Hey everyone, Kenny C here and today I wanted
to share with you the lowdown on a long weekend getaway I had to the stunning Lauterbrunnen
Valley. If you follow any travel accounts on instagram,
then chances are you’ll know of this valley, or at least have seen it in pictures. It is probably one of the most scenic places
in the world, and should be on anyones list who enjoys the outdoors, mountains, and landscape
photography. So, in this video I’ll be covering how we
got there, where we stayed, the hikes we did, and how much the overall trip cost. Enjoy. The trip began on a Thursday night, flying
from London Heathrow into Zurich. We arrived late, so we stayed the night
at the Swiss Star Zurich Airport Hotel, which was a 5 minute uber away. The next day, we made our way back to the
airport and picked up the hire car, which rented for 4 days. From here, we headed straight to Lauterbrunnen
so that we could make the most of our first full day. As you can imagine, driving in the Swiss Alps
is a little better than your normal Sunday drive, and going from Zurich to Lauterbrunnen
is an easy couple of hours. We arrived around midday and parked in the
multi-story car park in the centre of town. Despite the weather, we walked through town
and to the base of the famous Staubbach Falls, before stopping off for a pint in one of the
local pubs. Now we didn’t actually stay in the town
of Lauterbrunnen itself, but Wengen, another small town that sits way above Lauterbrunnen
and is only accessible by either the famous Swiss alpine trains, or by walking. This isn’t unusual from reading various
blogs online before hand. Wengen is equally picturesque, and if anything
provides you with even better views of the valley below due to it’s positioning above
it. We picked up our keys for the air bnb and
made our way to the apartment to drop everything off. The place we stayed can be found via the links
below and we stayed here for 3 nights, costing us £134 each. The apartment was fairly priced, and had a
spectacular view to wake up to. It wasn’t 5 star accommodation, but we were
on a budget, and we weren’t spending any time during the day here. So as long as we could eat and sleep comfortably,
then we were happy. The following morning we set off at a decent
time on our first day’s hike. The route took us back down into Lauterbrunnen,
through the town, and up the opposite side of the valley to where Wengen sits. We then walked south until we got to the town
of Murren, which looked like another great place to stay, and from here we went back
down to the valley floor, where we were greeted with yet another spectacular view. The last chunk of the hike was along the flat,
which brought us straight back to Lauterbrunnen where we finished up in the same bar as we
were in the day before. We stayed here for a couple of pints, watched
England beat Sweden in the World Cup, and then got the train back up into Wengen. So day 1s route was about 25km long, and definitely
lived up to the hype the Swiss Alps deserve… One big way we kept the costs down was cooking
for ourselves in the evening, rather than The next day we stuck to the east side of
the valley. From a sheer spectacle point of view, this
was definitely the better of the two days. The route had us walking through a huge woodland
area that clung onto the side of the valley cliffs, and while you couldn’t see much
of this on foot, it made for some sweet drone footage. Things get even better when you get out of
the wooded section, the view is simply breathtaking. Those of us with camera’s couldn’t get
enough, and as you continue to ascend the view only gets better. The trial took us all the way up to the Eigergletscher
railway station, which is as far as you can get on foot without any serious mountaineering
equipment. From here you can get the train all the way
up to Jungfraujoch, which is the highest railway station in Europe at 3,454m above sea level. This however, was way out of our budget, as
a train ticket will cost you somewhere between £90 and £130 return. While we covered slightly less ground on day
2, our total elevation was much greater, meaning it was definitely the harder hike of the two. Here are some more highlights of what you
can expect. The next day we headed down into Lauterbrunnen
town one last time. We wandered about the outskirts, and there’s
a particular point around about here which gives you an absolutely stunning view of the
town with it’s epic backdrop. We then went back to Staubbach Falls, and
actually took the path up and under them which is an easy 10 minute walk, and gives you a
cool perspective on the town. After this we left Lauterbrunnen and began
our journey to Lucerne, where we’d be spending the final night. On the way we stopped off in Interlaken, which
