How Turkish village people treat an Indian tourist

How Turkish village people treat an Indian tourist

I was dead tired I had dinner at a restaurant Then I was finding a place to stay Didn’t get any host on Couchsurfing or through Facebook I tried a lot Then I started walking While walking I met them He asked about me and tried to help Then I met him I am paying 40 Lira for this place But no drinking water You can’t drink tap water I reached here on a tractor It was thrilling experience I just met another friend He guided me to this place I was looking for a shop to buy water Paying for drinking water is not a good thing Then he guided me to this market I purchased water from this shop Then he started asking where are you from! and this is how we started talking Now let me show you what are we doing! I have just finished the tea Turkish tea We are eating this sunflower seeds People like it here We are just drinking tea, gossiping and enjoying Gossiping on India, America, Turkey and several other topics These people are from village, so they have time to talk with each other and I am enjoying this only problem is – smokers He owns this shop another round of tea I was relishing sunflower seeds He is Sinan His wife Uzgur Their daughter – Neel Now we have become friends Now I am at Sinan’s home I am eating Figs I never had a raw Fig Always used to eat the dried one I bought it from Kashmir I still have it in my refrigerator back at home they also grow apple here he worked for 15 years in HSBC Bank and left Now he does organic farming all these are organic His father helps him They also have a Pansiyon (Homestay) He grows flowers, blueberry and even Lavender These things are from …1915 for what I came here belongings of some soldiers Indian, French, British… Gallipoli was a battlefield for 8 months more than 400,000 soldiers fought from Turkey, India and many other parts of the world many of them got killed construction of any new thing is not allowed in this area These are the same villages which used to be at that time Only after getting permission the old houses can be renovated can’t build a new house This is ‘Allah’ in Arabic She made this Dervish… it took her 1 month to make this I told you about an Afghan he is the gentleman You are from Mazar-e-sharif (Afghanistan)! I have already introduced you with them “I saw you previously…” But I didn’t talk with you ‘I didn’t even ask your name’ My name is Varun ‘My name is Saifullah’ He is from Afghanistan When we came to know that we are from India and Afghanistan… we hugged each other ‘we are brothers’ After many days today I am able to talk in Hindi with someone Do people from Mazar-e-sharif talk in Hindi? Do people watch Hindi movies ? ‘Yes’ ‘when will you return’ I am not coming back have to go to Cappadocia and then Georgia I met an Afghan in Vienna, Austria He also met whole heartedly I always got a warm welcome from Afghans It feels so good ‘you people are good’ both of us are good another day its 10:15 am i am staying at this place a pansiyon quite popular concept in many eastern european countries paid 40 liras for this today i woke up quite late today I have washed my used clothes I asked a gentleman using google translate can I use this rope to dry the clothes he is also a tourist, but Turkish let me introduce him this is the family he has been to Mumbai IIT Bombay exchange programme He is an Engineer now. His name is Thaha his father I met his father first after sometime he offered me a melon he also helped to cut it into slices then we ate it together he is a professor in Rize he is gifting his own written book to me I got a similar gift in… his mother his parents are travelling in Turkey for 2 months in this car its completely stuffed i have to close the gate now this place is mine no one else is here its 7:30 pm I took rest, edited a video… now checked out Now I am going to meet Saifulla He is an Afghan from Uzbek origin I am going to stay with him This is alcitepe village ‘koy’ means village the bricks used to construct these houses are different from ours I saw them all over Thrace this is a stone wall these bricks are hollow from inside still strong Turkey lies in earthquake-prone zone these bricks also help in insulation helps in controlling the temperature like in India our homes get cold in winters and hot in summer whereas because of these bricks it won’t be like Indian houses 8pm Best thing is that he understands my language I dont have to tell him what I have said on the camera his home Since how long you are staying here? 4 years he understands the local language… hindi the language in afghanistan uzbek dari urdu even English! even Persian I am feeling good after coming here its a small home despite of limited resources he is trying to offer his best possible hospitality it feels so good this is the same restaurant where I had dinner yesterday but this time I am with Saifullah I wanted to eat Gozleme do they make it here? ”yes in the morning” what do you say it? Evening is called Aksham in Turkish Morning is called Sabah this is Ekmek Ekmek is eaten with soup and pilaav (Rice) m back at Sinan’s home its 10:15 am today there are some more guests at his home friends from Istanbul we are going to have breakfast togeather Pansiyon are actually homestays you stay with the locals in your private space 1 room set is there here is another remove your shoes outside 5 people can stay here. Tariff is 150 lira smells good a backyard isnt it good! it becomes very cold in winter so there is a heating system I am trying to convince him to make it available online I recommend this village people are good You can experience the actual culture of a place if you stay in such homestays They say, they can tell about my fortune but both of us don’t believe in this but lets do it girls believe, boys dont let me show you how to do it its time to leave glad to meet all of them we had breakfast… discussed a lot of things what a wonderful beginning of the day! incredible people! now like you I will also meet them in the videos I wish they come to India would love to meet them again Saifullah wanted to show me another place I also work here He is just like my father what do you call this! thanks a lot come to India i’ll visit Mazar-e-sharif

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    Meri energy ka raaz aap log hain. Isi tarah positive bane rahein.
    Achha lagta hai 🙂

  2. Turkey people are very nice to India ..
    I been to Istanbul and was very warm welcome by them. They are very lovely people ..

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  20. You are so amazing bro and because of you I made a group of 5 people to help tourists in Delhi qutub minar side, I'll give you accompany to go abroad and explore the world more faster and in the best fun of the way

  21. You are so amazing bro and because of you I made a group of 5 people to help tourists in Delhi qutub minar side, I'll give you accompany to go abroad and explore the world more faster and in the best fun of the way

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