HUSKIES CAMPING WITH 5 DOGS | Siberian Husky Adventure

Shelby! Wanna go camping?
*Shelby whines* She’s like “We are going camping!”
The dogs are going camping! There’s Oakley and Memphis and Shelby!
We’re going camping! *Music* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Huskies howling*
“Aroooooo!” So, last weekend, we went camping with the dogs and some fellow YouTube friends of ours, who are you going to see next, just some clips from that camping trip. You may had already see them, if you are subscribed to us at but if not, here they are… and links to all of the people who were in the video, will be down in the video description below. See, go and subscribe to ‘Thor’ and ‘CreativePetKeeping’ and everybody else… So, let’s get to, some camping footage! *To Shelby* Big yawn baby! *Jessica Speaks* Good morning pawdience! Look! Where here and were camping and all the dogs just finished breakfast…
Oakley and I, just went on a short little walk… Apparently, she wants to keep going… She’s like “Let’s keep going!”
*To Shelby* I know you need to go too!
Were taking turns! Will go next! Oh! ‘Banana!’
Do you like Jamie, ‘Banana?’ She just walked, right past the other dogs, came straight to you!
*Jamie speaks* *Jessica speaks* She’s like… Look at that…
*Jamie speaks* I got you! *Jessica speaks* ‘Thor’s’ hiking with everybody… Girls? *To Shelby* Get out of there! I put something right there… Smell amazing!
*Jamie speaks* There’s vine all the place…
*Jessica speaks* Don’t touch it! Could be poison ivy vines…
*Jamie speaks* Oh God…!
*Jessica speaks* *Laughter* Ahh! *Singing* And where hiking in the woods…
We don’t know, where we going… But were going… *Laughter* So, for the million of you, that are gonna ask…
The belt and the harnesses the dogs are wearing, are from We actually have a coupon code from them for ten percernt (10%) off that’s good through the month of July. I believe is ‘GTTSDJULY10’ percent and I will put it down, in the video description below. So, you guys want to get some stuff, get little harnesses llike this! These are urban mushing harnesses.
And this is actually an skijoring belt. *Jamie speaks* You have the belt. I don’t…
*Jessica speaks* No! You don’t have the belt! I do… *Water sounds*
*Jessica speaks* Shelby’s like, ” YEEES!” Memphis is like, “YEEES!”
Oakley’s like, “FORGET YOU! Bye bye!” *Water sounds* *Laughter*
Shelby’s at her best! Shelby wants to swim! Walk out and she would swim… She might…
You can do it! You can swim! She’s gotta jump on the dock! How do I know? And shake! *Laughter* *To Shelby* Don’t you dare!
*Jamie speaks* Shelby don’t… Shelby, come here!
*Jessica speaks* Come on! Thank you! Were going this way huns! This way! Look what we got for miss Oakley!
She get’s her own personal umbrella! Oakley’s living the life now!
She’s got a fan and an umbrella!
She’s a happy girl now! Charles went to go, take a shower…
Thor is like, “Dad? Dad? Dad?”
You can still see, he’s walking way over there… What you can do when you can’t see him no more? Memphis is handed up! She’s like…
*Jamie Speaks to Memphis* Are you gonna get…
*Jessica Speaks* “Love me!” *Jamie speaks to Memphis* Oh gosh! You fall…
*Jessica imitates Memphis* “Love me!”
*Jamie Speaks to Memphis* Whoa! Whoa! *Laughter* *Jessica imitates Memphis* “Give me all the love!”
*Jamie Speaks* Well, you can’t…
*Laughter* *Jamie speaks* Here we have all the dogs on line…
Banana pretending to be on the line.
*Laughter* Then, Thor, Banana and Memphis. Shelby and Oakley’s under umbrella… *Third person Speaks* She’s, like “I’m not really a Husky…” *Jamie Laughs*
*Jessica Speaks* Nobody knows…
*Jamie speaks* Me? Me? *Third person speaks* We should had brought the ‘Spirithood’ and put on her…
*Jamie laughs* *Jessica speaks*
A fur explosion has happened!
Fur explosion! *Jamie Speaks to Memphis* The edge got itchy there?
*Jessica speaks* She’s like “Mama’s been scratching me for five (5) minutes, getting all the furs off! Thor’s been de-fur… sort of!
*Thor’s owner speaks* *Laughter *
*Jessica Speaks* Look it… Alright!
There’s always were making snow in July! Look at… *Laughter*
Memphis is shedding real bad right here!
Her back legs… *Laughter* *Jamie Speaks* And right here!
And right here… And right here… *Jessica Imitates Memphis* ” Some more! Some more! Please pet me some more!” *Jamie to Memphis* Your face is a little hairy!
*Jessica speaks* Will try to remember when we leave, to take a picture of the camp site… Cause all in end… Oh my goodness!
*Jamie Speaks* There will be a white room…
*Jessica laughs* *Jessica to Memphis* Memphis! You left some fluffys? *Jessica to Oakley* Oakley!
*Third voice* Want a picture…
*Jessica speaks* Oakley! *Third voice* Banana’s like run away… *Laughter* Oakley digging a whole.
She threw dirt in the water dish! Crazy dog!
Were gonna get packed and have to leave here soon! *Jessica to Thor* Thor, you wanna go home with us?
Thor is like, “My dad went over there. I don’t… I’m not sure what’s going on!” he’s on the line!
How she is… *To Oakley* Are you gonna unbury it, so we can take it home with us? Is that what you’re doing? Make sure, we don’t forget it! She’s like, she must be hot!
She wants more of a cool spot to lay.
*Laughter* Look at Miss Oakley!
Got a fan that reaches all the dogs! Look!
Memphis gets some, Shelby gets some… Looks like “Where hot!”
We just took them for a walk!
*To Shelby* Did you go for a walk? Did you go for a walk? You already went for a walk… Did you go for a walk?
Time to go for a walk again…
You already go for a walk? *To Memphis* How about you?
Wanna go for a walk?
*To Shelby* Are you confused? *Laughter*
How many times, can I make you turn your head by saying “Go for a walk?” *To Shelby* Shelby, you wanna go for a walk? Alright you guys!
If you are new to this channel, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, like this video and share with your friends to help us grow ‘The Pawdience!’ Oaklley’s like “This is the best thing, you ever did! Was put this bed in here!
*Shelby whines* Shhh! Were going to bed!
Alright you guys!
Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive! Dream big!
We will see you again soon!
*Dogs whining* Say bye?
Good night Pawdience! *Music* *Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog!* *Sing a song with your sweet voice* *I know, You’ve been a good little girl* *Good Girl! Good Girl!* *Come and join us for a new adventure!* *Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come 
into our Siberian world!* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs* *Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*

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