How to Travel Europe on $1,000 / Month

How to Travel Europe on $1,000 / Month

what’s up guys it’s Alexander Travelbum and today we’re going over how to travel Europe on a thousand dollars or less per month first of all if you’re new here i’m alexander Travelbum and i make travel videos so if you haven’t been here before please subscribe right now because you don’t want to miss what’s coming up. so I traveled Europe just a little while ago and I had $6,000 and I stretched it so that I could be there for six months or half a year traveling all over Europe so I’m gonna give you guys a little bit of the tips and tricks that I learned when I went there so if you can you want to avoid travelling in the summer that’s when the prices are highest not only for flights but also for hotels activities for everything so if you can avoid it travel in the low season or the shoulder season and the cheapest time to fly in the whole year is the first two weeks in January right after Christmas so if you can travel at that time do it the flights are unbelievably cheap I’ve at that time I usually fly across the world for around a hundred and 150 dollars so my next tip is to stay on the ground everyone knows that Europe has its cheap flights so if you do want to fly from place to place you will have to do the budget airlines there’s airlines like Ryanair sometimes you can get across the country for 20 or 30 dollars and that is great but one thing I like to do is I like to stay on the ground once I get to a new place and I’m gonna be traveling to a lot of the different countries in one area I like to stay on the ground so that way you can usually save money by traveling by bus by train or hitchhiking so hitchhiking is gonna be the cheapest option obviously it’s free and you can really easily hitchhike in most of the countries in Europe but if you aren’t really wanting to do that you can do trains which are also decently cheap if you do it right what you want to do in Europe is you want to do that your rail tickets so you’ll have to check that out down below I’ll leave a link and you can see how you can travel Europe buy your rail the Nexus buses and buses can be really cheap especially in Eastern Europe so that is a really good way to go the next thing is you want to travel in the right places so first of all the cheapest part of Europe is Eastern Europe for the most part if you go to the other side of the Mediterranean Sea the other side of Italy and you go Croatia to the east so this will be Croatia Albania Macedonia Greece is over there but it isn’t as cheap as the rest still pretty cheap Romania Bulgaria Serbia Poland all of that those are going to be a lot cheaper than France Italy Spain and that kind of thing so if you can and you want to be more adventurous because it’s actually really cool in Eastern Europe people just know less about it you should try travelling to some of the countries in Eastern Europe especially if you want to save a few bucks but besides traveling to the east also the cheaper places if you don’t want to do that the cheaper places are usually southern countries Spain is cheaper than France which is above it for the most part Italy is a little cheaper than Switzerland and then Germany so usually you can kind of do that almost anywhere in the world when you go south it’s a little bit cheaper the same thing applies to cities when you go to Spain the cheaper cities are usually the southern cities same with Italy the south is cheaper than the north for the most part the same with everything really so first of all travel Eastern Europe if you can if not that stick to the south if you want to travel on the budget so the next thing is try to stay away from the touristy things if you can and you want to have a more real experience you should do something like couchsurfing where you can actually meet people you don’t always have to stay with people you can actually meet people through the app meet locals and you can hang out with locals and they show you the local spots which are usually cheaper than the tourist destinations you can meet people through couchsurfing through this other app I just found out about called show around where a local will show you around it does cost a little bit just to meet them and maybe they’ll hang out with you after that if you become friends or just strike up a conversation with somebody at a bar there’s some or a beach or something like that do the free things you don’t want to do the expensive tours and you really don’t have to do the best things are usually the free things just walking around the city doing the activities are free sometimes there’s concerts little shows festivals things going around that are free the next thing is walking tours in most countries and most main cities you’ll have free walking tours and usually they last around 1 to 3 hours and after you get a walking tour of the whole main part of the city and you get all the history and you can meet people there and it’s it’s really awesome you get to learn a lot about the place where you are I like to do this when I first get there so I really get my bearings and get a little bit of knowledge before I start heading off on my own and so these things are free and usually you just give a tip at the end and if you’re on a budget you can give a smaller tip but you know give them a decent sized tip if you can especially if they did a good job the next thing is pub crawls free pub crawls a lot of times if you’re staying at hostels they’re