‘I Am Praying Angelina & Vinny Hook Up’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

‘I Am Praying Angelina & Vinny Hook Up’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(rock music) – [Announcer] Tonight the Jersey Shore family vacation cruise settles back into seaside. – I think Angelina should make a speech. – Angelina should make
the appropriate speech. – Yeah, – [Man] Okay. – Last time in Seaside, I really didn’t care to be there. – Go home. – You’re an idiot Mike. – [Angelina] Back in the
day, I was like, horrible. But I’ve changed from back then. Let’s take the old memory
Angelina and throw them out and like, now I’m ready
to create new ones. – Angelina, take it away. (soft piano music) – Thank you so much God for giving us this food and,
– All right, anyone else? – (beep) you Vin, you’re an (beep). – Oh my God.
– Can we do this Grace, without an F Bomb? – We just disrespect Grace. – I don’t know what it
is about this kid but he really says something out of his mouth and I get pissed right off the bat. – [Vinny] (beep) island girls
are (beep)ing classy bro. – Why don’t you do it Vinny,
since you’re so perfect. – Careful. Tread carefully. – These two got a beef right here. – Yeah, you guys should
just (beep) it out. – No she wants to D. – Oh my God. – I am praying that
Angelina and Vinny hook up. There is so much sexual
tension, that just get it out. It’s happening, just go. – Don’t come at me cuz I
got piece in a chamber. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. – Wait, what did you say to me? – I have a loaded gun. – What do you have in
the chamber with him? – I want to save it for another time. Vinny’s got to check himself because I have a lot
of (beep) on that kid. – Well, I don’t have a
chamber on you because I don’t think about you as a – Whooooooooooooooaaaaa. Whoooooooooooooooooa. That was a good one. – Don’t lie. You think
about me day (beep), afternoon and night. – [Announcer] After all that. Two familiar faces are on a brand new show How Far is Tattoo far? Snooky’s hosting, Angelina’s
getting a new tattoo, and the rest is history. (suspenseful music) – You have very good hands,
whatever the hell you do. (laughing) You smell like freaking alcohol. – I just had a wine. – (beep) off. If I hate the tattoo that
Chris gives me today, I am literally making
his ass sleep outside. – You’re going to hate this. – He’s not sleeping in bed with me and he’s definitely not
getting this down there for a very long time. – Three. – Oh my God, a little faster. – Two. One. (dramatic music) – Wait, Are you kidding
me? What the (beep)? – [Announcer] It all starts
tonight at eight, seven Central. Only on MTV.

100 thoughts on “‘I Am Praying Angelina & Vinny Hook Up’ | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. I understand he may not like her but don’t be disrespectful when she is blessing the food that’s so damn disgusting on his part

  2. I almost didn’t recognize Angelina. Wtf did she do to her face. She looks terrible. She was cute before and it looks like she attempted to look like Kylie Jenner but the doctor gave up midway through the damn procedures. Drs are making bank by creating the same faces lmfao. Driving in their little golf caddies around the hamptons like “ha! Fucking suckers” lmfao

  3. I used to think Angelina was a dirty lil hamster like everyone else lol.
    Call me crazy but dang ? she’s looking fine af these days

  4. Hahaha. I love how she thinks shes changed….shes litterally the exact same person just not as lazy……still an obnoxious truck driver mouthed brat…please tell me hows shes changed…lol what sillyness….

  5. Jenny over exaggerates everything.Snooky still is fake bougee.Angelina got a hoe demeter writing all over here.Deena is just collecting space since theres no Samm..

  6. It’s ironic how things have changed lol the first season vinny was awesome and nobody could stand Angelina, now Angelina actually seems like she’s matured and is pretty cool and Vinny acts like a insecure immature little boy

  7. Lol I'll never forget the start of season 2, vinny held up 2 bananas and put it over his face to look like the girls lips lol

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