HOW TO TRAVEL ROME – Should you Visit?

HOW TO TRAVEL ROME – Should you Visit?

– Welcome to the birthplace of one of the longest-standing
empires in the entire world. Right now, we are here in Rome, Italy. Rome is a civilization that started up around 1000 BC and it
actually started right here where we are now, in Palatine Hill. But one thing you need
to know about the Romans is they’re revered today as one of the most technologically
advanced ancient empires. They were some of the first
to introduce literacy. They were one of the
first empires in the world that had rules of law, they
were in three continents, northern Africa, they
were in Europe, and Asia. And then, eventually, their empire fell. Round of applause for
their innovativeness. But it wasn’t all
rainbows and butterflies. They’re also known for
slavery, gladiator wars, and a lot of bloodshed. – Are you not entertained? – I love Russell Crowe. Today’s video is going to show you guys some of the best places
to explore around Rome, and give you a tiny little bit of history. I’m joined here by Katherine Esquivel, Roman historian.
– The weather is perfect. – [Christian] She studied this
in school for about 12 years. – (laughs) It’s not true. – [Christian] Not true? – (laughs) No. – Now, one of the best
ways to see that history is none other to come to the Forum here in the Palatine Hills,
and right back there, we’ll go there next, the Coliseum, where Katy will be
fighting her next opponent. – A tiger. – Yeah? Right now, we are in the Roman Forum, and you did a little
bit of research on it. – It was the main place to
handle all the economic, social, religious, and political… – Business in the world. So death trials were
held here for criminals. You’re doing your time? – No, I’m just having a look. – [Christian] What are you in for? – I don’t know. – [Christian] Are they
gonna feed you to the lions? Hope not. – Why do you scare him? – You can still see all of these ancient structures standing. Rome is one of those places
that you cannot explore without appreciating the history, so I want to give you the
shortest form history possible. Basically, after excavating
around this hill, they found some signs that
people were here in 1000 BC, the signs of the early Roman Empire. And the Roman Empire
basically continued on until 453 AD, After Death. That gives it nearly a
timeframe of 1500 years, one of the longest-standing empires. One thing that’s definitely for sure, it would have been pretty
risky to be a Roman because you’re either a poor
peasant struggling to get by or you’re in power and everyone wants to stab you in the back
and take your power, so I think I prefer being a millennial. (hip-hop music)
What’s up, guys? It’s your boy, C-Swizzle, and today we’re here with Roman Cribs. Right behind me here, this
is the Imperial Palace, from 64 AD, After Death, man, ah. And as you can see, it’s
a pretty tight crib. No multi-car garage, but
we got some big-ass walls, and it’s a good time in here. The Palatine Hills were actually where a lot of the richest,
richest people lived and so you got palaces,
you’ve got homes of the elite, and this is one of the longstanding ones, it was the palace of… A Roman dude. There are a lot of
people here, oh my gosh. How much are we regretting
sleeping in this morning? – A lot. – One thing you need to know about Rome is that there’s a lot of
cruise ships that come here so you can actually avoid
a lot of the morning rush simply by going early morning, ’cause most of the cruise
ships don’t offload people until about 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. Do you want to be in my vlog? – What’s up? – [Christian] Welcome to the vlog. – Hi, I’m Josh. – [Christian] Anything
you want to shout out to? – Shout out, um, Stan. Hi mom, hi dad. – That is cute, yeah. Oh, the gladiators, it’s all so romantic. I don’t even need to explain
what is right behind me here. This is where we’re going into next and one thing you need
to know about ticketing is it’s about 12 euros to get
in here and the Palatine Hill. The whole thing is sold
together, so here is a Rome tip. Basically, the line here gets crazy long. It’s actually a lot faster to buy your ticket at Palatine Hill. Go there first and then
you’re assigned a time to come into the Coliseum. Ours is in like 10 minutes, so we’re gonna head to the entrance now. – Do you have ticket or
do you need to buy ticket? – [Christian] We got our ticket, yeah. Everyone’s so concerned
about your tickets, they’re so friendly. – Yeah, they’re so friendly. – You trying to sell me a ticket too? So one thing that’s really interesting is it says here it was completely free to come and attend these events to watch people kill each other, and it was all seated
by your social class. So as you can imagine, the most important people were up front and the poorest and the
least relevant people all the way at the back. And there’s actually a diagram here kinda showing what it
would have looked like. But you can see people
just drinking, eating food, you could even see people
fighting in the crowd. It would’ve been pandemonium. This right here is one
of the craziest places I’ve ever been. Right there is the bloody arena floor that has taken the lives
of half a million people and Katy told me in the first three days, five thousand predatorial
animals, like lions. – No, in the first hundred days. – Hundred days, still. That’s a lot.
– In the ground, already 5000 animals died. – [Christian] So bears, lions. – [Katy] Wolves. – Ducks, um.
