and the site initiates a background check for all
parties involved. I’ve been pretty lucky in the past having pet owners leave me
an allowance for the week. You do get free lodging you get yourself to the
destination, you watch somebody’s animals. These can range from a couple days to a
week to a month to six months. Pick up promo work. You may be thinking
this is something just for girls but I can assure you it’s for everybody.
Promo work doesn’t just mean modeling for an event it could mean a variety of
things. I was passing through Atlanta Georgia;
there was a promo that they posted on just a Facebook group page and it was
seriously just for a pop-up store they needed hundreds of people just to fold
clothes and put them in boxes and those pop-up frequently. I also didn’t mention
all the other jobs that you can pick up in different cities like general AV work
but I’ll save that for another video Wag if you don’t have a car or if you’re
taking the bus or you want to walk Wag is a service where you walk people’s
animals look into that that’s like quick money you or if you’re looking to like
book a bus to a destination just pick up a couple shifts with that. Lower your standards, just… like that’s it. You just have to bum it out sometimes. If you
want to see more videos on how I car live, make sure to hit the subscribe
button so you get notified next time I put out a video. You need to make
sacrifices if you want to have the experiences that you do. If you have
trouble finding work or if you don’t have a job or you don’t have a ton of
money in the bank If you’re like me and you’re a wanderer
and adventurer…you need to do it and there are so many ways to do it. It’s
just about kicking fear in the butt and just kind of holding yourself to it. It can be
really hard for me to hold myself to it and I’m very grateful I have a car.
That’s something that I invested in years ago. That was what I put all my
money into so I was able to get in the car and just drive someplace and then
figure it out along the way I’ve seriously enjoyed it so much but you
make sacrifices to have the experiences that you want to have so… You can do it. I
know you can! If you find any of these helpful or if you want to hear more
about any of these points let me know what you think and I hope to see you soon. Is this too bright? Or is that too far away? So basically I went on a rant in this video on credit cards and anxiety. *dramatic music* I know it’s
hard for people with anxiety like myself like it’s a good job good for you you
can do it I left that part out because I was just trying to get it to the point and make it really really short
but Like, Subscribe and stay tuned for the next video. I’m Christina

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  1. !!More Content tb posted soon going into detail about these points. It was so hard not to in this but I was trying to keep is as short as possible ^-^ Also, if you don't like animals.. This is so not the video for you. ?? Talk soon beautiful humans!!

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