How to use Public transport in Vienna for Tourists

How to use Public transport in Vienna for Tourists

This is a metro station in Vienna, Austria He is Toni from Nigeria He helped me to understand the ticketing system Let me show you, how this Ticket vending machine works These are the types of tickets 24 hours ticket costs 7.60 Euros 48 hours ticket costs 13.30 Euros Weekly ticket costs 16.20 Euros Toni recommends to take the Weekly Ticket if you are visiting Vienna for more than 3-4 days Single journey ticket costs 2.20 Euros I am going to take the 24 hours ticket, as I am here for a day This is the Public Transport Map of Vienna The Red, Green, Purple & Orange lines shows the Metro network The Blue lines shows the Train’s network This website ( provides all information about Public Transport in Vienna Now I am going to show how to get a ticket from a vending machine This is my ticket (costing 7 Euros & 60 Cents) Thanks to Toni 🙂 I have to go Stephansplatz I was just about to commit a mistake The Metro train stopped at the station and I stood still I was waiting for the door to get open As we usually do in Delhi Metro Actually, the doors do not get open automatically in Vienna Metro (unlike Delhi Metro) You have to press the Red Button to get the door open and over there is McDonald’s … I’ll use the free WiFi… Yeah 😉 Besides Tourist Information, you can get phone charging, Free WiFi at Tourist Information Centres That is “BIG BUS VIENNA” – a Hop-on Hop-off bus service The Second flag from that side is India’s (SPEAKING HARYANVI) Wow! My GoPro camera is grabbing eyeballs! My tram number 1 is arriving in next 3 minutes Such long escalators are quite common in Prague and Vienna Leave the Left space for people who want to walk on escalators Actually I have again entered Metro station to use the toilet facility It was Stinking! Did you see that! (SPEAKING PUNJABI)

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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback. Right now I am travelling. Just back to the 'civilisation' after a gap of 3-4 days. So couldn't reply to comments. But please keep in touch and share the videos. Inform others about this channel.
    A new series is coming soon 🙂

  2. mere sath wala bidi pin laag rya h wow great
    your videos aswm bro
    live life own style
    lath gadh rakhya h bhai

  3. There are also tickets that are not available at the mashines – usually tourist/shopping tickets which are more expensive then counterparts (normally 24h/48h/72h) but have discounts at museums or shops -> these ofc only are worth if u visit these sights as well. So if u rly want to go cheap, u have to prepare ur travel beforehand and calculate which ticket is the best 4u.

    It might even be, that u only need Single Route Tickets (2,20€ for one direction – can comprehend multiple transports). The daily is 7,60€, so worth it from 4 travels a day onwards.

    These tickets are NOT valid:
    -) If u leave the city area of Vienna (the so-called zone 100 comprehends basicly the entire city, as soon as u go into the countryside watch out) and u need an extra ticket for that. 4ex the airport IS OUTSIDE the city zone.
    -) Nightlines. The night buses need an extra ticket purchasable at the driver.
    -) Vienna Ring Tram. This tourist trap needs a 7€ ticket per person extra.

    In the countryside u buy the ticket at the coach driver and u have to tell him when u want to stop.

    Schoolchildren (under 15 years) dont need a ticket during weekends or vienniese school holidays. Children under the age of 6 dont need a ticket. Students and senior citizens can have cheaper tickets aswell.

    Although u can enter and leave a train unpunished I dont recommend it – controls DO happen and suddenly. They usually either close up all the exits for several hours and control everyone in there or they control incognito on the transport. Dont be surprised if an elegant lady or a cool looking teen suddenly take out an identification and start controlling tickets.

    PS: I think Toni was an Augustin vendor. That newspaper is sold by homeless people and they get 50% of the earnings….he was so nice to u, could have given him the 3€^^

    The official website of the vienniese public transport system is

  4. Hey we are planning a trip to Prague buda vienna Salzburg with a 2 year old baby.

    What are your tips?
    Suggestion some android application that will help us to know climate there, and cheap restraunts for veg food

    We are planning from 9 to 17 august.

    Help help

  5. watching your videos i feel how beautiful the world is and how beautiful peoples are……truely inspired

  6. Thank you for yet another unwatchable video. Next one turn the music up even louder, please, so that we can't hear a thing of what you say at all.

  7. बाजू आला बीड़ी पीन लाग रा सै । बहुत अच्छा लगा

  8. Beautiful city! On my channel there is a video – walk through Vienna, accompanied by the beautiful music of Strauss. If you want to see it. Thank you!

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  11. it will be so useful if you make a video on how much prices for food ,beer, coffee and attractions watch video of janek his channel name is International i m sure u will get some nice idea how can you improve your videos
    and thanks for videos and your efforts in india we really need vloggers like you keep it up

  12. Dada bahut accha video banaya hain Vienna ka… U1 joh Red-line hain oh mera gharka najdik hain… badluck Aapse meeting nahi huaa..

  13. Really nice video. But just a question. Why not do it in English all the way? The graphics are in English. You speak English to a man on the street and you give money info in English. You mostly speak in a South Asian language. But your You Tube audience is likely to be English-speaking.

  14. a small suggestion though… only if you could decrease the music volume in your videos as the mic audio is low… so compensate it accordingly. It will effect your view time as a low volume background music is pleasant for the ears

  15. I wish Indians were as disciplined as the Europeans! The way they obey traffic rules makes things better for everyone. But Indians are selfish in nature and care two hoots for their nation, especially nowadays and are very dirty. Most Indians aren't bothered about the environment.

  16. Vienna has a very good transportation system and easy to understand. The colors for example in the subways but on tramp could be a little bit difficult for the first time

  17. sir your subscriber is increasing leaps and bounds .I see your video every day .I feel good.thanks sir

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  19. Aah that moment when the trams first gate closed and you get into with other gate that was funny
    You're going to be world famous coz you shoot such amazing vlogs keep up bro

  20. So when you’re going to get on the tram, bus or train you could simply scan the ticket which you buy on that vending machine?
    All over again with that one ticket? Thanks a lot for the explanation

  21. if you pick the 24 hour ticket, how do you validate your ticket at the tram? And once your ticket is validated, do you have to have it validated at each tram stop you use?

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  23. Thank you very much for putting this together. Very helpful and informative for travellers arriving in a new city. Well done!

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