How Travel Insurance Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars

How Travel Insurance Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars

(lighthearted music) – How travel insurance can
save you thousands of dollars. I’m just going to get
straight to the point here. Why would you ever jeopardize
your family assets, your wealth accumulation just for that– – Doh!
– Moment? (lighthearted music) Welcome back to “Your Travel with Olivia”. I’m Olivia and this is the channel where you are going to come to for advice and insight into
anything to do with travel. I am not going to get into
all of that again today about travel insurance, I have done numerous
videos on that before, because today we are joined by Carl. And Carl is actually going to
share with us today his story of how travel insurance saved
him thousands of dollars. Carl, thank you so much for
being with us here today. This is awesome! And you’re going to be telling
us your story of what happened. – Yeah, thank you for
allowing me to share my story. Having worked in the insurance world, I know something about the risks of health and so the old-fashioned way
is that you had group insurance and you understood that it
was going to take care of you. As the world has changed
and as we get a little older and we start doing the travel, two stories that I have, I
was wound up in a hospital coming back from a
convention in New Orleans and we’re in Branson,
Missouri, July the 4th. A beautiful day and I
wake up in the morning with a kidney stone. – Oh, excruciating! – Yes.
– To say the least, right? – But I was happy that
I had travel insurance. The bill for that particular event was somewhere around $3,500 US for being in the hospital
for about an hour and a half. – No way! Really? – The hospitals, this
is the American system, one minute I get a bill
saying you owe me this money. I called my insurance company and says, “Well no, don’t worry about it. “We’re part of a syndicate
and we’ll take care of it.” and of course they kept calling
and said where’s my money? I said, “No, no, you have to deal “with my insurance company.” Oh! And eventually I realized, being someone that understands something about insurance claims, I spoke to a claim adjuster on it. He says, “Oh yeah, it takes some time “in the Americans area.” They think that the
Canadians are a little stupid that they’ll pay right upfront and then not worried about it. And I said, “Okay, well, thank you.” I was a little disappointed, to say the– – So did you pay upfront? – No, I did not pay.
– You did not, okay. – No, ’cause we had
the coverage and they– – You had the coverage. Now, you presented that at the place?
– Yes, it presented, and they were all fine with it. As a poor Canadian traveling,
do not step in The US. I would not even step on
Buffalo just to go for a drink without having coverage because I just know enough about– – That’s right, and how
much they come back to you– – Absolutely! – Even though you presented it to them. And have you already called
the insurance company– – Oh, absolutely!
– Just to let them know– – Oh yeah!
– That you were having this issue, just to
open your claim basically. – Absolutely, absolutely. As soon as we walked into the hospital– – That was all taken care of
and that’s really important– – Absolutely.
– That people do that right off the bat, right?
– Yes. I don’t worry about it anymore because I know that I will
not step outside of Ontario without having coverage. – And you said Ontario
you would not step out of. That means even provincial, right? – Absolutely. – ‘Cause you know from
province to province that you are not covered, right? – Absolutely. And I have so many
people make that mistake of not understanding that there’s a war between province to province. We can always say that the the
federal government legislates that we should have
wonderful care in Canada. It’s not there. In the province they don’t and I– – Each provinces run differently. – Absolutely.
– They’re according to their provincial laws, it’s that– – Ontario doesn’t like BC
and BC doesn’t like Ontario. So if you get sick in BC and try to get the Ontario
Government to look after you, please don’t do it. – All I know is we can’t get BC wine. (both laughing) You’ve mentioned that
there were two stories. – Well, the story is–
– The other one, we was in January of 2017, right? – 2017, or no, 2018. – 2018, all right.
– Yeah, we’re now in ’19. We’ve started our regular
going South with some friends and we go to Cape Canaveral. We rent a condo in the winter. Two weeks into it, all of a sudden, I got a cough and a
couple of my buddies said, “You might have pneumonia. “This thing isn’t going away.” so you kind of cough for five days, I went to the pharmacist and he said, “If you’ve got a cough for five days “and it’s a little dry,” he says, “I think you should go to
the emergency right now.” You called your insurance company. I’m here. They gave me information, the insurance company
takes over from there, they’re talking to their admin people. I’m in a room, I had no waiting period, I’m there at 10 o’clock in the
morning, no waiting period, absolutely the perfect healthcare. They said, oh, you’ve got pneumonia and you’re not going home. – Oh, so now you’re admitted? – Yeah, I am admitted. She said, “We just need
to find a room for you.” They found a room and they started the IVs of different medications. – And how long were you
in the hospital for? – Three days.
– Okay, total. – Two nights and three days. – Total, okay. – So when I got the bill, you do get a summary of the
bill from the insurance company. The insurance company
paid $25,000 Canadian. – Ouch! – It’s not going to
bankrupt most families but– – But it goes back to what I was saying, do we actually want to deplete
our wealth accumulation by that amount for
something that only cost you for your insurance? – Yeah. – Versus paying out 25,000. So when you do it that way, when we do the scales, it just makes sense.
– Oh. Why I have such a wonderful
relationship with Olivia is because she understands the market. I ask a lot of questions
because of my background and having that comfort that
she goes and looks for them, the policy that best fits my needs for the type of traveling that we’re doing outside of the province or in The US. In fact, I look at this
and I say, oh my gosh, for the days I’m away, $10
a day for my insurance. For $10! – It’s a no-brainer. – It’s two drinks! If there was a way that
I can help our societies is please do not travel
without having insurance. Please buy it from a good supplier. It’s not even a peace of mind. It’s just knowing that your family doesn’t have to worry about
while you’re recovering. – Yes, yeah! I had my own story too so the same thing. I was in Spain when I got sick and you’re there by yourself and you don’t speak the language
and that add on top of that that I had to worry about finances, that would have been awful, but I didn’t because I
had travel insurance. Just taking that financial worry off of your overall stress level already just because you are sick,
because you are in the hospital, and because you don’t know
what’s going to come out, the outcome’s going to be. So it is really important that
you got that travel insurance and you’re a huge advocate
for it, a huge believer, and that’s why I really
wanted to talk to Carl. I wanted him to share his
story with you here today because he was the one who
approached me and talked to me and said there’s no way he would ever travel without insurance. So he’s going away and
he wants to make sure that all of his insurance is covered and that he’s protected, him and his wife. – If I can save one or two
families from having a tragedy, what an honor to have had
this opportunity to share. – I am so pleased that you did this and that you’ve actually
spoken to everybody out there. I think that it’s important when you do hear somebody’s actual story and what they’ve been through, not once but twice with Carl, just in his short space of time that he does travel down to The States. He doesn’t want to stop
going to the states and thoroughly enjoys it so if he can get his peace of
mind just by buying insurance and still continue to enjoy his trip and feel like he’s being taken care of if anything should happen, then I think that’s all worth it, and I think that’s what we’re all about when we all love traveling. But hey, you know what? If you guys have your own
stories that you want to share, this is a great place
and a great community to share that here today by putting that in the
comment section down below, let others know what you’ve been through, pass that message on to other people so that they too can
learn from this experience as we have learned from Carl here today. If this is your first time
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insight into travel. Anyways, if this is your week to travel, I want to wish you a safe trip there as well as a safe return home. Ciao, adios! And thank you so much, Carl. That was great. – Appreciate it. (lighthearted music)

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  1. Do you have an Emergency health related story you want to share with others, that occurred while you or someone you know was traveling?

  2. Carl’s experience sure brings light to possible travel issues. A year earlier he had a pneumonia shot so did not consider the possibility of pneumonia. I must say the care and professional attitude given to Carl was outstanding. Thanks Olivia and Carl.

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