gonna have pub crawl nights and because the hostels want you to have fun and they want to get good ratings and so especially for the younger crowd they’re gonna want to bring you out as a group and go on these pub crawls and surprisingly in a lot of cities there were free pub crawls free to get in sometimes you get free drinks for the first hour or something and so that is a way to get free alcohol and free activity for the night okay next is hostels you can find hospitals decently cheap in Europe it’s not as cheap as a lot of other places in the world but what you want to do is you want to book ahead for these because the best ones are gonna sell out quickly so try to book a week ahead maybe at least a few days ahead so that the cheapest options are still available to you instead of booking the hostels a better option and the best option is couchsurfing couchsurfing is the number one way that I was able to travel Europe for so long on a budget because when you do couchsurfing you get a free place to stay you meet local friends you get to hang out with them and they take you to cheaper places not the tourist destinations that always hike up the prices also a lot of times they want to show you their culture show you their cuisine and everything so many times my couchsurfing hosts would cook for me and of course you save some money there so couchsurfing is really great and I made a video on how to do it how to get the most hosts how to really do it right and I will link that above my head so watch that video after this if you’re interested in couchsurfing but make sure you finish this video first I have a few more good things lined up really quick if you’re getting anything from this please subscribe right now and hit the like button because it really helps me out it helps this video get seen by more people next is if you don’t do couchsurfing you can try Airbnb there’s surprisingly really a lot of good deals on Airbnb because Airbnb is becoming more popular and there’s just so much out there and there’s so much competition people are really bringing their prices down a lot in order to get people to stay there because there’s there’s so many other options and then if you want to try something longer this is another site that I’ve used which is amazing it’s called trusted house sitters and you get free accommodation just for watching their house house-sitting sometimes you watch a pet or two and feed them and keep them alive and other times you just watch their house and keep it safe for them sometimes you can do this for a month or so if you really want to stay in one place so make sure you check that out I have a link below to trusted out sitters another quick thing is take a night train to save on a night’s accommodation because you’re sleeping in the train so you don’t have to pay that for food there there are deals all over Europe and it really depends where you are but there’s for example when you go to Spain they have top US you get a bunch of little foods to go with your drinks and it usually it can be free or it can cost just a little bit and the other thing that’s very similar to that is aperitivo in Italy it’s basically what an American would call a happy hour but much better than a happy hour because it involves sometimes a lot of free food in Italy it’s usually kind of a all-you-can-eat buffet of just these little plates and you buy a drink and then you’re allowed to go stand in line and just fill your plate with all these foods and that’s kind of a way to get a free meal another one if you can here is don’t pay for your phone while you travel if you’re traveling for a longer term and you can don’t pay that phone bill instead get a SIM card SIM cards are really cheap in Europe and you can just buy one in whatever country you’re in and they’re cheap you got high-speed Internet tax call you get everything okay the next thing is go to budget destinations so there are a lot of budget budget destinations but let me just name a few so you can go to Portugal southern Spain Romania Bulgaria Croatia if you do it right and mostly if you stay off the beaten path and you go to the cities of the small towns that aren’t the major major tourist attractions you can do most things pretty cheap okay the next thing is get the right credit card combo so you can get a travel credit card and a travel the debit card because when you go to Europe say if you’re American and you go over if you go overseas you’re probably going to be paying foreign transaction fees when you pay with the credit card you’re gonna be paying all these other fees when you take out your money from an ATM so what you want to do is you want to find a good travel credit card a travel debit card and use a really good combination I’m gonna make a video about this and I will link it above my head when I have that and that’s about it for today I don’t want to make this video too long so those are just a few of the tips that I could come up with really quickly off the top of my head if you have any other tips that I didn’t go over please put them below leave a comment below let me know some of the other things so I can put them in the next video and everyone else go down below and take a look because maybe there are a few things some really good things that I didn’t mention here if you’re about to go to Europe all right I’m Alexander travel boom thanks for watching please subscribe if you haven’t already like this video it really helps me out and I will see you in the next

