How we travel for FREE (160+ flights 🛫)

How we travel for FREE (160+ flights 🛫)

so a couple weeks ago Linda and I
decided we were gonna go on a little trip and Linda is pregnant and we have a
new baby coming very soon and we’re super excited but we wanted to get a
little bit of sleep and a little bit of refreshing before we get into the
sleepless nights of having a newborn and so we decided we want to go to
Charleston South Carolina to have this little babymoon and because we have
accumulated so many credit card rewards points we were able to stay at a really
awesome hotel which was just kind of like amazing place to stay and to do it
completely for free and then on top that we were able to fly there for free and
if this wasn’t amazing enough we have done this over and over again over the
years and in fact in the last five years we’ve have more than 160 free Hotel
nights and over a hundred free flights as well and stepping back just a little
bit here for the first part of our marriage we actually didn’t use credit
cards and we were just kind of a mess with our spending and so we chose not to
use them and I had heard about people doing stuff like this and I just kind of
didn’t pay any attention and at some point I just decided to investigate a
little bit and see what was possible and I’m really glad that I did because the
rewards are actually really amazing if you learn how to do it the right way and so first thing you need to know is that if you ever carry a credit card balance
if you ever don’t pay your credit cards off in full at the end of the month
there is absolutely no point trying this or doing this at all any of the benefit
that you think you would see from doing this is just all kind of lost by the
interest charges at your pain so there’s just absolutely no benefit even trying
this if you aren’t consistently paying your credit card off every single month
additionally the next thing that I learned is that while many people have
rewards credit cards that they might have gotten from the bank or whatever
the reality is is that 99% of them are terrible and most likely if you have a
rewards credit card it isn’t really going to help you very much in terms of
actually getting a lot of free travel so being the money nerd that I am I decided
to dive in really deep I actually opened up I think about 15 different credit
cards to try to figure out which ones were the best which ones were gonna give
me the most bang for my buck and really helped me to maximize my travel rewards
and in opening all these credit cards and learning them to see which ones of
the head the rewards programs that were most lucrative I actually figured out
that there are one or two cards you get that really are probably the best
for most people if you want to maximize your travel rewards around the US and
this is the card right here this is a card I’ve probably recommended more than
any other credit card to friends to family to whenever people ask me this is
the go-to credit card and it’s a Chase Sapphire Preferred now one of the main
reasons that we like this card so much and that it’s helped us travel so much
is because any of the rewards that you get go into the Chase Ultimate Rewards
portal and then from there you can transfer them to a whole bunch of
different places and so in our case what we do to maximize our travel potential
and how far we can go in as many trips as we can we always fly Southwest and we
always stay at Hyatt Hotels and just by keeping that really simple system it
doesn’t take up much time it doesn’t take up much mental energy most cities
that we go to southwest flies to them and there are Hyatt Hotels and if we can
do that and then we can stay for free pretty much every time so like I said
when you spend with this card or when you sign up for a card you’ll get a big
bonus of Chase Ultimate Rewards Points and you can transfer them over to your
Hyatt account and so then they can move right over there and then you can book
your Hyatt Hotel directly from your Hyatt account or you could transfer them
to Southwest and then you can book flights directly from your Southwest
account or if you don’t like either of those there’s a whole bunch of other
airlines or hotels that you can transfer the points to but we have found that
using Southwest points our rewards go further than any other airline in the US
and the same with Hyatt we have found that staying at Hyatt so our points go
so much further so just give you a quick example of what this looks like when you
sign up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card they often have a bonus of 50,000 points just for signing up and there are many Hyatt Hotels that you can
stay at for 5,000 points a night in fact the hotel that we stay at the
most when we go back home to visit family is actually only five thousand
points a night and so just by signing up for the credit card and getting the
bonus we can stay there for ten nights just that alone not to mention all the
points that we gained just from using the card on a regular basis and trying
to put all of our spending on it and by contrast there’s many hotel lines where
the cheapest hotel might be twenty twenty-five thousand points so literally
by staying at Hyatt Hotels we can get up to five times as many nights as if we
were use another Hotel line so I’m just
explaining this just to illustrate the point that every Hotel of your line is
gonna be a little bit different but in our case I feel like we’ve landed on a
pretty good formula where we can maximize our points and maximize our
travel and get the most out of it without spending much time or energy at
all all right so every time I’m talking to
people about this I get a lot of the same questions and so I’m gonna answer a
whole bunch of them here as quickly as I can
does this process only work with signup bonuses and do you have to open a whole
bunch of different credit cards and the answer is no so originally I did open a
bunch of credit cards to try to figure out what the best system was but in
reality I have only opened maybe one or two credit cards in the last couple
years I have stuck with the Chase Sapphire Preferred and then a business
card which I’ll get to in a little bit and while you do get a whole bunch of
bonus points from signup bonuses when you sign up for a new card that is
definitely not the only way to earn in fact most of our earning is not from
signup bonuses okay so if that’s the case then how do you earn points and so
while this might be obvious to some the simple answer is is that you spend on
the card you use the card for as much as you possibly can and like I said before
we use it on everything except for the mortgage everything we can possibly put
