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  1. So technically I could stay on the camp grounds for a few months and they have showers and bathrooms? It would only be like a few hundred?

  2. Hi!! I'm going to ohau and maui and I want to do camping…… BUT do you know where are public shower or hostel that we can shower (for free or $) because this is my main problem right now.

  3. there's also the app couch surfing. friendly people willing to open their homes to you for free. This allowed me to stay in Maui for 2 1/2 weeks for under 1k, air fare included. it also opens up opportunities to meet some really awesome people; hosts and fellow couch surfers. ?

  4. I know places take upkeep but seems abhorrent to have to pay to sleep outdoors. I hate all the nickel and dimming all the time, all the show your papers in today's u.n. conquered world. Needs to be no dog tags in or on us, our personal property like autos, etc.. Just tax interstate/international commerce and luxury goods to pay for gov. Only regulate chartered corporations that only get to exist for public projects or other needs, taco smell, wal-fart, shitdonald's, walt Disney and most other existing corporations are not serving public good, their only serving elite few to detriment of societies.

  5. Hey Gabriel! Thanks for the tips 🙂 I'm looking to go to Hawaii at the end of April & I was wondering if you have any more suggestions for Hostels to stay in. You mentioned the Polynesian, but are there any other ones that you've stayed in that you would recommend? Thanks!

  6. I live on Oahu, Hawai'i. I've never backpacked here or anywhere but I think Hawai'i would be a good place to start. It's small, we're English speaking state (advantage if you're an english speaker), people are kind, the nature is great. I may go to another island and try this out

  7. I'm flying from Lihue to Honolulu in a couple of days at staying at the Polynesian because of you, how exactly did you get to the hostel from the airport?

  8. If only it was cheap getting to Hawaii. Talking £900 return flight from the UK. Was last there in September 2012 for 5 nights as part of a multi stop tour of the States. Flight from San Francisco to Honolulu cost me an extra £300 on my flight costs and staying at the cheapest hotel another £300. Was great fun but there is only so much you can do with only 4 days. Still managed to visit Kailua Bay beach, Honolulu aquarium and zoo, the Dole Planation and Waikiki beach. The bus helped to see the whole island though even if I didn't stop. Want to go back for a longer stay but am talking at least £1600 for two weeks plus spending money.

  9. Oh my God what a shit way to travel! Oh my God I'm 60 and back then that's when people would pick you up in a heartbeat! Nobody gives a shit about hitchhikers and won't pick them up unless they have a women with them. When they have a women with them they feel sorry or they really want to help! Trust me wasting your youth will fuck up your later years! Unless you have major people to support you which is family! Family always co-signs bullshit!

  10. Just found your channel. You seem like a really nice guy, so positive! I am thinking of going to Hawaii To do some travel videos and you have been very insightful 🙂

    You got a sub from me. gunna go watch your other videos now.

  11. me and my girl Wana go to Hawaii we love to tent out and we always ride busses or walk it's great either way help me out guys how much money do I need for a full week of cheap fun there.

  12. You are an inspiration bro..truly..I mean that. Thank you for your bravery and kindness for making these videos and putting them out there. -Peace

  13. Thank you Gabriel I hope so too,and thanks for putting up a really excellent video I will defenitly take your advise,take care and God bless besafe

  14. that was some really good tips I like the camping one the best Ill have to use that when I go there!!!!!

  15. gabriel I just subscribed I am starting my own budget travel videos I only have a like 10 videos so far but I would love it if you looked my channel over and give me some feedback. that goes for anyone reading this too especially other content creators

  16. Hey Gabe! Saw you are home! Enjoy your little break before your next adventure 🙂 So I'm looking into Hawaii for maybe December or sometime next year. Watching your Hawaii travel videos and camping! You are too cool my friend 🙂 your videos make me smile. Any suggestions on WHERE to go? I'm not sure which island to visit. My trip would only be a week long so I'd like to maybe learn to surf a bit with my 16 year old son, see the island of course and anything else in open to suggestion. I know there are several islands so I don't know how to narrow it down where to fly into and where to stay ? any advise would be appreciated! Just got back from Belize, Grand Cayman, Roatan and Cozumel 🙂

  17. Hey Gabriel,

    I like the sound of camping, but how do you keep your valuables safe? (camera equipment/laptop/ etc) since a tent is not secure? Unlike a hotel or hostel that has lockboxes, when you are camping you are super vulnerable. What do you do to keep your things safe?

