First blow your mind tip is I’m inspired to make this video because I feel like the way that I pack my bag. I’ve never seen as like normal packing tips So I’m hoping to share with you some new things you haven’t heard When trying to fit all of your things in a carry-on don’t Start with your clothes the first things that should go in your bag is your toiletry bag pile of electronics? There’s a lot of items and a lot of weight. So why did we start there? Let’s see what that looks like. Now. I’ve just taken up 1/4 of my bag with those things So now the real question is, how are we going to pack our clothes into three quarters of a carry-on suitcase? If you’re new to our channel then you don’t know that I’m probably about to plug our own products here We make travel gear and we sell it on Amazon. We have a compressible backpack That’s what this is a day bag and we make packing cubes But if you are a subscriber what you don’t know is that we have new cubes for you guys Yes, we have this new six piece graphic cube set They all are different graphic images inspired by our 10 month trip around the world So each bag is a different pattern so that you can more easily Remember what is in which bag? so the reason we sell our packing cubes as a six piece set is because that is the amount of Packing compression cubes we find is the best for the carry-on size. It’s almost kind of like this packing kit So in that no matter what colors you’re getting it comes with this laundry bag and that’s what I’m gonna start with here I like to use the laundry bag at the beginning of the trip to store my extra set of shoes So I have my pair of flip-flops Sorry dirty shoes and I also have just a set of like slip-on shoes because then I would be using my Huge heavy hiking shoes to wear on the plane. So always wear your biggest pair of shoes on the plane That way you don’t have to carry it on your back or take up space in your rolling bag I like to pack the extra set of shoes first because that’s probably one of the heaviest things in your bag after your toiletries. No matter if it’s your backpack or you’re rolling carry on you want all of your heavy items at the bottom. For your back, That is just the best place for it to be on your body but then if you’re in the Rolly carry-on don’t you hate when you’re like waiting in line and You’re like standing there waiting in the security line and you’re standing there and all of a sudden your bag Topples over in front of everybody. Yeah, that won’t happen if you have your heavy things on the bottom Quick lesson, there’s a difference between packing cubes and Compression cubes, those are two different things if you are searching for packing cubes on let’s say Amazon you’ll see lots of varieties that Essentially are just fabric organizers that help organize your luggage The compression cubes are what we sell them what we use on our trip around the world They’re great because they have two zippers So you put your clothes in it and then they have a second zipper. Where you Compress your clothes down and it takes some air out so that you are able to bring more gear That’s not to blow your mind part the blow your mind part is the two strategies on how to use this The first strategy on how to use compression packing cube is not to organize them Maybe how you would be organizing your closet at home with pants Shirts is to organize it based on the activity that you’re doing So before we even put the clothes into the cubes I took the clothes out of the closet and started to create these different piles The first one is let’s call it active wear gender-neutral guys gals Whatever you are working out in climbing a mountain in Lounging around the house in that’s your active wear You might see lots of online or it used to be a big thing about rolling your clothes Rolling, your clothes doesn’t work very well in these compression cubes. We’ve found you’re better off if you just lay your clothes flat This is a tank top a long-sleeve Waffle shirt running shorts, black leggings and a zip up hoodie. That’s last stuff I’m also making sure not to over stuff this the laws of physics still apply and if you over stuff this you Physically won’t be able to close the second zipper So part of the strategy is to put like the appropriate amount in here and I’ll pull the second zipper closed So I’ve got like a nice really compressed Here’s all my activewear. Our next fun pile of clothes is leisure. We’re cafe we’re friends wearing clothes have like casual bottoms these shorts and then let’s say like the jeans I have on Cuz remember you also get to bring the clothes on your body into the airport reviewing on your trip And I’ve got this black tank. I’ve got this green tea. I’ve got this pink tea, and I’ve got this Vomit colour my cafe. Where is currently in a smaller cube than the leisure where I just showed you This is our large and this is our small and I didn’t even compress this one yet I’ll just kind of like cry chop it down and then it won’t like it stuck I don’t really know how to explain this without sounding like I’m explaining the laws of physics But sometimes the Internet can be a strange place So my necks, just like category you would expect would just be your dinner clothes But the point of the message here for your organization tips is to divide your packing cubes up by category The reason why that is helpful is because then every time you’re going