14 thoughts on “Humangear GoToob+ Review | GoToob vs GoToob Plus | TSA-Approved Carry-On Travel Liquid Containers

  1. WHOOPS! I meant "low viscosity" when talking about the water & stability of the flat bottom. I hope we can still be friends ?

  2. I've been using Humangear GoToobs and the GoTubbs. Wouldn't travel without them. I've been using mine since 2013 and they still function as new.

    If I had to choose which one I like the most I would choose the GoTubbs. They hold a lot and seal even tighter and are very easy to clean. I use mine for hair products I need to dip my fingers into.

    I appreciate your review. Now I know I can just keep the ones I have!?

  3. Thanks for the in-depth review, and it's great to see you like some of the new features we've added. Regarding the warranty, if a cap breaks, we'll replace it for free. Our warranty contact address is [email protected], and we usually respond within a day. We also sell caps separately in case people lose them and need replacements, but we never charge people to replace broken caps.

  4. Have you ever noticed that, when you speak, you say the word "do" a lot more than is necessary? E.g. "you DO have a carousel here…" and "and get every little piece out that you DO wanna get out".

  5. I don't get why companies don't make these square or rectangular so they take up half the amount or room in your bag. Ikea is the only company who seems to have figured this out.

  6. Thanks for posting, I really enjoy your reviews! I've used the 89 ml (3 fl oz) GoToob for a few months now and I am really satisfied. Have yet to encounter any problems with the cap as mentioned in the review. The product works really great and fits perfectly in my transparent and TSA approved carry on washbag from Osprey. Ziplock bags are a thing of the past now, right? 🙂

  7. Had a set of the + toobs for a few months fro REI. Rubbing alcohol has been stored in one for several weeks. No issues yet. What I do not like about the new dispenser valve is how much pressure is required to get anything out. Usually ends up splooshing a large amount of contents all over. I’ve used four + toobs for alcohol, witch hazel, Bronner’s soap, and a moisturizer. Inconvenient and sloppy and impossible to get a small amount without taking off the lid. Which is just silly. I’ll be going back to my old squeeze bottles that have the ancient lift up tube valve.

  8. Great and comprehensive review. It is such a relief having a one stop place to find travel gear that is good quality and durable. I really trust your reviews and greatly value this channel. Thanks guys.

  9. Hi Packhacker. i am afraid that the piece between the cap and the actual bottle 'the hinge' will break after opening and closing the cap to often how do you feel about this? right now i have some off brand bottles and they have the same issue.

  10. Hi Tom. its me again. right now i am having some off brand go(o)toob bottles. what do you think about these being less durable than the original ones? please share your opinion bro. tnx

  11. I have the suckshin cups on mine, they are unless in the shower. ALWAYS drops off the wall, I love the bottles through. We travel full time in our RV and have tried showers all over the United States. nice video, thanks for sharing.

  12. I love the Gotoob+ the only problem was don't use moroccan argan oil in them as it burnt through the bottle. I didn't send it back as it wasn't worth the postage. just bought another one as these are excellent. I also use the small and medium round containers and the spoons.

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