How to Travel Southeast Asia on $500 / Month

hey guys Alexander travelbum again and
this is how to travel Southeast Asia on 500 or less a month hardly spent the
last four months in Southeast Asia and I spent less than five hundred dollars
each month now I know Southeast Asia is cheap but for some reason a lot of
people don’t get away with that more like a thousand dollars per month so how
do you spend less how do you stretch your budget so that you can spend more
time in Southeast Asia well I’m going to give you some tips on some of the things
I learned there are four major categories that you’re going to be
spending money in that’s food accommodation fun and transportation
first things first accommodation this is probably where you’re going to spend
most of your money but if you with some of these tips you might be able to spend
a lot less okay so here we go accommodation first of all where you
find where you where do you get the accommodation Agoda is the best app the
best website to use when you’re in Asia I didn’t realize this until a few weeks
in but Agoda is where it’s at when it comes to Asia
so accommodation can be cheap in Southeast Asia
you can stay in hostels hotels you can do couchsurfing or air B&B typically the
range in hostels is from $3 to $8 and for hotels more like $10 to $20 my
average was $3 for every house silver hotels $9 but I say in many hospitals
that only cost $1.00 per night and I stayed in hotels that were amazing for
$5 $6 per night private hotel rooms sometimes deluxe versions for less than
$10 this is actually in Bali which is not a cheap place and I stayed this
bungalow with this sunset on this beach with this view for $11 per net so what
you want to do first excuse the ago taps second you want to look a little bit
ahead I’m not saying you have to do it months in advance or weeks in advance
but once you get down to it one or two days before you want to book you’re
going to be left with the scraps most people are doing at at least a few days
ahead of time and and they’re picking the cheaper option pretty much
everywhere you stay is either going to be AC or fan and the fan rooms are about
a dollar two dollars less and you pay a premium to have the air-conditioned room
also look at single rooms in hostels and then single rooms in hotels sometimes a
single room in a hotel is less than a single room in the hospital or even a
single room in a hotel it’s less than a dorm room in Southeast Asia
there’s no reason there are tons of hotels that are even cheaper than the
hostels don’t ever rule them out couchsurfing is another good option
where you stay with locals for free I explain it more in some of my other
videos but it isn’t as easy in Southeast Asia as it is in somewhere like Europe
less people are on the platform and I love the hosts that you can find are
actually other tourists or they’re from your own country and they’re just living
there for a while so you don’t get quite the local experience all the time when
you’re using a host on couchsurfing in Asia as you do in Europe but that is the
route to go and it’s free accommodation so if you can swing it try to do some
couchsurfing transportation depends what country you’re in
but in Southeast Asia typically you’re going to be taking taxis scooter rides
tuk tuks tricycles and other little vehicles which are basically
forms of taxis in every country trains and short flights when it comes to buses
just like hotels and hostels there’s going to be usually an AC and air
conditioning option which tourists usually use and then an open-air bus
which doesn’t have any AC but you get the air from outside coming in which
sometimes is okay but if you can handle it
pick public buses or non AC buses but if you can spare another dollar or two just
take the AC option and it might feel a lot better and a lot of times you won’t
be as cramped in taxis this is a big one taxis in Southeast Asia for tourists
there is always a tourist price and a local price and if you look like a
tourist can’t lower your tourist and you look like a tourist you’re going to be
charged a tourist price there’s really not much getting around paying some sort
of tourist price but if you’re aware of it you can save some money and at least
get a better tourist price when you’re traveling around Southeast Asia when you
get off of an airplane get off of a bus get off of the train
lots of times you’re going to have a huge group of taxi drivers coming up to
you trying to get you into their taxi and they’re going to give you their
price which is inflated times five times ten the thing that you have to do is you
need to say no to everyone that comes up to you when you get off the bus those
prices are going to be the worst if you walk down the road a little bit if
you’re away from this tourist spot where you just got off they’re probably going
to be giving you a little bit better of a price because the taxi drivers that
hang out there they know that these are unsuspecting tourists that don’t know
about it so a lot of them they’re just going to take the price and assume that
it’s what the price is especially because if you’re from a Western country
a country like the United States like me they might charge you five dollars for a
half an hour right and you think oh that’s actually a great price in San
Francisco that would have cost made $20 but then you find out later
that the local price is more like $1 for a half an hour right so you’re paying
much much more than you should be and those prices can really add up when
