HOW TO TRAVEL HONG KONG – Cheap Travel Possible?

HOW TO TRAVEL HONG KONG – Cheap Travel Possible?

– So how do you affordably travel one of the world’s most expensive cities? Well, it goes a little
bit something like this. (energetic music) What’s up, guys? And welcome to your
weekly Lost LeBlanc fix. It is time today to dive
into the city of Hong Kong, an incredible destination. Now this is actually my second visit, and I spent about 10 days
on this trip to make sure that I found the best
restaurants, the best viewpoints, the best places for you to go and explore, and I wanted to give you some tips and tricks to saving some
money on this upcoming trip. So without further ado, let’s
start right where your gonna start your trip, which is
in the Hong Kong Airport. It’s actually cheapest to set
your phone up in the airport. Very rare to see that, but
that was the case for me. I paid around 65 Hong Kong dollars for the SIM card and the data plan. It was definitely worthwhile,
especially because of how heavily I relied on
Google Maps throughout this trip. We have been at the airport
now for about two hours looking around the websites from
Agoda,, Airbnb, and we have finally found a solution, so I’ll show you what it is. We’re heading there now. (energetic electro-pop music) Now, typically there’s
two main areas people like to stay in Hong Kong. There’s Kowloon, and
there’s Hong Kong Island. Kowloon is very much the
conventional, Asian-feeling hub, almost like the Times Square of Asia, and it tends to be a little bit cheaper. Now, going on to the
island, the downtown hub, this is actually the formerly
British side of Hong Kong. This side feels a slight bit more modern, and it’s got the iconic Victoria Peaks. An hour and 15 minutes
later, it’s dark outside, but with all the lights,
it feels like it’s daytime. It’s like the Times Square of Hong Kong. Now, food. It’s going to be one of the biggest parts of your trip to Hong Kong. Melissa and Alejandro did their research. They were proactively searching for the best restaurants in the city, and even though we
couldn’t try all of them, we have so many incredible
restaurants to share with you. Our first meal in Hong Kong started off at the internationally-renowned
Din Tai Fung. (traditional Chinese melody) Alright it is time, our
first Hong Kong meal. And if you don’t already know, dim sum is one of the top
Chinese foods you need to try, so tonight, we are
getting the finest of it. And then we’ll show you
the hostel we booked. So truth be told, this is not
exactly the cheapest place to go, but that’s kind of why we chose to stay in a cheaper place. We wanted to have our money allocated to doing the best experiences
and really seeing Hong Kong. Cheers to that. So good. So, so good. It is time for our room tour,
and the room tour is now over because this is everything except for a toilet right over there. Now this costed me $125
USD for two nights, and if you don’t know this already, Hong Kong is the second
most expensive place in the world based on real estate prices, and the amount you’ll pay for
hotels and rent reflect that. Katy’s gonna stay here
and do a bit of work, but I’m gonna be going to
meet with Ale and Melissa to show you guys one of the
best desserts in Hong Kong, or so I’ve been told. Thank you. (upbeat electronic music) We’re almost there. The city, so many smells,
sights, things going on. It is constant madness. I don’t know if I could ever live here, but strictly as a visitor,
it’s so cool to experience. – [Waitress] (speaks foreign language) 78! – [Christian] (speaks gibberish) – Right? – This is Kakigori, a
dessert that changed my life and became part of our
nightly routine in Hong Kong. Shaved ice, thank you very much, and this is the Oreo-flavored one. I’ve now had strawberry, matcha, but Oreo’s my favorite, and it’s awesome. It’s 80 Hong Kong dollars,
which is quite a bit, but it’s very much worth it, and you could probably split it. Mmm. We only mess with the best, and so we were constantly
going to Shari Shari. There’s a few of them
located throughout Hong Kong, but the incredible thing is
they actually import their ice from Japan. You will love it, or your money back. Terms and conditions may apply. So, we just caught our metro heading back. It’s $14 instead of $177, which
is what it would’ve costed if we took the Uber, so
overall you save a lot of money with metro. Just got back. See you guys in the morning. Good morning guys, and
welcome to another day. So it’s actually not
even close to morning. It’s actually 4:00 p.m. right now. We had a really late start because we had a really late night. We went out to Lan Kwai Fong, which is one of the craziest
places I’ve ever gone out. (electronic dance music) We’re taking you to this really beautiful, beautiful housing project area where they have subsidized housing for people here in Hong Kong. It cost us $150 just to get here, which is pricey, guys. Uber started at $115, but
then actually I checked again, and it surged up to $180,
but we have just arrived, so let’s go explore Choi Hung. – Choi Hung. – Choi Hung. – Choi Hung. – And so this is what draws
in people like myself, photographers, videographers. It’s the beautiful pastel
rainbow that they have going on, and this is actually