  18. Please do not promote hitch hiking around our islands!! Its actually dangerous and some of you will get ur okole beat. Not everyone is nice to mainlanders. I still love your videos, but had to tell ur viewers about the dangers of hitch hiking in our home. Mahalo, Pua

  19. BUDS MESSAGE ME I GOT A CRAZY IDEA HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY TRAVELLING LIKE …IMAGINE ME IM IN quebec right and i got no means to travel or the coin to do it …like what if you got youre hands on a camera and just became a free lance photographer say poeple could random message you to go take pictures and footages of citys and beaches and mountain sites and all sorts like maybe charge a 20 buck subscription fee and then like a buck 50 for a custom picture or just take snap shots of all the different foot and souvenir kiosks and some of the people you meat along the way..i dont know if you have any climbing skills if you go anywhere austere or anything like that but it would be nuts if you had a bunch of followers on the internet who they can pay you for a basic form of journalism…i find youre work super interesting imagine more if someone could subsidize you as a drone pilot like working directly for dji Phantom or Something like that where you could just be payed to fly there drones around and take aerial shots of all the places youd visit

  20. dude can i like constantly bug the shit outa you for updates on youre travelling this sorta thing interests the shit outa me

  21. When you were there camping where did you leave your stuff during the day? Were you not concerned it would get stolen

  22. It's nice to see a Hawaii one! Yes, good tips! Did all of them myself at one point or another during 5 years there!

  23. When I lived in Florida I saw more than one Cuban climb those trees without safety equipment and get to coconuts by hand. Barefoot at that.

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  25. Hey do you have any tips for camping on other islands? Thus far, it looks like they are all costing like $20 to $50 bucks, though I did find the $3 campsites on Kauai's beachfronts. Thanks for this vid man!


  27. I’m from Australia looking to travel to Hawaii. I’m very adventurous and love cliff jumping and surfing and just the ocean in general. What’s a good place in Hawaii to go to for an oceanfun loving adrenaline junkie?

  28. So pretty much be homeless during your vacation, i guess i still have a chance to travel to Paris and Rome one day ?!
    I did enjoy your vid though.

  29. Gabe, thanks for the info! Just bought a ticket for November 2018, gonna solo it! If you could give more info on Kauai that would be helpful, and where do you keep your personal items when swimming or away from camp?

  30. How much did he say the Polynesian hostel was a night. I played it 3 times I can’t understand him. If it’s 23 dollars a night that’s 690 a month you might as well get an apartment but I’m looking at it from the aspect of living there

  31. Comment section filled with bums using Mickey D's free WiFi to surf YouTube wanting to know the best way to be a bum in Hawaii…hahaha…trust me there are are plenty of bums on the islands already…they don't need anymore… Remember, this guy says he lived there for 6 months before so he has an understanding of what it's like on the islands but if you've never been good luck because you'll most likely be fucked trying to figure it out on your own and the "locals" won't help you regardless of what this dude says especially if they see that you're trying to bum it while you're there… trust me when I tell you there's more homeless people there than people that live in homes with jobs trying to scrape by…

  32. I think I would love going to the grocery store, farmers market and riding the bus. Do that and staying in a hostel I would save enough money to splurge at least once on a fancy dinner!

  33. For all the people saying these practices are not safe. This is why its called “adventure traveling” and it really adds excitement to the experience and can make for some amazing memories!!!

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