on the card we put on our credit card and so that we can earn points on those
purchases all right so you’re getting free travel but are you staying at
hunkajunk hotels or you can you actually stay at some nice hotels and the answer
here is that we have stayed some really really nice hotels so like I said we
stay at Hyatt Hotels almost exclusively and there are no junk hotels in their
line and the lowest level hotel in the Hyatt line is the Hyatt Place Hotel and
these are still really nice hotels they’re very stripped down they’re not
super fancy they don’t have tons of amenities but they’re just nice hotels
and almost everything else in the Hyatt line is just really really nice to off
the charts nice and in the case of this recent trip that we took to Charleston
we decided we didn’t want to say too high at this time we want to stay at
something a little fancier and we ended up using our points to booked this
boutique hotel called the Dewberry and it was just an amazing experience such a
great babymoon that we had to have and it was just such a fun and unique hotel
to stay at we just really enjoyed our time there but the bottom line is that
you don’t need to stay at junk hotels and in fact you’re going to be staying in
pretty nice hotels so you follow the system that we follow so another
question I get a lot is what’s the catch and people just assume that there has to
be some catch and there aren’t any catches per se but there are two things
you need to know and the first one is that if you open
the Chase Sapphire Preferred card or really any Chase cards there are minimum
spending requirements that you need to make in order to get the bonus now you
don’t have to get the bonus and you can just use the card to get the points you
know from your spending but if you want to get the bonus they typically have a
minimum spend requirement over the first three or four months and so typically
what this looks like on a lot of cards it still required to spend like three
thousand dollars over the first three months you know which comes out to about
a thousand dollars a month and it’s not going to be possible for everyone but
for a lot of us spend in a thousand dollars a month and you know different
bills or groceries or things for the kids or household goods that’s you know
not too uncommon for a lot of us now the next thing you need to know is that most
cards have an annual fee and most of the time on the Chase cards it tends to be
about $95 per year and sometimes they waive it in the first
year but to be honest like I just don’t care about that the amount of free
travel that we get like so greatly offsets that $95 a year
that I don’t even think about it but because I fee is there I make sure to
close up any of the credit cards that I’m not using just so I’m not charged
that fee now sometimes people ask me about what the interest rate is on the
card and to be honest I have no idea and I don’t care because I never pay
interest charges because that’s the whole point if you’re paying interest
charges and you shouldn’t be doing this then really you should try to cut all
your credit cards and at some point the conversation will lead to well how do
the credit cards actually make money and the answer to that is that being in the
credit card business is probably one of the most lucrative businesses you can be
in because they make money by charging us fees if we don’t pay our balance off
in full at the end of the month but then additionally they charge fees for every
merchant who accepts credit cards so this extends all the way from Amazon all
the way down to your local farmer at the farmers market using Square to accept
credit cards for every single one of those transactions that credit card
companies are charging a fee and they’re getting a percentage of every single one
of those transactions so the bottom line is the credit cards have no problem
making money and even with paying out all these rewards they are coming out
way ahead so all on all this credit card reward
stuff has had such an impact in my life because I remember how expensive it is
to take a vacation and pay for everything out-of-pocket and hotels are
not cheap and flights are not cheap and buying food you know when you’re on the
road is not cheap and it just all adds up to a really big expensive thing and
that’s why I just feel so blessed that we
have gotten as many points as we have and been able to travel for free as much
as we have it’s just been an amazing amazing thing but I do want to reiterate
this one thing that if you’re focusing on paying off debt if you’ve been
struggling with credit cards in the past this isn’t for you save it for later
bookmark this for a little bit down the line once you get everything under
control but this is for those of you who are faithful in paying off your credit
cards every month and you never miss a payment and you can stay on top of
things like that you are the ones who are gonna really benefit from something
like this all right so summing all this up if this
is for you if this is something you want to do and you’re not going to carry a
balance on your credit card then here’s what you need to do open the Chase
Sapphire Preferred card and then start using it for your everyday spending so
you can meet the minimum spending requirements so you can get that bonus
and once you start earning those points you will see them in your Ultimate
Rewards portal and if you want to make the most out of your rewards and get the
most benefit as you possibly can transfer them over to Southwest and fly
from Southwest and transfer them over to Hyatt and stay at Hyatt Hotels and if
you do that you can just keep it really simple you don’t need to open a whole
bunch of credit cards you can just use this one card you’ll be able to start
racking up some free travel and we our affiliate partners with them so you can
help support us by using the link up above or the link down in the
description below and you can know that you will be helping support our mission
and what we’re doing and additionally 37% of our profits go to support
charities all around the world and so by using our link you’ll be supporting
those charities as well so thank you if you decide to use those links now I hope
you found this helpful and what we do on our channel is we talk about practical
stuff like this to put more money in your pocket but then we also talk about
timeless biblical principles on how to manage our money wisely I have found
that God’s ways of handling money far supersede everything that I was taught
growing up and if you haven’t already head over to seed so you can
get your free email course from us on how to master your money using biblical
principles so that’s all for today have a great rest of your day adios