you’re taking taxis every day so what you want to do is don’t take the first
second or third person that comes up to you ask them what the price is and
you’ll see that as you take a few minutes and walk down the road or or
talk to a few more drivers you’ll see that the price goes from $20 from the
first guy to $15 from the second guy $10 to the third guy and you walk out of the
touristy area just walk for a minute or two you don’t even have to walk that far
and you’ll get to a guy that’s got for you a $5 ride and then still try to
haggle a little bit say that the other guy offered you sighs what can they
offer you and they might give you a $2.00 right which still might be a
tourist price but at least it’s much better and I watch these taxis take away
tourists for $25 for a $2.00 ride and they just took it and when you’re taking
short flights within these countries it’s probably a little common sense but
make sure you do it at least a week ahead of time a lot of these smaller
airlines all you need is a week ahead of time to get a better price and if you if
you’re within that week or a few days before your trip it’s going to cost you
a lot more it still it might not seem like a lot of
money to you if you buy a flight for three days from now for a hundred and
twenty dollars that might not seem that much for a flight but you will end up
saying later that people who booked a week or two in advance we’re getting $20
flights so trains are big in a lot of places in Southeast Asia so it’ll be
some times you’ll have to choose between train and bus
you’re really you’re gonna have to do your research or you’re going to have to
ask around because a lot of times a train will be much much cheaper than a
bus or a bus will be much much cheaper than a train and you really you really
don’t know in Myanmar I took train ride 12 14 hour train rides that cost me $1
and then I take bus rides for a few hours economy went and Myanmar typically
trains of the cheapest in the Philippines you’ll have to take a lot of
flights because the Philippines are much violence also Indonesia book flights
ahead of time alright and the last category is fun fun events shows tours
all of these things one thing about me is I don’t really like tours I like
doing things on my own or I like meeting a local to take me around I just I like
the more authentic experience I tend to avoid them if I can and because of that
I save a ton of money tours are for tourists anything that is for tourists
not for locals at all you’re going to get pretty much Western prices so tours
can be $100 $200 which is just the most you’ll ever pay for anything in
Southeast Asia it’s it’s very cheap to travel there so if you can avoid tours
and if you have to take a tour then you know do it because sometimes they’re
worth it but see if you can haggle with prices or see what the different tour
companies are offering events and attractions if you have a student ID
card you can save 10 20 % getting in things I don’t have a student ID card
anymore but you know you’re in Southeast Asia they don’t really know what your
student ID looks like right maybe you can make one maybe you can get one off a
friend or find your old one you know make something that looks like a student
ID and it’ll probably pass because how are they going to know which brings us
to our last category which is food street food street food street food is
where it’s at Southeast Asia is all about street food people love it it’s
everywhere and it is usually the cheapest option and the tastiest option
it’s amazing Street food is good everywhere and it’s
usually actually better than the food and restaurants and almost always
cheaper people think that you’re going to get sick off of the street food and
yes sometimes that happens but it’s usually not going to be life-threatening
and locals eat the street food every day tourists eat the street food everybody
does and it’s fine it’s worth it there’s no way you should go through Southeast
Asia take a trip there not try to street food it ranges from 50 cents to maybe
two three dollars for anything you can get pad thai in Thailand get a chicken
curry in Myanmar on me in Vietnam balut in Philippines you don’t want to say
you’ve been these places and you didn’t get to try their food Asian food is very
potent it has a certain taste to it and you might not think in now but you’re
probably going to get tired of it after probably a week not tired of it but you
might need a little change you’re probably going to be paying Westar
is basically the same as you would at home for a subpar product at least this
year if you’re used to burgers and mistakes when you get them
in Southeast Asia they are not going to be the same and you get through it there
and they’re not bad at least you get a little bit of the Western flavor so that
you can go back to the local meals right after and one more thing when it comes
to alcohol in Southeast Asia beer is king everybody drinks beer not so many
people drink cocktails there are the very touristy destinations that have the
tourist culture that the nightlife and all of that and of course there tons of
cocktail if you’re on a budget you’re going to want to get beer and all the
way beer you’ll want to get the local beer beer will be from 50 Cent’s to
maybe two dollars whereas cocktails will be more of the prices you’re probably
used to do all these things and you’ll be traveling cheaply in Southeast Asia
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