100 thoughts on “I Answered Your Travel Questions And Met A Llama | Noah Schnapp

  1. oh dude was those colors on your sweater necessary ? you would make some freaks in europa with that very happy. dayum dude though you are cool with other races!

  2. Please Noah come to Hungay too, I would be very happy for him because I am Hungarian too and you have a lot of Hungarian fans❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤very very i love you???❤❤

  3. Noah: readings comments

    2 minutes later

    Noah: oh my god a lama XD i loved the video.Grettings from Spain ??

  4. I love you Noah I love you❤❤.I froom Argentina and…I love you ❤❤❤??????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Not a single soul
    not even Will Byers
    Noah “ Most people put cereal in there milk right?”
    Me and everyone else watching this video:?

  6. Joyce:WHERE'S MY BOY?!
    characters from stranger things: * searching for will *
    All:finds will
    Joyce:where were you?! Did you have another episode?! Was there another monster?!
    Will:I was taking selfies with llamas

  7. То чувство когда ты здесь одна русская,и не понимаешь о чём говорят.-The feeling when you're here alone Russian,and do not understand what they say

  8. Have you ever traveled to an island called Cyprus? It’s in Europe and it has a lot of history!Turkey came over and took over almost the half of the island they made a fake flag that nobody knows

  9. I love how this video showed llama in a good light ? I have a small little herd of llamas and they are incredible!

  10. Hi i'm from Colombia , spanish hola no sé hablar inglés pero quisiera conocerte a ti y a el elenco espero vengan a conocer Colombia

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