100 thoughts on “HUGE Summer Primark Haul | Zoella

  1. I loved every single thing you bought. And the fact that I'm not able to go to primark any time soon is drving me bananas! Love u

  2. As a child of the 00s I still knew and loved Groovy Chick growing up. Now I want to track down those socks!

  3. I was born in early 2000's and used to have a groovy chick suitcase and notebook no one ever knew about it! Xxx

  4. I was so stressed, in a total fluster. I felt overwhelmed, hot, panicky and full of anxiety and no joke just lying down and watching this has just soothed me and calmed me so much. This really helped thank you very much! ?

  5. i work in primark and i‘m pretty sure we’ll start getting the autumn/winter stuff in july/august 🙂

  6. Omg the groovy chick socks absolutely made my day! Groovy chick was the best thing of my childhood!

  7. Omg !!! I bought that not your honey too she's ago too !!!! Love you so much and I'm so happy you've done another primark haul xx

  8. You’re earring remind me of Kuzcos hat from emperors new groove lol I love them though ! It was just a random thought

  9. I’m 14 and I know what groovy chic is I got so excited just seeing it on the screen, I then remembered I have a groovy chic pencil case

  10. Im not born in the 90's but born in the 2000's i know groovy chick??well not much tho cuz if im correct it wasnt that popular here in the Philippines back then not fully sure

  11. Loved this video!! I work in Primark and we usually start getting the Autumn/Winter stock in store around mid August ☺️❤️

  12. Groovy Chick was early 2000’s as well because it was my bedspread for two years and I had a rug it was the best. Oh, and I had a bedroom sign on the door hahah

  13. There’s nothing better to watch than a bloody primark haul!!!! It makes me want to buy everything in there

  14. Love your Primark videos so much!! I also really like how chilled and calm your videos and background are??

  15. I have problems with invisible socks falling down, if you go to UNIQLO and get some there they have little rubber bits sewn into the heels which stops them slipping off they are amazing! I think there is only a UNIQLO in London though 🙁

  16. I just love her style because honestly, I would not have the confidence to get things like this. I stay away from colours or prints like this (mainly on her trousers). I wish I could buy things like this and be able to rock them!

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