#HYDERABAD TRAVEL #GUIDE + best #biryani (Indian Food)

#HYDERABAD TRAVEL #GUIDE + best #biryani (Indian Food)

Previously on Lifetime Travelmates Now we are in Hampi. We just found a bunch of Langurs. Hello, travel mates!
How are you doing? We are Hyekyong and Jordi and we are traveling around the world. Now, we are traveling in India and in today’s episode, we’re going to explore Hyderabad. On our first day in Hyderabad, we went to the old city, the historic center of Hyderabad. Even though Hyderabad is thriving as a hub of information technology, this area still has not lost its old charm. The old city contains many landmark buildings including the popular Charminar monument
and mosque. The Charminar was built in 1591 to commemorate the end of plague in the city. These days, the Charminar area with surrounding food, jewelry and clothes market is the tourism hotspot
and the heart of Hyderabad Muslim culture. We are in Charminar. It doesn’t feel much like India.
It feels more like an Arab country, right? And now we are going to find
one of the best places in Biryani. They say Hyderabad is the best place for Biryani. So we are gonna go and
try this best Biryani in Town. Let’s go! Madness~~~~~ This is… Madness~~~~~ Oh my god~~~~~ Oh my god! The road was so congested with rickshaws, motorbikes, cars and people crossing on the road. After walking through the madness, we finally arrived at the legendary Shadab hotel to try the best Mutton Biryani in Hyderabad. Some yogurt. Some chilli curries. So not too much spicy,
so little bit spicy. So tender, so soft. It’s very good. Then we have the Roghni Naan. It looks like pizza. It’s stuffed with some veggies.
Very nice! Qubani Ka Meetha. What is it? It’s an… apricot cream dessert? We came to visit this bakery. Our couchsurfing hosts recommended us to try this Irani chai and these cookies.
They say is one of the best. So we will try it from now! This one is the basic Osmania cookie. this one has dates inside. Good morning from Hyderabad! It’s a new day in the city.
And today we’re going to explore the tombs, the fort and some more surprises. After having the tasty dosa and idly,
we went to the Qutb Shahi Tombs. Since the complex was huge,
to save time and get more information,
we decided to take a guided tour. The Qutb Shahi tombs belong to the rulers of
the Qutb Shahi Dynasty. Seven of the nine Qutb Shahi rulers were buried here as well as members of the royal family and respected citizens from entertainers to doctors from 1543 A.D to 1672 A.D. In the center of each tomb is the stone coffin which overlies the actual burial vault in a crypt below. These are the corner pillars. One of the most interesting things about the tombs was how they were built in terms of transmitting sound. Hyekyong! Jordi? Can you hear me? yeah. Now we are… experimenting the… mobile communication. It’s like you have a speaker… inside you. Right? This is very strange. It’s amazing! So you can find here clear, just in the first arch, in the middle of the arch, Pineapple with banana. Pineapple with banana. Indo- Persian style. They have mix with the Indian and Persian style. You know pineapple for what? for welcome. Ah~ To us, everyone is going to die. So their turn is finished, so next is our turn. So whenever you are going to come here next time, Anytime. Welcome. Picture from here? The best view. We learned a lot from this tour and it was a great introduction of Hyderabad history. And after that, we went to the Golconda fort, the most popular landmark in Hyderabad. Now we are walking on stairs. Should we take a break here? Pretty impressive! It’s the largest film studio in the world. It’s only us around here!

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  1. Have you ever been in Hyderabad? What was your impression of the city? We have more to tell on the next videos!
    We have to say that in Hyderabad we had some of the best times in India, but not because of what we visited or the city itself, but because of the lovely friends we made there!
    Are you from Hyderabad? Do you think the tourist places are overrated? Underrated? Is there any other place, hidden gem or food you would recommend?

  2. Hyderbad market is busy!! Tona od retailors and markets! Becareful over there.. Theft is current.. Watch those bags… Traffic is indeed crazy tho!! Andthe food looks great!

  3. Never been there at all
    The desserts look nice
    Thanks for sharing this with us
    Full view and like from us ???

  4. Yay so happy to see another video from you guys! One of my friends is from Hyderabad going to share this video with him. The town looks awesome! The old city looks like a food lovers dream.

  5. The story about the tombs is amazing.. we all know Lieles would not do that tour, so thank you so much, at least I can see it through your camera and eyes.

  6. que ciudad mas interesante, han hecho coachsurfing que bueno , y suelo hacer también me parece una excelente manera, los anfitriones siempre te pueden recomendar lo mejor para ver , los dulces tienen una pinta bárbara , genial vídeo chicos .

  7. What a colorful place, so vibrant and so full of life, a bit too crowded for me but have to say the Qtub Shahi tombs were an amazing sight. Cheers Alan

  8. Such a beautiful and colorful place. Everyone seems so friendly. What was the first food you were eating exactly? It looked like shredded cheese lol

  9. Nice fast-forward footage! Those types of markets are our favorite. That's basically the focus in our travels. That biryani is life! Wow! Those cookies look so good too! And those tombs! Very impactful.

  10. I love how you intro this video. "last time…" that is really cool. You guys do a great job on your videos. Happy traveling. oxoxox CM.

  11. Wonderful video from Hyderabad. So much to see and experience there, the people, food, culture. Beautiful buildings. So much traffic there! Very delicious food 🙂 Nice narration, editing and entertaining video 🙂

  12. Such a wonderful place rich in cultures! The streets is so colourful and seems very busy! Awh that biryani looks so good!! Lol that chai tea moment ? awesome video guys!

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