How to Travel to Lakshadweep – The ULTIMATE Guide to Visiting Paradise in India

How to Travel to Lakshadweep – The ULTIMATE Guide to Visiting Paradise in India

So you’ve seen my Lakshadweep vlogs and maybe you want to visit Lakshadweep as well. So I’ll give you all the information you need to come here. I’ll tell you about how I got here Lakshadweep and I’ll give you all the prices and some tips as well and I’ll tell you about what went wrong here on the cruise ship tour, wasn’t plain perfect sailing, okay, and you should come to Lakshadweep once in your life. It has India’s best waters, best sea life. It’s the best place for crystal-clear waters and scuba diving in India. It has great food and super- super friendly locals and actually a lot of people gonna ask what’s the difference between Andaman and nicobar islands to Lakshadweep? Which one should I go to? Well, you should go to both. I’m traveling all of India and I’ve been to every single state except for Odisha so far. But if I had to compare Andamans and Lakshadweep, Lakshadweep is just that more remote and therefore that much more pristine and unspoiled. Andaman is still an amazing option, right? But Lakshadweep is just that much better because it doesn’t have a booming tourist industry and yeah Andamans is a lot more developed obviously. Just a few things about Lakshadweep. So, it’s India’s smallest Union territory. It’s about 36 islands. Although I’m sure there’s a lot more Islands here. This is a lot of tiny- tiny islands out there. It’s a mostly Muslim population, 96% Muslim. Most people are fishermen. They spend the time out on the sea. People here have a great affinity with the sea and their diet is a non vegetarian diet and they specially live off fish and chicken. I found that most people here speak Hindi, especially in the tourism sector and there’s a lot of English spoken here as well along with Malayalam and Minicoy for example, they have their very own language which comes from the Maldives. The text is just so different. It’s not Urdu, it’s not Hindi and if you want to come here, the best time is between October to April. We are here in late September and there’s been a little bit of rain left over from the monsoon but as soon as we got to the beaches, the weather came out for us and it was perfect. So we didn’t actually have any issues. The only issue I’ll talk about it later, was that we took the first sailing of this cruise package which was a big mistake. But more on that later and this is the only part of India where I’m gonna suggest that you use a travel agent because it is such a difficult place to organize. It’s difficult to get the tickets on this cruise. It sells out every single year and then if you’re gonna take the flight route, you have to organize transfers between islands and it’s just difficult. There’s not much internet on these islands. So, how can you get in contact with them? A travel agent is just the best way and I’m not gonna give you the travel agent that I used. I don’t do sponsored deals. I don’t do brand deals. So I won’t to sell you anything, okay. So that’s why you can trust me and my advice. So if you want to find a travel agent to book, go to Google, search for a travel agent and check the reviews. Okay and just make sure you can trust that person with your money because you’re going to be sending them a ton of money up front to get here. Mine worked out fine and perfect. So to get here, you’ve got two options, You can cruise or you can fly and both are very different, both visit completely different islands. So the cruise is gonna cost you between twenty four thousand to thirty two thousand rupees depending on if you want second-class or first-class like I’m in here and I’ve done an entire tour of this cruise ship, so go and check that out. And if you want to fly, It’s gonna cost you between fifty six thousand for a single person to eighty thousand rupees for two people. So those are the basic prices. The cruise is a lot cheaper. That was just my cruise mate. So we are bunking together, I traveled here alone. So they pair you up with somebody else. So let me tell you about what I did before I tell you about the details about flying in the itinerary. So, I jumped on the Lakshadweep sea tour. ‘Sumundram’ means sea in Hindi and it’s basically a five-day tour around three Islands. So you go to Minicoy, you go to Kalpini and you go to Kavaratti. If you fly here it’s totally different the islands day, your visit and there’s about 180 passengers on this ship and it has everything you’re eating they supply your food. They supply the transportation to the island and so how one day works is, you wake up you have breakfast at 7 a.m and then at 8 a.m they put you on boats and they take you to whatever island you’re visiting when you spend a day on that island and it’s their Incredible islands. I’ll tell you about all three of them soon and you spend the day on that island like doing kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and then you have lunch at 1:00 p.m on the island and the food on the island is so much better than the food on the cruise ship. I’ve done a food review of this cruise ship so you watch that as well and then in the afternoon they usually take you for some kind of cultural activities. So you’re going to meet the locals on the island or visit the lighthouse and yeah. Then about between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m, they