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  2. I am quite sure that 1000 USD per month is possible in case that one avoids all the Nordic countries, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and some of the capitals such as Rome, London and Paris. The Cheapest place in Europe that I know of is Ukraine. There is a price comparison site called Numbeo that do quite a good job with comparing cost of living in various areas around the world. Tipping is a very american thing, and is not as common in most places in Europe. A waiter's salary is not based on tipping and especially in the west the waiters usually have quite decent basic salaries.

  3. Such great advice in this video! Any person planning to travel for an extended period of time will love this. ?- Trevor

  4. Hey Alex, nice Video:) we are doing a 7,200km-donation-hike from Bulgaria to Spain on a budget of an average 10€ per day per Person:) if you are in the region, join us for a bit if you want;) best wishes from Romania, Eva and Jan

  5. A wonder if his advice will work for a big buff black brotha like me. Are these white folks gone pick me up hitchhiking, or let me sleep of thier couch, or want to spend the day showing me around? Maybe I've been lied to and there ain't no racism or prejudice in Europe

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  8. Thanks for the advice, planning on making this trip next year and bringing some friends with me. It's going to be great! Appreciate the information in detail, its easy to make a list, but for someone unfamiliar with Europe (never been) you provide what countries and activities in details. If I go, without a doubt this video will have been the biggest help

  9. Hello! I also like to travel a lot. This summer i went 1 week in Spain(Barcelona and Valencia) and spent a lot more. In your video you said you should avoid turistic locations. What is the point of visiting Barcelona let's say, if you wont visit Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and a lot of other attractions given you dont have the money to visit them?

  10. Your video is great. We traveled 26 days and visited 10 cities of 7 countries What do you think about our trip? :)))

  11. Can you please elaborate as to how to find these free walking tours? And how do I know which hostels would offer the free pub crawls?

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  16. I planned a two month trip across Europe. Im averaging about 2500 a month including hostels and transportation. I left most of my trip flexible but i did buy train tickets in advance! I found that the tours I really wanted to do or activities it is just best to book from the official website. You save anywhere from $50-$75 dollars

  17. I’ll go 2 months to Europe in winter,we are a couple our budget is 3000 a month do you think that will be enough?

  18. Must watch this video,plan
    a budget travel. Travel, Venice Italy, the world most fascinating ,culturaly
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  19. What would you recommend for a summer Europe travel budget? Also what do you recommend for packing essentials?

  20. I went to Poland for a week on a whim because I had a week off work. The flight wasn’t cheap, from Toronto, but the week there was. I did all the free museums and ate the street food, because it was June. Nice weather. My hostel room was dirt cheap and it was private with my own washroom. Eastern Europe is so fabulous.

  21. in Spain you can eat and drink all you want for about 5 euros a day!
    Granada and Seville for example give you a free tapas when you buy a coffee or a beer or soda, you pay between 1,5 to 2 euros for everything.
    A tapas is a meal that is not sweet. it cant be a chicken leg with some potatoes , a tuna salad a sandwich etc
    not all cities have this tradition, and it is no logic that decides where it exists. i lived in Spain for two ears and i never got why they have these traditions in only some places
    you never find that tradition on Costa del sol, only in the cities north of the coast.

  22. Visit the cozy edge of the north of Ukraine. Beautiful parks, old trees, birds singing and quiet lake creek. Perfect for those who love ethno-tourism. Welcome!
    1. Trostyanets, Sumy region
    2. Trostyanets, Chernihiv region
    3. Kachanovka, Chernihiv region

  23. taking 1700 and praying i make it through 30 days. Im about to die. May the couch surfing gods be with me

  24. In 2017 I had 40 days summer trip where my friend and I spent 450€ each (and 180€ for 5 flights and one bus ticket)
    Everything you need is just a good plan, positive mindset and all the applications that might help you to save up your money! 🙂

  25. The country that doesn't match up with the 'travel south' idea? Croatia. Split, Hvar, Korčula and Dubrovnik are way more expensive than Zagreb

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  28. I’m 16 and living in Canada BC near Prince George. I have a girlfriend who’s 15 and lives in the UK. I want to go see her seeing as we met online, I’d rather go there then her come here for multiple reasons but the biggest one is that I’d never expect a father to let his daughter travel to another country just for a boy. Instead I’m going there to show both her and her family that I am completely committed to her. My only problem is that I haven’t been able to find how much a trip like that costs. My best guess is between 5,000 and 10,000 Canadian but I honestly don’t know. I’ve tried looking online as best I know how but there’s no sites that have been of any help whatsoever. If someone could reply and offer me a general number to make my goal it would be much appreciated.

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  31. I live in Ireland and I’ve been to most eu countries and some of this isn’t so true but some of is but food vid overall

  32. Hey alex I've been subbed for quite awhile! Love the videos, I'm planning on going to croatia, greece slovenia and italy for roughly 6 weeks during the summer. I'm a broke student who's trying to save enough to go in this epic trip once I'm done highschool Yay!! But I realize that travelling is super expensive.. what would be a reasonable amount I'd need to save to do this trip comfortably? In USD. Thanks for your amazing help

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    Back on track, this video was very informative and helped me plan a lot for my future trip to Europe.

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