home to between 18,000 and Katy read 43,000 people. But what is for sure is that there’s a lot of people living in a very small quarter. Kind of worked out, it’s
about to start pouring. With that, it cleared the
entire basketball court, and only the dedicated remain. (both laughing) (relaxed electronic music) Show us your Peruvian
basketball all-star moves. Katy used to be captain of
the team, so she claims. – I promise. – She said she used to be
the tallest in her class. – I was. I have pictures. – (chuckles) Oh! Katy made new friend. Hello. – Err-oh. – Err-oh. So one of the things I love about Katy is she’s got such a big heart. I was shooting around,
getting shots with the drone, and Katy looks over and sees
a little boy getting beaten up by some other little kids, and
she immediately stepped in, went to comfort the kid, be there. She’s just been hanging out
with him for the past hour. He’s clearly opened up now, and now they’re just
playing basketball and… – I gotta go. (uplifting dubstep music) – Let’s go Team Watashi! – Our journey in Hung Choi is over, so now we have to head
to the black market… (giggles) to the Night Market. We have to head now to the Night Market, so we’re gonna do it an affordable way, And we have to take the subway for this. – Okay.
– Hi! – Hello!
– Hi! – How do you say hello in Hong Kong? – Neih hao. – Hello, Neih hao! – [All] Neih hao! – See you!
– Bye! – I was explaining to her what we do, and she’s like, “She
beautiful, you smart!” I’m like, “What?” What does that make me? (upbeat traditional music) – We finally arrived to Temple Street, and that’s the beginning
of the Night Market. So, entrance and the market is over there. Come with me. (lively electronic piano melody) – Let’s go shopping! Is that real Louis Vuitton? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Oh, wow! (repeated air horn) So that right there is
a $10 Louis Vuitton, and she even said it’s real, so– – Yeah, she said it’s real.
– Wow. The savings are unreal. You need to control Christian. Supreme? Oh my gosh. Supreme, very nice. (lively electronic piano melody) (tires screeching) (rubber chickens squeaking) Ah, sexy guapa mamacita! We didn’t just make fun of everything. We actually bought something. (Katy laughing) It’s not a popular
opinion, but they do say that China is the leader
of all fashion trends. Very fashion-forward. It is the newest collection, the Surf Collection by Myra Gaye. It’s a constant reminder to always “smil.” Check it out. They flip up like that. How could you not buy this? Very cool. (laughs) From the moment we got there,
the people were incredible. And even though from time to time, there is a language barrier,
you definitely can get by, because they’re more than willing to help. They were so nice, and we have literally just now reached the end of Temple Street. Alright guys, we are at my
favorite restaurant ever. We’re at Heekee Noodle Cart,
and the reason we came here is because there’s one item on the menu that I just absolutely love. I dream about it. They have my all-time favorite meal. Oh my gosh. It’s got beef belly. It’s got pork intestines, pig blood, and fish balls all in one. Mmm, deep-fried three kinds balls. Mmm. – What is that? What kind of balls are those? – You don’t wanna know. – (laughs) – This was only $20 for
everything that you saw here, pretty awesome deal. I even got myself two of these milk teas because they’re freaking awesome. Alright, I’ll let you do your thing. – I don’t know I’m gonna do it. I will have to make a hole in my pants. – Don’t get too comfortable. – Okay, now let’s go home. (slurps) Hey guys, just a little reminder, don’t forget to hit the like button, okay? See you in a bit. 45 minutes outside of downtonwn, and we are going to an
area known as Sai Kung. This is Bosco. He is from Hong Kong, and
he’s showing us around today. Bosco drove us about 45 minutes outside of Kowloon downtown Hong Kong area, but the interesting thing is that in order to get past right
here, this checkpoint, you actually need to be either a local or have a permit to drive people in. So that’s why we actually had to take a taxi beyond this point. (driver singing along with radio) – Thank you (speaking foreign language) Guys, if you come here,
you gotta find him. He’s the best. He’s made my day already. – He was the happiest man on earth. – I know, he’s so cool. This is actually something
I should mention, is that in Hong Kong, it’s
not customary to tip people. I tried to give him a 20, he
basically in a very polite way, said, “Oh that’s okay,
it’s not necessary.” Even though tipping is not customary, every now and then when
you meet someone special and they really make your day, I see no problem with leaving one. (inspirational electronic music) So this is why we walked all
the way down to the beach, because this is a side of Hong Kong you probably didn’t know existed. This incredible white sand beach on some days can have
beautiful blue-ass water out there when the sun is perfect, and today it’s pretty good actually, considering this morning was so gray. But there’s something I need to show you, and this is because of the
recent typhoon that came through. This whole walkway has been devastated. When you look past the destruction, you see the incredible
natural beauty here. Bosco, so what is this on the left here? – Well, it was a helicopter pad. That is caused by the typhoon. – Go Katy, you got this.
