75 thoughts on “HOW TO VISIT NEW YORK CITY ON A BUDGET | New York Travel Guide

  1. Expert in budget traveling – basically means Cheapskate ?, btw theres nothing wrong with having a budget im all for it, i just wanted to male a joke, dont reply with stupid angry comments and stfu.

  2. Love the video however, as a local I will say a lyft or Uber is not that cheap. It will take $30-45 to get to borough to borough. But love the video!

  3. Hiiiii Mary Jane I highly recommend paying $1 for the Museum Of Natural History and if more attractions are needed I would buy the sightseeing pass in which you can choose the amount of attractions you want to use. I stayed in Brooklyn and found a place of $1.25 pizza, it is in front of the fulton street (A line) station idk how to explain but it was really good. I hope I can go back again, I loved NYC.

  4. Great video, will be getting married in NYC next year so budget is defiantly required. I will check out the rest of your videos on NYC??

  5. Wheres the tip of just putting whiskey in an arizona bottle and walking around or talking the train with it

  6. It’s $2.75 – in the USA we put the dollar symbol first and unless you are talking about thousands of dollars, you use a period instead of a comma – and by the way, Manhattanites will walk 10 or 20 blocks!

  7. Thank you!!! Great information!!! We really want to visit NY and we were thinking maybe in October. Can you tell us which is the best location for a hotel- Airbnb? Value for money and safe.

  8. Thank you so much for the precious informations… You are a delicious person! I will be in New York from Tuesday for one week…

  9. Very thorough, helpful and reassuring. I feel much more capable of doing NYC after watching you share your experiences. I love your accent.

  10. Hey Mary Jane!
    I'm planning to go to NYC on September and found this video very useful. However, I still have few questions:
    1. Are there other recommendations for food (other than bagels and pizza) for less than 5$?
    2. Did you prepack food (bought from the supermarket) like sandwich/salad?
    Love your video! Warm greetings from Indonesia <3

  11. On a $10/day budget you'd better buy nip bottles from the liquor store and stay away from happy hour. Central Park Summerstage offers free concerts all summer.

  12. I wish I'd found this video before I went to New York this past June. I know better now if I ever chose to go back. Thank you for these videos!

  13. Most of the ride apps charge per minute. A taxi, in most situations, will be cheaper than any ride app because taxis charge per mile.

  14. My mom has always wanted to go to NYC and I turn 16 in 8 months so I want to get a job when I turn 16 so I can save up and take her and my brother to NYC

  15. Phew. Thanks for this video. I also plan to travel on a budget, which is only 25k for one week. Glad to know that I'll survive with that for a week.

  16. good advice, but how about the internet in the USA? how much does it cost or does most places have wifi? can't imagine traveling there without internet. Can you get a sim with internet? Going to USA for a week, need to get some knowledge in.

  17. Met the love of my life online. She's from the UK. We'll be meeting in NYC for the first time in person, in April of 2020. Will also be our first trip to NYC. After almost 2 years of saving my money. Will be bringing my mom too, as she has always wanted to visit NYC. This video has been helpful in my preparation and I thank you for that 🙂

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  19. Hello !! This video is the first of yours that I've watched and I liked it. Your accent comes to me like Italian, true?

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