100 thoughts on “How To Travel Like A Minimalist: Look Good And Live Well While Packing Less

  1. Oh hay there internet fwends. What's poppin?
    So quick rundown – I'm a full time traveler, I live months on end with these items I talk about in the video only. I just weighed my bag at the airport and my 'big' bag is 10kgs.
    But I also don't compromise on style. I don't want to look bad so I've organised my possessions very specifically to ensure I look like a Queen always. Because why not ey? ENJOYYY!
    PS. Would you want to travel this way? Or do you need more?

  2. Sorelle you're amazing. I'm just getting back into photography and stumbled upon you and you're like a gift hehe
    Let your clothes be flattering to YOUR body type (paraphrasing from another video)
    Your items of clothing become like art (again, paraphrasing)

  3. This helped to get an idea what I should do to be able to pack less…..I REALLY need to figure out how to have less cosmetic and makeup with me especially liquid product.

  4. You taught me something! To be okay with changing your style constantly, and to be okay with wanting a bit of variety to change things up, and keep things around that make you feel good

  5. Sorelle! I've got a question: can you take your safety razor and its blades in your carry-on on the plane? I don't want to buy a safety razor if they're going to throw it away when I'm at the airport 😛

  6. You have a very delighted spirit which brightened me up in the mist of traveling to pack for a trip! Thank you!

  7. Great video… and I love the cool irony of this being about “minimalism” when you are wearing the biggest earrings I’ve ever seen! And they are super cool, so not a criticism… just made me chuckle… Great content as usual!!!

  8. I love your videos:) thank you so much for creating such a Beautiful and honest platform and supporting community!! I wanted to ask you what kind of backpack the one on the right is?

  9. Hey Sorelle! 1 small tip you might like is to use these lil' guys to remove skin oil. They make a big difference really fast!!! (Not paid for this at all just a quick suggestion).

    Natural Green Tea Oil Absorbing Tissues

    You are an absolute beauty and I don't mean to say that appearance is everything in ANY WAY!! I am just a videographer and I use these on interview videos since they are so easy and fast (no need for makeup!!) and as I'm sure you know oil looks way more prominent on camera for some reason!

    Thanks for the vids you the best!!!

  10. Great video, but in your description you have a list of the gear you use which is basically 3 cameras, an adapter for the lense, a gorilla pod and a lense yet in your video at 2.07 you only show one camera and one lense on a tripod and no chargers and cords etc for all of this. ….

  11. I love that you're honest about needing to have more wardrobe changes than just a few mix and matches. It's rad!

  12. Superb video!! I like you very much just by watching this. This is my first time watching your video. You are lovely to watch and listen. I'm trying to be a minimalist and you inspired me more. Thank you so much, Sorelle!!!!!

  13. I love that you have a gratitude journal. I know you don’t talk about the hippie dippie whatevers too too much, but I really believe my gratitude journal is one of the many positive things that is changing my life for the better. Finding your channel is one of those things! I am so thankful for YOU! 🌱

  14. Ha! I love how you have a workout band you’ve never used also 😆 everyone has one. If you don’t then you need one…trust me.

  15. Nice video, thanks! Tip: try algae oil instead of fish oil (e.g. this one: https://www.testa-omega3.com/en_eur/) – much better for the environment, and for you!

  16. HUGE THANKS for the additional note on washing!! ❤ 😁That's exactly what I was looking for in the first place! 😊Keep up the great work, cheers! ✨

  17. Thanks for this video!! I left to travel for two years and here is what I packed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3xcXqkkUyQ&t=3s

  18. Hi! I love your videos and am so inspired by your lifestyle and profession. Thank you for your hard work and artistry! I work with homeless women at a shelter in Seattle, WA. One comment you made in the beginning of the video about not wanting to "look like you're homeless" (I assume meaning unkempt) is a little misguided and comes off as being prejudiced or bias toward poor, low income and displaced people. Just wanted to take a quick second to point out that a lot of homeless people actually dress professionally and have jobs but still are having trouble getting ahead enough financially to afford to move into a home (especially in expensive cities like Seattle where the housing market has dramatically spiked in recent years). It's a stereotype that is perpetuated in media and entertainment so it's an understandable generalization but you strike me as a sensitive person so I though you might be receptive to this feedback. Otherwise, I absolutely love your content, commentary and opinions. Thanks again!

  19. I'm not really a minimalist but I follow minimalist blogs and you tubers and I am working on bringing less in, and using what I have (which is a lot)

  20. I have less Clothes, and no fotogear. But i use little push bags to put my clothing, so I can take out only shirts for example without ruining the bags order. A tiny travel waterfilter, a big bedsheet (yes that shit saves life), a bowl, heating stick to boil water, thermos bottle, drawing stuff. But yeah I do have similar amount of luggage, because of my Saree that was to expensive to get rid of it, and I'm gonna get it safely to europe.