(duck qucks) – Ducks, (laughs) pigeons. – All sorts of crazy animals were basically put up
against people with swords or no weapons at all. One of the interesting things about the gladiator history and culture is that most gladiators were
actually kinda put into it as prisoners, as slaves,
or prisoners of war. And so this was a small chance for them to win back their freedom, to actually leave the gladiator stadium with prestige, with a bit of money, and in a higher class in society. So it’s that little
tiny light at the tunnel that kept so many of them
fighting for their lives. And actually, towards
the end of the empire, towards the end of the Roman Republic, some people were actually
volunteering themselves to become slaves in society so that they could enroll
to become gladiators. They would put themselves in a disadvantaged position in life for that slight trade-off
that maybe one day, they would be able to
have all the privileges of a very elite Roman gentleman. – How horrible. – It’s really horrible, but I can’t help but feel like this is the most fascinating part to me. I don’t know what it is, but I’m just naturally so interested by everything that happened here. – One of things that they
found are some paintings that prove that there
were woman gladiators. That’s incredible. We don’t know if they did it
because they wanted to do it or they were forced, but there were some very strong women trying to fight for their lives. – I’ve earned my freedom! Back to Rome I go. (chuckles) Just us, the crowds, the Coliseum, and some mediocre pizza
from a tourist shop. – No, it’s really good. – It’s not even average. – [Katy] You’re such a hater. – For our scooter rental, we stopped at a place called Bici Baci. In English, it means bike and kiss. Mwah. We’ve gotten ourselves this beautiful, traditional Italian Vespa and this is gonna be our
way of getting around for the next few days. (speaks in foreign language) – What does that mean?
– Let’s go. (engine revs) (upbeat music) – [Christian] This is so awesome. – And the weather is perfect. – The good thing about driving a scooter is that you can literally
park it anywhere. Basically just find a spot
between two cars, you’re good. Actually, sorry, you’re good. Gladiator time, let’s get some bloodshed. It is another day of
traveling through Rome here and yesterday night, we had
the most amazing walking tour through Trastevere, which is
like a must-see side of Rome. It’s a beautiful neighborhood, lots of authentic Italian food
from gelato to hidden gems, wine cellars underneath
a burnt-down synagogue, all sorts of crazy stuff. If you want to learn more about that, then check out my food guide video which is dedicated to everything that is delicious in this city. But today, we’re gonna
get back on the road. (engine revs) This is a block of oxtail. This is phenomenal. Here we are, after an amazing foodie stop, we have arrived at what is deemed to be one of the most well-preserved and influential buildings of ancient Rome. This right here is the Pantheon, and this was built in 120 AD. How impressive it is that something that
was built that long ago stands like this today. Originally built as a way to tribute to the pagan gods of Rome,
so basically back in the day when they believed in many
gods, this was their temple. It’s now a church? – Yeah, it’s now a church. – Most churches in all of
Rome are free to enter. Another great thing is
we’re coming a bit later, it’s 3:00 p.m. No line, a lot of people here, but we’re not caught
waiting outside to get in. Guys, it’s even more
impressive from the inside. So if you can see up there, that is a beam of light coming through and there’s actually no closure, so when it rains, it rains
right into the Pantheon and you can actually see there’s
a little drain right there so the water would just
drip down from there and end up draining below. All right, 20 minutes later, that was the furthest
drive we’ve done yet, we’ve now arrived in the Spanish Steps. Yeah, a set of stairs. Moderately interesting at best, but there’s a bit of history here. Apparently, they’re the
widest stairs in the world. – Wow. – They don’t look that wide to me, so I find that surprising. And secondly, they connected the Spanish
embassy with the rest of Rome, so that was why they got
called the Spanish Steps. Excuse me, sir. There’s this one girl I love, and I want to show her I love
her but I don’t know how. Do you have any advice? – No, this for another person, this. – [Christian] No? – I don’t know this. – [Christian] That was his one chance to sell a flower and he– – Yeah. (laughs) – He missed it. He’s trying to force flowers
into everyone’s hand, but the one chance he’s given, it kinda went over his head a little. We actually decided to take
a bit of a chill-out moment to get away from all of
the craziness of Rome. It’s getting close to high season and you feel it everywhere, but there’s a few local parks that you can actually
just get an ice cream, walk around, see the cute local dogs. And this is Villa Borghese, and it’s right behind the Spanish Steps, so it’s a nice green
breakaway from it all. – It’s the third biggest
public park in Rome, and it’s really beautiful. – We’re either brave or very stupid, because we’re about to do
Trevi Fountain at 5:00 p.m. – Oh! – Oh no. Oh, my gosh. (water rushes)
Wild. So one thing I will say, I will give it credit as being
much, much more beautiful than it looked like in the photos. The downside is that it’s
much busier than I expected. I didn’t think the crowds
would be anywhere near this. It must get even busier here
midday and this is insane. Rome is one of those spots you
gotta do the touristy stuff, it’s also not always the
most enjoyable stuff. Like for me, the Spanish
Steps, the Pantheon, you know, it’s great for history, but it’s very tiring and it’s
not enjoyable travel for me. A couple spots are good, but I’m definitely not
gonna try to tack off every single spot in Rome, you would simply spend all
day seeing a bit of this. For me, the enjoyable side of Rome has been just eating our way through it, experiencing more of the local side. You know, that’s more my style of travel, however you guys like to
travel is totally cool, but, yeah. Soft recommendation for
things like Trevi Fountain. Good luck to them, (laughs) oh, my god. There’s an entire bridal party
here to take their photos. – [Katy] I really hope
people respect them. – How are they going to manage that? (crowd cheers and applauds) Wow, they got the photo. – They got it.