in and out of your backpack you don’t have to like pull a shirt out of one and a shorts out of another you can just Say like we’re going hiking I’m gonna grab my hiking bag and then you got a bunch of stuff in there so I think accessories too to pop in there Sometimes when I’m using these and going to a more formal event like a wedding weekend is such a good example I’ll put my entire rehearsal dinner outfit in one my whole like wedding reception Ceremony outfit and another and sometimes because I’m tall. I’m hardly using heels. I’ll just have flats. I’ll put my shoes in there, too And I’ll put my pieces of jewelry if there’s like a specific bra I need for the dress I’ll put that in there and like literally then you’re like getting into the hotel. It’s Friday night Everyone’s like racing around you just like grab the packing cube and you have everything you need for that one outfit in this bag it Is like such a game-changer? I just can’t Here’s the fun category Are you ready for the fun category? Wait, I guess is not the fun category. This is like the looser category These are things that you’re bringing in your bag because you are saying to yourself I should bring a raincoat a bathing suit that really nice shirt in case we do this thing if kind of like the Non-essentials that you’re still gonna bring but you’re just like will I really need this? They’re gonna go in our last packing cube. Why is because these aren’t gonna get my bag all messy and disorganized when I’m looking for things that I actually want to wear they’re just Here they can be at the bottom of my bag, but not too far to the bottom. Remember? We have all the heavy stuff down there. This is a good example of an overstuffed cube I could probably squeeze that down if I really wanted to but sometimes if it’s over stuff that just makes it more bulky and kind of awkward in the bag so I’ll Let it have a little bit of extra air and it can just kind of push and squeeze as it needs to in my bag But I wanted to overstuff one a little bit so that you could see like you can use it as a packing cube You don’t have to zip the zipper if you don’t want the laundry bag Two larges two smalls and a sixth one. This one has multi purposes to store electronics I sometimes like to who just put snacks in here and put this in My purse is you could use this as your you know, wet bathing suit bag But I left this one out of the backpack because I usually have this in my purse with me But of course I could go in your carry-on as well It’s the backpack packing strategy part of this video Hands-down the reason we purchased this specific backpack for travel is because the front pouch has this entire Office area and I talked about this in the backpack review, okay This is like the ultra 15-inch laptops my iPad massive notebook. I have gotten into situations as probably many of us have where you’re like trying to shove your backpack up in the top section above your seat and it’s just like it’s just like almost doesn’t fit but the charger is just so Dang bulky that it ends up Creating this little bump on the outside and I’ll be able to get my whole backpack up on the top but then it’s like just the charger is always like causing a scene and then I’d like Pull the backpack down I was waiting for you and you pull the charger out and I was like awkward then you’re like holding the charger and you’re like In your lap now, so no bulky items in the front pouch. The charger is just gonna go At the bottom with all of my other heavy Gear so we’ve electronics at the front. We have our toiletries and Your makeup bag or whatever else you’re bringing with you hairdryer Those are going towards the bottom of the bag for weight reasons And if there’s even like a heavier side I’m pushing that closer to my back not on the outside of the bag but closer to where it would be on my body Next I’m gonna take the laundry bag. This has two pairs of shoes in it Remember my third pair of shoes is on my feet and that’s going towards the bottom I already have my underwear and like my scarves and other kind of accessory things on either side So there are no clothes in this bag yet So really when you’re packing a carry-on size you only have half of a bag and then my not even Compressed down cube of things. I don’t want her need that’s just gonna like go in a drawer when I arrive this is a great opportunity to bring your trip backpack or Tim might have it on his back in the airport and I will keep mine in my bag so that I can use it for like our day trips and it’s just not like queue to The airport or gonna have a arm Bank purse So I just pack it along with I know I look small now right does it this is not an Internet? Magic trick hell that stuff really is in there. Thanks for hanging out with me I’d love to know where you’re going like Where’s your trip to and if you think that we can be friends go check out some of our other content Maybe we have some good suggestions on what to do when you’re going to your destination And of course, we’d love for you to check out our trip to travel gear We sell everything on Amazon, but we also have an e-commerce store You can see it on there, but it’s just sending you to Amazon anyway, so you can just check out the direct links That’ll take you there. Have you packing enjoy your trip and I’m gonna open a window cuz holy moly UNC Oregon wine country


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