bring you back to the ship and the ship is sailing again by 7:00 and then you have dinner at 8:00 p.m in the cafeteria downstairs here. And the ship’s name is M.V. Kavaratti and Kavaratti is the capital of the Lakshadweep islands. It is a totally unexplored place and I made another video exploring the entire Island and now people will ask like which island is best for scuba diving which is best for swimming? Minicoy is undoubtedly best for swimming there, it is just incredible lagoon. I think it’s the biggest lagoon on the island. The swimming there is out of this world, the kayaking there is out of this world. Kalpeni is fantastic for snorkeling. They basically take you down to these little boats at this tiny island. They’re just tiny and you can go snorkeling from there just from just from walking out to the snorkeling. And then thirdly so scuba-diving. There’s no best place for scuba diving, the scuba diving is great everywhere. I’ve seen videos from each Island and it’s good anywhere. The waters are crystal clear and you will see a lot of living coral that’s the big difference. There’s a lot of living coral here compared to the Andamans and there in the beginners died of course at the Andamans, everything was was kind of dead and it all looked a bit murky. But here it’s crystal clear and the corals are alive and you can you can see there and so many fish. So I did my diving at Kavaratti and it was amazing. I really enjoyed that and apparently it was the best spot out of Kalpeni and Minicoy as well but you know every spot has something slightly different and anybody can do scuba diving. It’s called a trying scuba. So go and check out another video where I’ve gone scuba diving and i’ll show you the exact experience and how to get ready and everything. There’s a Lakshadweep playlist, so you can find all these videos, Okay. So there’s kind of three problems that I’ve faced on this cruise ship the M.V. Kavaratti. Firstly, the toilet flush did not work. So having to get the butt sprayer, spray that and then. This is a dual action method get a big bucket of water and pour the bucket of water down as well at the same time to you know, drop the kids off at the pool and eventually, they got down. They’ve got on the waterslide and they were gone. Second problem, there is brown water coming out of these taps. I don’t know if that’s normal on a cruise ship. But yeah, this is not too good and third and biggest problem, was we left Kochi 13 hours late. So, we lost an entire day on Kalpeni island. Instead of arriving at Kalpeni island at 8 a.m, we arrived at like 3:30. So we just had a few hours and it was very, very rushed around the island. That was a real shame and that was because Basically, a lot of things aren’t maintained here in India. Maintenance isn’t done. So this cruise ship had been sitting for four months and nobody had thought to you know fix the engine a week out before this crew started. They were still fixing the freaking engine the day we were leaving and that’s why we were delayed by 13 hours. It doesn’t inspire much confidence in you when you arrive on the ship and it’s not leaving because you can see engineers fixing the engine. Yeah, really, really bad. Maintenance is a very important thing and it should be done days in advance before a big cruise. So this is the first day of the crew season and we’re on the very first cruise, so Yeah, maybe try and avoid that very first cruise of the season and actually I get really lucky that they didn’t cancel the cruise, you know. They just didn’t entirely cancel. So those are the problems ahead on the on the M.V. Kavaratti. Not too big issues, but you’re missing out on on one day an entire day on an island, we’ve only got three days and three Islands. Yeah, it sucks. Now to flying, it is more expensive. So eighty one thousand for a couple and fifty six thousand if you’re traveling alone. So a lot more than this cruise ship and the value of this cruise ship is just incredible. Everything is included all three meals, all the transfers. It’s just incredible incredible value. You have to pay about two thousand rupees for scuba diving, but you know, it’s that’s nothing. That must be the cheapest scuba diving in the world and they’re they’re totally what it’s called certified by PADI, the scuba diving Association. So flying you’re gonna arrive in Agatti. Then they’re gonna take you to Kavaratti and then you’re gonna go to two totally different islands. You’re gonna go to Thinnakara and Bangaram, and I think a lot of foreigners will take the flight route because you can’t drink on The on the Lakshadweep Islands but you can drink on Bangaram and it’s just one island where you can drink. So I think a lot of foreigners will fly and do it that way and again that price for the flight tour it includes everything except for the flights. So accommodation all your meals and your speedboat transfers between islands. You really kind of have to do both if you want to experience you know, six different islands here in Lakshadweep. A lot of the islands and open to tourists at all, Okay. I think there is only about twelve islands that are actually open and actually a lot of the islands at Lakshadweep you still can’t visit. They’ve only opened a few So there’s a speaker in this room and every 10 minutes is an announcement in the morning so annoying, but it wakes you up for breakfast. So like I was saying most islands here at Lakshadweep