– I need help. – It’s actually better if you jump. Nicely done. Alright, so this is why we
drove about an hour and a half to two hours outside of Hong Kong, walked about an hour down a hill, up a little bit of a treacherous passage, and this is what you get. One of the four rock pools here, and the incredible thing is there’s only five of us here right now. Because we had gray clouds this
morning and it’s a weekday, we got this place basically to ourselves. (mellow electronic groove music) – Cliff jump! – From how high up? – It’s eight meters. – Eight meters, okay. (fingers snapping) Whoo! (mellow electronic groove music) What’s up fam? We are on our way back after
a really, really tough hike back up the hill. Now, you may have noticed this isn’t the same car we came in. Hmm…. – I dropped my keys somewhere during our
route back to the pools. – See you later, dude. – See you later. – So we got a warning that we may not fit in our room with three bags. He was trying to upgrade us. I don’t know if it’s true or not. (all laughing hysterically) Oh my gosh. This is nice. You can look at me and– – (laughs) We can talk while you– – Yeah, when I’m going to the bathroom, you can just be chatting with me. It’s not that bad. – It’s nice.
– It’s nice. – I don’t care if it’s little. It’s nicer than anything
we have had, but– – Yeah. – It’s just so funny. – It’s so funny. This place was 75 a
night, but it’s modern. It’s clean, and as long as you know the person you’re sharing a
room with, you should be okay. – (laughs) And guess what? There is nothing to have
privacy, so this is my view. – (laughs) All aboard! Taking the midnight bus going anywhere. So we just paid the equivalent of $1.50 to get to our destination. The transportation system is really good. There’s so many buses. They run so frequently. You can literally see
it all over the street, these double-decker buses. So I have to say that taking a bus or the metro are both great options. (upbeat electronic music) So on the flight over to Hong Kong, we met this random guy from Toronto. We asked him what restaurants
we should check out here in Hong Kong. He told us to check out Crystal Jade, and right now I just had
these handmade egg noodles with a spicy sauce and peanut sauce and it is amazing. – I’ll do it if you do it. – Okay. – Okay. – I’m not ready. – Cheers.
– Cheers. – It’s not that bad. I don’t always wake up at
sunrise, but when I do, I complain about how early
it is the entire way through. We’ve just arrived here
at the top of the mountain above the Hong Kong Island,
known as Victoria’s Peak, and we’re going to be showing you guys what we hope to be a beautiful sunrise. Otherwise, this will
not have been worth it. What’s up, party people? – I’m the party person. (inspirational electronic music) – Alright guys, after an
incredible sunrise this morning, we’re now taking one of the coolest ways you can get around Hong Kong. It is the tram car that
runs all the way down from Victoria Peak back
into the downtown side. All aboard. – Last call for Hong Kong
Land! (whistles weakly) – This slope right now is like this. You can’t tell, but this
is way better than a taxi. That’s basically what it’s
actually like right now. (all laughing) That was super cool. Definitely take the tram
at least one direction. Alright guys, so we
have saved arguably one of the best things of Hong Kong for last. After doing sunrise at Victoria Peak, we had a long A-F nap. We woke up around
midday, around 1:15 p.m., and now we’ve just gotten into a taxi to go to Lantau Island. We’re going to Tung Chung station. From there, we’re going to be taking one of the world’s longest
gondolas up a mountain to what is arguably one of Hong Kong’s
most recognizable sites. We got 25 minutes to get to the top, and we’re gonna have
some incredible views. – (laughs) Oh my god. It’s so trippy!
