How to Travel Zurich, Switzerland on a Budget (The World’s MOST EXPENSIVE City!)

How to Travel Zurich, Switzerland on a Budget (The World’s MOST EXPENSIVE City!)

Hey everybody. it’s your guy, Dave, and welcome to Zurich, Switzerland I’m here on a long layover and I get to explore the city a little bit while I’m here I am really excited. Zurich is known worldwide for Banks, architecture, and being the most expensive city in the world. Now me being a budget minded traveler I wanted to take up the challenge of seeing the world’s most expensive city on a budget Honestly, there are so many things to do here in Zurich on a budget And I can’t fit them all into the little time that I have So I’m going to show you guys a few things of what you can do in Zurich on a budget first things first When I fly into the airport, I have to pick up a Zurich card this is a card that gets me free public transportation all across the city plus, free entrance into museums, plus discounts on a lot of Other attractions as well. So let’s go pick that up and explore the city The price of the zurich card is about $27 for 24 hours honestly, if you’re taking a train to and from the airport You’ve already paid that off and the rest is just savings from there. Keep in mind one Swiss franc equals about one u.s. Dollar The first and most obvious budget-conscious thing to do in any city… is walk So go to zurich’s old town Near the city center where the streets are narrow and the walking is prevalent and very beautiful You can just explore by foot, get lost a little bit, and not have to pay for a thing So right now, I’m about to take a local train up to Eutliberg which is one of the mountains on the outskirts of the city also one of the best view points you can get here So it is a little bit of a hike to get from the Eutliberg train station to the view point Maybe takes about ten minutes or so. I think it’s gonna be good, though What a great view of the city and a great view of the lake The Zurich card can literally get you into dozens of museums around the city for free I don’t have time to do dozens of them. But I do have time to do one: the Swiss National Museum If you’re feeling aquatic, take a cruise down the Limmat River free with your zurich card Another thing to keep off of your expenses is water. There’s free water everywhere in this city, and they’re in the form of fountains So bring your own water bottle and just fill up anytime you’re thirsty. completely free and completely safe to drink When it comes to food in Zurich, well, it’s honestly one of the reasons why it’s one of the most expensive cities in the world Eating out can be really pricey here Your best bet for eating on a budget here will be going to the grocery stores and markets and buying your own food The cheapest options for eating out will be street food along the walking streets that you saw earlier I chose to eat at Sternen Grill, which is a well-established bratwurst place that is loved by locals and tourists alike and it is yummy Can you really say you’ve been to Switzerland if you don’t buy chocolate? well, that’s something else you can do on a budget First, skip these storefront candy shops and go back to the grocery stores there They have very budget-friendly and very delicious options look three dollars for that. It’s huge Well folks it’s only been a few hours, but unfortunately, that’s all the time I have because of my layover situation, but I hope you got a little more informed of just a few of the things That you can do on a budget in Zurich Switzerland. I know I couldn’t get to all of them but if you’re from Zurich or you’ve been to Zurich what are some of your favorite budget-friendly things to do that I missed. Let me know in the comments If you like this style of video, be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more travel content coming from me from all over the world Peace

18 thoughts on “How to Travel Zurich, Switzerland on a Budget (The World’s MOST EXPENSIVE City!)

  1. Some good tips man. Definitely going to have to save this video for when I decide to hit up Zurich. Heard it's ridiculously expensive from a lot of people.

  2. My mom is literally going to be in Zurich only for tomorrow and wanted to do some quick exploring. This video could not have been uploaded at a better time. Thank you as this gives a very good quick guide of Zurich…I just have a quick question. About how long were your layover?

  3. I thought about getting to Switzerland after France, the cost of living there holds me back. Even the hostels are expensive. ( compared to other countries ). But it's so worth to visit this place. Thanks for sharing these tipps. Very useful!

  4. I'd love to visit Zurich, Switzerland in the near future. Didn't realize it is the Worlds Most Expensive city!? Thanks for the tips, it felt like watching Rick Steves. You're doing an awesome bro! Keep it up!

  5. like your clip.. but i am very sad to tell you that you didnt really make a good deal with the zurich card. a ticket from the airport to the city center and all the public transport (the boats on the limmat are part of the normal public transport) within the city for 24h costs Fr. 13.- plus Fr 4.- to go to üetliberg and back and the entrance to the nationalmuseum Fr. 10.- makes Fr. 27.- .. so exactly what you paid.. Zurich card is really good if youplan a fully packed day with several museums and other stuff..

  6. At you see the tourney of circus chnopf. One times a year is it in zurich. The entrance is free and you give what you want.

  7. the archeological museum in Zurich is for free.
    check the opening times…it is not open in the morning.

  8. Near Zurich is Spreitenbach…one of the biggest shopping malls in Switzerland is there. Near the shopping mall is
    The entrance is not free, but you get free entrance, if you bring an old mobile for recycling with you.
    In the basement you can test vehicles.
    Some e-vehicles can also tested on street.
    Near the mall is also IKEA (with family restaurant and bistro…free softdrink refill …pay 1.50 and drink how much you want) for make a break and kino pathe (cinema) for the evening.
    The language in film description in Switzerland is as the follows
    "e" means with english subtitles
    "E" means in english language
    "Englisch mit Untertitel" means english with subtitles
    "mit englischem Untertitel" means with english subtitles

  9. Visit Wildnispark Zürich
    See the link to checkout the prices for parking and museum…
    entrance into the park is free
    Bring something for barbecue with you…there are fireplaces…
    Check out the infos about Forest Fire Danger before you buy meat for barbecue.

  10. Free Wifi in Switzerland?
    There are some free hotspots in shops, restaurants…
    and there is a map with nodes from open wireless movement!/en/map

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