“How to travel comfortably” by Kristine Sloth from Denmark – EF Guest Vlog

“How to travel comfortably” by Kristine Sloth from Denmark – EF Guest Vlog

Hello everybody and welcome to this video. My name is Kristine and today
I’m guest vlogging for EF. I live in Denmark and I’m sixteen years old. I’m a traveler at heart, I can tell you,
because I love to travel. I travel a lot. But today I want to talk about
what’s important for me and what I think is important for
everyone when they travel. It is very important to consider
how long you’re going to travel. If you’re only going to travel one hour
to a destination in the same country, then what you’re wearing – your accessories
and stuff like that – is not so important. But if you’re traveling from Denmark
to Asia, as I have done many times, it’s very important to notice what you’re wearing,
and the accessories you have when you travel. It has to be comfortable because when
you’re sitting on a flight for twelve hours, you don’t want to have skinny jeans
and a crop top on, I can tell you that. So, today, it’s very smart of me, I’m
wearing the stuff that I would really wear if I were going on a long flight. I’ve got the makeup on that I would really wear. I have nothing on my face,
like foundation or anything. Okay, I’ve got blush, but that’s just
to make everything easier for me because I look like a dead ghost if
I don’t have blush on my cheeks. And then I have a little eyeshadow on my eyebrows
and a tiny amount of mascara on my upper lashes because then I don’t look dead,
so that’s very important. And this is very comfortable to wear.
You can sleep, you can just relax with it because you don’t have to worry if
you are lying on a pillow or a shirt on another person or something, or that it would be brown because of your foundation
or something, so this is very comfortable to wear. I wear this headband, too, because I love wearing
headbands when I’m flying and when I’m traveling. This takes all the hair away and it’s
so comfortable and it’s so soft. You can get hairbands that aren’t
soft at all, but this one is very soft. I don’t know where it’s from. I think it was two dollars or
something, 20 Danish Crowns. And it’s so comfortable. Maybe it’s just from H&M.
You can get them anywhere. Whatever! Okay, now I’m going to stand up. I like to wear a soft, skinny shirt like this
turtleneck because this is so comfortable. And then I like to wear pants.
Snuggly pants! I love that. Anyway, my makeup is what I’m wearing right
now and my preferred clothing is what I’m wearing. Now I could just show you. Yes, this is what I prefer to wear. Another thing I love to have with me all the time ─ even when I’m not on a flight and also when
I’m in a car or in school, is a toothbrush. I don’t have a toothbrush right here, but
all of you know what a toothbrush is. When you’ve been sitting on a flight
for many hours and you’ve slept a little and eaten some of the nasty
airplane food you can get …. When you have eaten it because you’re hungry
and there is no 7-Eleven or anything in the sky, then I love to have a toothbrush.
Okay, that was the longest explaining ever. Yes, I love to have a toothbrush with me
everywhere I go because you get dirty teeth. And, you know, when you’re
doing this with the tongue ….. I get that every single morning, too, but … eeew. Anyway, I think the most important accessories
are a toothbrush and a headband. And then just some comfortable clothes.
Yes, that is what I would really wear. And this make up. It’s like
no-makeup makeup, I call it. It’s just like a little tint to make you feel
more awake when you’ve just woken up. I don’t know, I just love to look a
little more fresh than I actually am. You can find me on my Danish YouTube channel. My name is Kristine Sloth.
I’m going to write it right here. But anyway, I hope you liked this video. I really, really enjoyed making it. I hope to see you soon on my own YouTube channel. I speak Danish, so you probably won’t
understand what I’m saying, so …. Okay, I think that was it for now.
Thank you for watching. Bye!

26 thoughts on ““How to travel comfortably” by Kristine Sloth from Denmark – EF Guest Vlog

  1. "I have the makeup on that I would weather wear"
    "I look like a dad ghost"
    "There ain't a Seven Eleven in the heaven"
    "I willy willy…"

    Seriously EF?


  2. This was really awkward to watch.. To be honest.. I got a bit embarrassed. That was the worst accent i've heard in a while. Not to insult Kristine, but she should practice her english a bit more. It's so hard to understand what she says.

  3. EF, maybe you should consider another spokesperson next time. Kristine is a lovely blogger, however, she was not the right one to choose for this video. Frankly, she isn't good at speaking English nor pronouncing correctly, which makes this a bad commercial.

  4. One of the most important things when you learn English is to DARE to speak even if you don't speak perfectly. That's the only way to learn! Matt @EF YouTube Team

  5. Hey Kristine really cool your message. Im Brazilian so I speak Portuguese and I love study English. I think the people are being too stupid to criticize your English. I believe that many do not have the courage to record a video and post here. So congratulations and enjoy life !!

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