is a much bigger nearby town wedged between two huge lakes. One of the most popular activities here is
going up to the Harder Kulm, which is a viewpoint at the top of one of the neighbouring mountains. You can either get the funicular up, or hike
up like we did, which can take anywhere between 1.5 – 3 hours depending on your hiking pace. The view at the top is amazing, however after
reaching reaching the summit dripping with sweat, and seeing hundreds of people at the
top, with a huge cafe serving extremely overpriced drinks, it made the experience a little underwhelming. You’ll be fighting for space on the viewing
deck, and waiting for people to finish their mini photoshoot to get the killer insta shot. The rest of the drive to Lucerne only took
an hour, and here we stayed at Backpackers Lucerne Hostel, about a 15 minute walk from
the centre. I’d look at getting somewhere booked in
Lucerne well in advance. On our budget, we found it to be the hardest
to find good, cheap accomodation, which is why we had to settle for somewhere on the
outskirts. The hostel itself is fine, it’s just if
you want the convenience of being in the centre, then get in early. It’s typically European, and has a stunning,
14th century bridge in the heart of the city, with a name I’m not even going to attempt
to pronounce! Next to it are a number of restaurants and
bars that line the river that cuts through town and where we ended up eating that night. The next morning we woke up early to catch
sunrise back in the centre of town, and then explored the town some more. The advantage of doing this, as with most
touristy things, is that everything is super peaceful, and you’ll more or less have the
bridge entirely to yourself. This was our final day in Switzerland, but
seeing as we were flying at 8 that evening, we were able to make the most of it. After grabbing something to eat, we drove
along Lake Lucerne to a place called Meggenhorn Castle, which is this grand building that
overlooks the lake and has an amazing view of Mount Pilatus in the background. If you head down the road from the castle
you’ll find a small ferry point which didn’t seem to be in use during our visit, so we
decided to have a quick dip in the lake and relax for one of the final parts of our trip. From here we drove a little further around
the lake, then back to Zurich and flew home. So, as you can probably see, we had a fantastic
time in Switzerland, and I would highly recommend visiting the Lauterbrunnen area. But, with all that being said, I’m sure
you’re wondering how much the trip cost. So, I’ve broken the total cost down into
5 categories: 1) Car, 2) Additional Transportation, 3) Food,
4) Accommodation, 5) Anything else The car cost us £135 each, and this included
any fuel we bought. Obviously it helped that we were a party of
four, so this would have been much more expensive if you were doing the trip solo. The flights and any trains we got came to
£145. Specifically, the airplane return ticket I
bought from London Heathrow was £112, so the rest of that amount covered any ubers,
and alpine trains we got. Food was a little harder to calculate. We decided to eat in every night in Wengen
to keep the costs down, and then ate out in Lucerne on the final couple of days. All together, I think this came to about £153. So, even though we took steps here to reduce
splashing cash on meals out, Switzerland is an expensive place in general, so your groceries
will more than likely cost more than you’re used to paying back home. As with the price of the car, our accommodation
was split between the 4 of us, and the total cost of the hotel, air bnb, and hostel came
to £189 each. Finally, I spent about another £40 on other
random bits over the course of the 5 days. So in total, the trip came to roughly £660,
working out at £132 per day. Let me know in the comments below if this
is more than you were expecting, less, or bang on. Also if you have any tips on how to lower
this cost even further, then leave those for future travellers. Switzerland is a fantastic country to visit,
however unfortunately it is fairly pricey. If you have any other questions at all, then
please leave them below. I hope you enjoyed this video, and can see
what an incredible part of the world this is. The Jungfrau Region has an enormous amount
to offer, so while I’m not pretending to be an expert on the area after a 4 holiday,
I can at least shed light on my own experience which may help you in planning yours. Thanks so much for watching, and if you’d
like to see any more of my trip to Switzerland, then head over to my instagram which is linked

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