welcome to my channel my name is Elina
and for the past several years I’ve been travelling around the world because I
have won several scholarships to study or intern abroad or some grants that
covered all the expenses for me to go to some international forum or other event
and in this video I will share my experience and advice of how to find
such programs and I will tell you how to get them but I’m going to get it anyway
well I’m traveling the world by the needs of different programs that cover
all my travel expenses at first I want a scholarship to study in the United
States I also had an internship there on a local TV channel which was awesome and
then I got places at different international forums
Sammis for instance World Youth Forum and you know many people think that only
kind of unique or only super talented people can get such opportunities can go
and study abroad for free but what I want to let you know is that everyone
can get these opportunities and everyone has equal chances you just have to prove
the committee that you really need this program how you will apply your
knowledge that you get at this program in your future and you have to prove
that they have to choose you would you choose me people also think that this
whole application process and getting scholarships and grants abroad is super
complicated but believe me it’s not well I’m not gonna say that it’s super easy
and it will take you five minutes to win some scholarship abroad not but it is definitely simple if you know
the structure and the steps of how to apply and to get such opportunities so
now I’m going to lead you through all these steps step number one prepare all
your documents those are your University diplomas
school certificate greater part resume and recommendation letters oh and also a
naturally certified translation of all of the listed above this way you will be
ready to apply for any scholarship and opportunity abroad and what I mean by
ready is that if you will see some scholarship that you really want to get
but you see that you have a very little time till the deadline for application
you will be able to apply right away you will not be in a rush and you will not
miss your chance I missed my chance for instance when I was applying for a year
program and that’s the program that allowed me to study in the u.s. I had
only like seven or eight days till the deadline to apply for this program and I
didn’t have my documents so I had to skip my university I didn’t sleep I was
collecting my recommendation letters translating everything I was really
stressed but if you have all your documents prepared in advance you will
never get in such stressful situations and if you see some opportunity or a
scholarship that you really really want to get you will not miss the chance to
apply and you will not be in a rush step 2 stay tuned in and follow the websites
and resources that publish different opportunities and scholarships abroad
because in order to apply you need to know what new opportunities are
appearing out there and actually that is how I found and won a place at different
forms in different Russian cities and also in other countries there are
millions of such websites to find opportunities abroad some of them are
really good some of them are not and some of
asked for fees to apply for their programs though okay this is not good I
don’t believe that these websites and resources are good because really good
programs that will cover all the expenses for your travels they will not
ask for a fee of 100 or 300 dollars to apply for their program because they
will not earn the money this way if they’re good companies so I will tell
you about some websites that I use myself and that you can trust for
finding opportunities abroad the website number one that I’m going to talk about
is named exchanges state and this resource allows you to find
opportunities that are sponsored by the US government here you can find
different scholarships grants and interesting projects in the United
States and you should definitely check out this resource on a regular basis if
you want to find some program in the US and you’re interested in going to
America Fraser’s number two that I use myself and it’s a really good one is
named all y-a opportunities comm and here you can find different events
abroad where the organization will pay for your travel accommodation etc mainly
you will find different forums salmon’s and conferences abroad this
year I got a place at World Youth Forum and now I tell to everyone try a fly and
go to such forums it’s the best experience ever you meet so many people
so inspiring and enthusiastic people from all over the world you meet the
best leaders the best speakers and professionals in their fields from all
around the world you learn so many new and you totally broaden your mind so
totally I tell you apply try and go to such forums you will never regret it
research number three is named grant acecomm and it’s really convenient and a
good one however not all the countries can apply to opportunities from this
website so at first you have to check if your are applicable to apply and if your
country is also in the list of the countries that can apply to these
opportunities this resource provides you with a huge variety of opportunities
scholarships grants to study in universities abroad internships even
paid jobs well I got a job interview and language schools you can find so many
different opportunities here and what is convenient is that this resource has
filters so you can find an opportunity in a particular country or in a
particular field that you want this where resources where you can find
opportunities abroad and you will not have to pay any fees for application and
I also talked about other websites and useful links and resources where to find
opportunities and scholarships abroad and where I find them in my other video
and the link will be here and also under the video step 3
write a powerful motivation letter then customize it for each program and use it
in your application motivation letter is one of the most important parts when you
apply for any program so make sure to write a good one I believe that I want
all these scholarships not because I’m unique or talented well I have to admit
that I’m not talented at all I’m the most usual person on this planet I was
never even a a student but I was able to convince the
committee with my motivational letter that I was that candidate that needed
their program the most I could convince them that I was the person who wanted to
get into their program more than anyone else with a motivation letter you have
to convince that you’re the person who they need to give that scholarship to so
when you’ve got all your documents you found the opportunity that you really
like you got your motivation letter it’s time to apply before applying check all
the requirements that the program has and see if you’re a suitable candidate
for them then carefully fill out all the applications and don’t forget to include
all the documents and I want to give you my teeth don’t waste your energy
applying for 100 programs and filling out 1000 applications find the programs
that you really need that you really want to get and
then focus on them otherwise it it is just applying for the sake of applying
and I’m against that because you need to apply to win well I wish you good luck
please do apply for this program don’t be scared and understand that everyone
has equal chances of getting a scholarship abroad of studying abroad or
getting some other opportunities so don’t be scared and just go out there
and just write in the comment or DM me on Instagram if you have ever considered
studying abroad or if you want to find some opportunity abroad and I will try
to help you and see you soon


  1. – Hey! I love your videos. They're very interesting! BtwI'm a foreign student studying Russian.
    Plz ,can you tell me or write me any what documents I need to collect to apply in comment?
    Thanks in advance ?

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