you can’t visit. There’s about ten or so which they have opened up for tourists and you don’t need any kind of special permit anymore. You just need a tourist visa and you can visit Lakshadweep. They’re making it easier for us. So both the cruise and the flights go to totally different places and you can’t fly here and then go to Minicoy. Minicoy is too far away. You have to get on this cruise if you want to go to Minicoy, okay. So that’s that’s one big difference. So both the cruise and the flight are totally different and you’re visiting different places. So which one do you do? I think if you want the cruise ship experience and you want the easiest method possible with absolutely everything is organized for you down to what you’re doing during the day, take the cruise. It has been an incredible experience and super easy for me as a solo traveler. It’s definitely the best thing for a solo traveler and if you’re a government employee, you’ll get a massive discount on this cruise as well. Now flying because Minicoy are so far away from the other islands. It’s something like 11 hours from Kavaratti. How you’re gonna get a boat there? So that’s the reason why the flying and the cruise destinations are different. You can’t go to Minicoy if you fly to Lakshadweep. You gonna get a boat that’s gonna take you 11 hours to Minicoy, so that’s one of the big differences if you fly and if you cruise you have different island options. Okay. So you kind of have to do both. I haven’t done the flight trip, but I will do it at some point, okay. I will come back and go to those other two islands that you get on the flight. And I think the flight is best if you’re in a small group. It’s gonna bring the price down, if you have a group of like two or more. And you want to like if you maybe want to drink as well. You can drink on Bangaram Island. I’m not sure how those Islands could beat Minicoy and Kalpeni and Kavaratti. Those were incredible Islands to visit and I’m not sure how I can get any better than those three. So I have to come back and find out but yeah, cruise if you’re, maybe if you’re single or in a small family. That situation you don’t want to drink. Fly if you want to drink and you specifically want to go to those two islands that are on offer and maybe you’re in a small group so you can you can bring the price down you can have a nice private tour of Lakshadweep that way and I’ve done a tour of one of the resorts here. One of the government resorts here in India. So yeah, that is in the Minicoy video so you can see what kind of accommodation you’ll be staying at. It is quite, quite nice. There are a number of things that you need to bring here if you’re coming to Lakshadweep. Do not forget these things. So sunblock, even the Indians here are getting burnt. It’s crazy. So I’m like kind of brown here and then you come up here and it’s all white and my shoulders are burnt. I didn’t put on my shoulders. So you’ve got to have sunblock. You got to have mosquito repellent in the morning and in the evening if you’re on the islands, the mosquitos will come out. Sea sickness pills. Oh my god you get used to the swaying but if there’s rough seas, it can really really make you feel sick. During this video you might have seen it swaying like that, you know. So don’t forget sea sickness pills. There is a hospital here, but it’s always best to have to carry your own medication. So bring all your medication as well okay. You’re gonna need sandals for the beach. It goes without saying that’s the easiest way to get around the beach. Bring some really good preferably polarized sunglasses because those are gonna cut all the reflections and all the sunlight off, of the water. So you can just see better everywhere and then you’re gonna need to bring cash. There aren’t ATMs on most of the islands or they won’t have time to take you to an ATM if you forget your cash Okay, and then finally alcohol is completely banned here except for Bangaram island. So do not bring it on the cruise and do not bring it on the flight even, you will get in trouble here and when it comes to mobile networks on the island, you’re gonna need to get a BSNL sim. It works on every single island so you can at least make phone calls out of Lakshadweep. They say there’s 4g but no it is not for 4G. It is 2g. It’s less than 2 G the speed. The speeds are horrendous and it comes for two seconds and then it comes back two hours later. So it’s basically unusable internet here. So yeah Forget about the internet entirely. The best reception you’re gonna find is on Kavaratti because it’s the capital city of Lakshadweep obviously. Airtel is available and I think like two islands but Yeah two islands, it’s probably not the ones you’re visiting anyway. So you’re gonna need to get BSNL sim. And yeah, good luck with that. Oh my god, I think BSNL is government run. So It’s very very difficult, time-consuming and a long process to get that SIM card with you. But it’ll be worth it if you want to make phone calls out of here, okay. So don’t forget to check out my Lakshadweep playlist. It’ll give you all the information you need about travelling here at Lakshadweep, so you can have an incredible time here in incredible India. If you want to support the content that I create, If you want to allow me to keep devoting my life to travelling in India and bringing you content from Incredible India. 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