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  1. This is our simple strategy showing how to travel for free around the U.S. (160+ flights 🛫 & 100+ hotel nights 🏨for FREE. Here is our primary credit card that we have used to make it happen: 🎉Currently 50k point bonus!

  2. “Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.”
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  3. Reader question: "I currently have the Capital One Venture. Did you do much comparison? Just curious if it’s worth switching to the Chase Sapphire?"

    My thoughts:I opened a Cap One card years ago, but never the venture. I have heard that is a great card, but there are a couple things that most people miss – they assume that the number of points it gives as a bonus and how much you can earn with it 1x or 2x points are the most important components. Actually in most cases it is the redemption options and the ability to transfer 1 for 1 into other programs. That's where the Chase Ultimate Rewards shine, specifically with Hyatt and Southwest. So, I don't know the details of the Cap One redemption options at this point, but I would do your homework and see if you can book a comparable hotel to the Hyatt place for 5-8k points or fly one-way to a city within 250 miles for 5-10k points. Those are ballpark estimates of what we typically see for Hyatt and Southwest using Chase points.

  4. Do you charge the card and pay it immediately or wait till the end of the month? I'm scared to death of paying interest. Can I just turn right around and pay it? How do I avoid that? Paying interest that is? What's the time frame?

  5. We put all of our expenses on the Chase Sapphire card, insurance, tuition, gas, groceries, doctor visits, phone bill, etc. Literally everything. These are payments we have to make anyway and we pay it off each month. We use our points to get cash back at Christmas (not for travel). Over the course of a year we accumulate about $1k in points which we convert into cash back. You have to have a budget though and manage it the same way you would cash or checks.

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  7. Great video thank you for sharing!
    Do you recommend paying the Chase Sapphire completely every month?
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    Thanks again!

  8. Ultimate Rewards actually gives you an extra 25% extra when you book through the Chase site. Is it more "expensive" point-wise to do that? You are only getting a 1:1 ratio when you transfer your points to Southwest and Hyatt.

  9. God bless you and your family brother. I discovered this about 3 months ago but I didn’t want to only fly southwest but you are 100% true and your credit score will go up after a few months and your credit line will increase. #to_God_betheglory

    Question most credit card companies will not allow mortgage payments have to found a work around? Feel free to email my user name is google/ gmail address.

  10. Hi. Really appreciate you making this and other videos. I have a question?

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  13. I had the Chase Saffire for 4 years and to accumulate points I had to do a lot of spending and I really don't do that. At the end of the year chase charges $96, however if you're not a big spender like me, it defeats its purpose and you pay a yearly fee for nothing. I closed the account.
    Don't be deceived.

  14. Is Southwest the only airline this card has benefits for? We're in a smaller area where Southwest does NOT fly to with the closest big airport to use is over 3 1/2 hrs away.

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