– Whoa! – Oh my god! – Ah! So this is the pathway that
if you hadn’t taken a gondola, you’d follow all the way to the top. (energetic electronic groove music) We’re all in agreement that that was one of the highlights of Hong Kong so far. The gondola is spectacular. Bit of an update guys, we’ve
been looking for Alejandro for like an hour now. I’m really not sure where he went because I looked back and
then he was gone, and then… There he is. Ale, you can’t keep running
away like that, man! – Alejandro has never
looked (smooches) so good. – Yeah, a little bit hornier than usual? – I watch your YouTube channel. – Nice to see you too. Bye bye! (imitating cow sound) Hello, puppers. Wow. You better moo-ve out of the way! Did you hear my joke? – I heard. (upbeat dubstep music) – As I previously mentioned,
one of the best things about Hong Kong is the food,
and with that being said, we didn’t get to try every
one of the best restaurants. But we did try a lot of them,
and I wanted to share some of my top choices with you. First honorable mention
is definitely going to the Cupping Room. If you’re looking for an
awesome breakfast or brunch, it’s right in Central Hong
Kong, and it is delicious. Alejandro is a coffee connoisseur. He loves drip coffee and for
him to give a big thumbs up to the coffee says a lot. The coffee, the food, it
is a double thumbs up. Another incredible breakfast
spot on the Kowloon side is Studio Caffeine, and this
is another trendy restaurant. Katy and I both got incredible
breakfast sandwiches. The cappuccinos were fantastic, and that’s all I’m gonna say. Another great breakfast
spot that I ate at twice is called Urban Coffee Roasters. It was right across from my hostel, conveniently located, and
so it was an awesome find. The last breakfast spot I want
to share with you is perfect if you’re craving an
American-style diner experience. It’s called Brunch Club and
Supper, kind of a weird name, but the food is fantastic. Katy actually claims it’s one
of the best omelets she’s had. Now, if you’re having a
night out in Lan Kwai Fong, a place that you should
definitely start your night at is no joke, called Ho Lee Fook. Now I don’t know if they’re trolling us, but either way the food
is the bomb dot com. It’s like this kind of funky
Chinese-style restaurant, and it’s done up in a
rather modern and hip way. I really enjoyed my meal there, and the drinks were also great. When you’re ready to take it up a notch, then just walk a block
away, and go to Quinary for a couple cocktails
before your night out. I have to say some of the
best cocktails I’ve had are right here, and it’s
actually internationally-renowned as one of the best cocktail
bars, or so I was told. On the theme of incredible cocktail bars, one of the most beautiful
bars I have ever seen in my life is this one right here. It’s called Goughs, and if
you want to have a drink, some appies, this would be
an awesome spot to do it. It’s like this grand Victorian theme with a side of steampunk and edge. You just gotta check it out. It’s so beautiful. For our last meal, we’ve come to Yumm Cha, and there’s a few of them in the area. They’re a big franchise, and they have some really,
really funny dim sum. It’s so awesome. (all enthusiastically yelling) So the food was really good, but the bill was extremely shocking. We spent about $40 US per person on what was a relatively big meal, but I didn’t even get a drink. We didn’t get dessert. It was just a really,
really expensive meal. (relaxed groove music) The last one I want to share
with you is Little Boa, and if you’ve never had a boa before, it is a Chinese-style bun with pork inside, sometimes chicken. With that being said, it
wasn’t my favorite meal just because I’m not that big on baos, but if you’re looking to
experience something new, hip, and trendy, check out Little Boa. What do you call a rapper that
just had an incredible boa? Bow-wow. (chuckles) (all swooning) Doge, doge.
– [Katy] Aw, doge, doge! – Just a strong, independent
canine walking himself across the street. He don’t need no man. Now, the original reason that we went to Hong Kong was actually because of this. – [Crowd] Whoa! (cheering and screaming) – That right there is Cardistry-Con. It is basically a
conglomeration, a community of smooth-handed,
magic-loving card movers. I think that’s the best way I can put it. Personally, I love immersing
myself in new situations, new communities, new cultures,
and this right here is a very interesting subculture. I’m the Cardist of the Year. I won the award. Oh shit! – [All] What? – Oh shit. Oh shit.
– That’s pretty good. (laughs) Hi guys. (slurps) Hey yo, what’s up man? Oh sorry guys, my hat was on its side. And that just about wraps it up, guys. I hope you enjoyed today’s video. If you’re new to Team Get Lost, don’t forget to subscribe, and
I’ll see you next Saturday. Love you guys so much. Hit the bell button. Hit the like button. Hit all the buttons, and don’t forget to come back next
Saturday so I can tell you to press some more buttons. (slurps) And let’s get lost again in the next one. Okay, bye. (slurps) Hey yo, Phillipa. Where my money? Where my mo– Sorry, can I call you back? Camera’s still rolling.

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