– That’s how you do it! (laughs)
– You gotta show up with bridal dresses next time. (laughs) That’s a travel tip. Just show up like you’re getting married and you will have the
fountain to yourself. People will respect that. So you’re the closest we
have to an Italian expert, do you want to say where we are? – (laughs) Piazza Navona. – This is Piazza Navona, and it’s, piazza just means plaza, I think? – Yeah.
– Square. – Yeah, a square. – [Christian] And this is a beautiful one. – I look like I’m about
to sneeze. (laughs) – Someone in the square
just took a photo of Katy and they printed it. You do look like you’re about to sneeze. So, we meet again, Trevi Fountain. What time now? – 7:20, more or less. – Where are my early
morning Instagram freaks at? We’re here for the gram. (laughs) (mellow music) If you really want to get the most of Rome as a photographer, no question about it,
you gotta do sunrise. 20 minutes later, we’ve arrived by scooter
to a brand new country. In fact, it’s the world’s smallest country with a two-mile border circling it. This right here is the Vatican City and it’s kind of a confusing case because although it’s completely separate, it is an autonomous country, it actually does some things with Italy. For example, it doesn’t
do its own taxation, but they can print their own euro, they can create their own license plates, their own passports, and with a population of 1000 people, they’re not printing that many passports. This is the Basilica, and this is one of the largest churches, one of the most incredible
churches in the entire world. Dress code you need to know about is you’re allowed to wear shorts, but they must cast a shadow
over your knee, is the term. So what’s Katy’s wearing is fine, her shoulders are covered. This is where the Pope gives his addresses when he basically talks
to the masses of people and that actually happens today
because today is Wednesday. – [Katy] No, today is Thursday. – Never mind, it was yesterday.
(Katy laughs) Freaking massive. Oh, my gosh, this is
absolutely insane, guys. Mind-blowing detailing in every single inch of this building. Like how did they ever build
such a beautiful building back in the day? You have to be quiet though, ’cause people are actually in church. (mellow music) So we’ve just seen the Basilica,
and that’s completely free, but now we’re actually gonna
be going up to the dome and it’s eight euros to go by foot or 10 euros to take the elevator. So guys, you can actually
get a upper view here over top of the Basilica. I can hear the choir and the
way this building is designed, the sound carries throughout and the sound is just
like angelic from up here, it’s so, so beautiful, kind of like a faint sound
of the hymns in the corners. The secret side of the church they don’t want you to know about. If you’re claustrophobic, I don’t know, this might not be for you. It’s pretty tight in here. Oh, my gosh. – Oh. (laughs) – This reminds me of a carnival, like one of those illusion
rooms that you walk into and you can’t walk a straight line. It just doesn’t end,
and now there’s a rope. – [Katy] Oh, my gosh. – The survivors, we made it. We’re on top of the world! Woo! So apparently all this out here, guys, this is the Pope’s garden. Rome is a really, really short city. None of the buildings are overly tall and so I think to have come up here and get this view over
the city, it’s worth it. Do you agree, do you concur? – Mm-hm, 100%. – I also liked the staircase,
it was a lot of fun. This is so claustrophobic. So that right there,
guys, is the Swiss Guard and the man is not moving an inch. There’s so many more things
you could be doing here in Vatican City, including the Sistine Chapel,
one of the highlights. But for us, we’re done, we’re done our sightseeing for today. We’re gonna head out, go get some food, potentially some spaghetti,
I haven’t had any yet. I learned some pretty
sad news the other day when I was filming my food guide. Apparently Italians don’t have meatballs with their spaghetti. My whole life’s been a lie. (mellow music) That was a really nice meal
and 25 euros for the two of us, pretty hard to beat that. Somebody got burnt today. (Katy groans) During our time in Rome, we’ve been staying at
this incredible hotel by the name of Chapter Roma
and this is the room here. It’s a beautiful studio loft, kind of modern with a chic touch to it. Right now we’re actually
in the Jewish Ghetto, which sounds like a bit of a rough area, but it’s actually one of the best places you can stay in Rome. Our carpet has a butt on it. The price for one of their
basic rooms starts around here, but of course it depends
what season you’re coming in. We give this hotel a mamma mia and a half. – Mamma mia, (speaks foreign language)! – [Christian] That is where
I’m gonna end today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, please leave the video a big thumbs up. It really makes a big difference. And if you’re planning
yourself a trip to Rome, do not miss out on the food
guide that I posted last week. See you next Saturday and let’s get lost again in the next one.

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