  21. OH MY HAT! My husband and I just started working as cruise ship musicians. Packing for a 6 month contract was the HARDEST thing EVER and I packed SO wrong. I am probably going to watch this video over and over because I need to figure out how on earth I'm going to pack for our next contract. Was the worst lugging around two massive pieces of luggage and our equipment. I felt so extra. This video is giving me so much hope! Thank you! xx

  22. The realization of me watching some of your videos prior to this one and thinking I had already subscribed but I wasn’t. So I just subscribed!

  23. Your boyfriend is not better at minimalism that you just by having less stuff. Minimalism is not about having as little as possible, it's about only having things that add value to your life. Having more clothes doesn't make you less minimalist unless those extra clothes aren't adding value to your life, but you said you felt crappy with less clothes so clearly your clothes all add value for you.

  24. So true, I started learning to travel w/ backpack since I first did a four-day snow-mountain hiking. Also, I study and stay in different places, so I don’t want to take too much w/ me.

  25. Your style evolution, and whole hearted abandon is inspiring! I went into my wardrobe and confidently donated so many pieces that were just there because I was reluctant to move beyond and embrace my "extraness". Thanks for the great video!

  26. I just have a question… how do you manage to use the menstrual cup while travelling? I mean, you have to boil it and stuff when youre done with it soooo… ??

  27. Hi Sorelle, thank you for sharing your experiences and videos. I would like to ask you, how do you focus de AF to your face when you are not in front of the camera? I have tried to do it but my face is not sharp. How can I improve it. Thank you for answering. Rosa

  28. Omg this is just what I needed before a big work trip in two weeks to Sydney. I need to take a pretty big burlesque costume and my photography gear and clothes to live in and I was so freaked about it but I feel much better now. Thank you ❤😅

  29. Hi Sorelle! I love the channel! I'm going on my very first solo holiday this year, so I'm using loads of your videos to finish planning. Where did you get your skirt/pants? I love it/them and would love to get some for summer and hot countries!

  30. Hi there, at 42 seconds you showed a purple and gray bag – could you share with us the make/model of each of those? I especially am trying to find one like that gray bag…thanks!!

  31. Great video! I really love your channel. I found out about it a few weeks ago and I can't stop watching, so much good information! But what I always wondered by traveling and living out of your backpack, what about books? Do you have an e-reader or you read on your phone? Or you don't read that much so you don't have to think about that weight? Let me know! 🙂

  32. For hard drives I recommend the cloud. But use backblaze its like 6$ usd per computer but unlimited space.

  33. Honestly I've been moving around a lot too, and I'm a musician so I kinda had to go hardcore on downsizing the clothes/makeup/jewels area because well… a guitar takes place. And I got sick of it because I did kinda look like a hobo. x) But it's inspiring to see you still manage to get pretty things and be feminine and creative with your looks. Thank you for sharing!

  34. me: omg i dont think i could fit all of that in my backpack
    my backpack: is bigger than sorelle's
    me: OKAY NVM i can make it work

  35. I know that you don't like to promote commercialism but what if you made merch (doesn't have to be anything too out there with your brand) but very good quality that people could wear for years?

  36. Paid cloud storage as an option to the hard drives? Enterprise google photos, Dropbox, AWS… or even buying your own mini data centre.

  37. Girl, I'm just stumbling on this video getting ready to travel in Colorado, and I just need you to know that your personality SHINES. Like, wowowowow. I'm captivated by your personhood because you just seem so unapologetically yourself and it's really beautiful to see. Thank you!

  38. I found your channel a few days ago.. at first I thought "Ugh, some travel hippy who puts on a character and lives like a tramp while pretending like they like it"

    Going through a few of your videos though I feel you're supremely positive, actually have useful information to share, you're not all "anti materialistic" as some I have seen and you actually have an extravagant character… It's actually really good to watch (As you probably know with 800k subs).

    I know this is like a backhanded compliment but I meant good by it lol

  39. Thank you for your tips! How many liter does your packpack have? And how do you manage when traveling first in a cold country or in winter and then coming in a very warm country?

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  41. I’m currently 13 and trying to save up £5000 to go on a 6 month trip to south-east Asia and you’re videos have really helped and inspired me to explore the world. 👍

  42. Yes yes yes I was about to mention your underwear but you mentioned it before me bravo, and loving what you’re sharing as per usual you make my heart smile, you and your love one have the greatest time at least for the next week or so or two weeks or three weeks or as long as you want, big hugs

  43. The video is quite good, but It would be nice if you paid attention to the moments of movement, because there are places where there are large taxi companies, car rental companies, such as bookingauto.com, but there are few of them, if not, I would love to look at those moments where these facts are still taken into account, it would be more objective.

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