Hi guys It’s Tana Mongeau welcome to my house or welcome back to my house so today For the first time in the history of my YouTube channel in the entire Two-and-A-Half Years I’ve been on YouTube I’m doing a serious house tour and when I first started blowing up on YouTube and I moved into my very first house I remember how badly I wanted to film a house tour and in every house I’ve had after that how badly I wanted to film a house tour But I never did because of stalker related life related house breaking into related Issues and bullshit like that issues you –and as you guys know I just posted a story time about how I got evicted from my last house Wrongfully I’ll link that in the description below so I never got to film a tour of that and in Vegas I’m living in a shitty apartment that I hate and trying to figure all of that out and then airbnb Surprised me with this dope ass house in Hollywood hills it is so crazy to me everyday I’ve been waking up in this house it just doesn’t feel real it never gets old I can’t even be sad living here It’s so incredible never did I ever think when I was 13 growing up as poor as possible I grew up, so fucking poor. I grew up thinking I would never be able to go to college never be able to have a place of my own that I would live with my Parents, ’til I was 25, I never thought. I would be somewhere like this, and I literally have goose bumps right now I get goose bumps every day And it’s all because of you not to be Simpie at all but seriously you guys do this for me you guys do every single thing for me and even when I was sitting In my room poor as shit in my shitty house growing up hating my life. I told you guys that everything I had was because of you and I still feel the same way before I get into the video I wanted to thank the fuck out of you guys I wanted to thank airBnb for giving me this dope ass place coming with this house They give me an incredible code which is point blank simple. This is not a sponsored video either It is just like a give one get one code Just like my uber codes if you use the link in the description you get $40 off an airBnb so if you guys are ever going on vacation And you want to get an airBnb, it may not be crazy as shit like this house it may, just be a regular airbnb But they’re definitely better than hotels because you get kitchens And you can be in the comfort of your own home away from home You don’t have weird checkouts or people bothering you or if you just want to throw a party in your hometown and you want to Rent a house for the night or for you and your friend It’s literally a $40 off code you can get a $40 airBnb and it can be fucking free So I have a code in the description with AirBnb that you guys should totally use because they let me do dope things like this But back to what I was saying in the beginning of this intro this is the first time since I’ve ever Lived in a house that I feel safe enough to do a house tour. We have security cameras everywhere We have a psycho fucking alarm system. The house is literally armed and we’re way up in the motherfuckin Hills So I don’t think I’m gonna die and I know this is a super random thing to say in an intro But after I get done filming this I’m going to the studio here in California to work on my music That’s something I never though I would say, and I want you guys to tell me in the comments below What kind of music you think I’m making but I will tell you this one of my lyric is, “I be in Hollywood Hills” and here we are in Hollywood Hills And it feels so good to finally say that I get to give you guys my very first house tour ever so without further ado Here is an incredible tour of my beautiful, Hollywood hills home and lastly before I get into this video make sure to subscribe click that little bell turn your Notifications on follow all my social media in the description below and get ready for some OG, ass story times coming up soon I love you guys, bye Camera: “Oh shit, you’re actually up?” Tana: “Yes, I’m actually up” Hi guys, it’s Tana Mongeau, welcome to my house or welcome back to my house. So today, we are out here in the lovely Hollywood hills, and I bought a house it’s better than Team Ten’s and I want to give you guys a tour of it Let’s go! Before I get evicted So at first glance, this is my house. So over here. We have this very pointless, very random sitting room I don’t know what’s on the wall, I don’t know if it’s satanic writing Then we have this little table and a box of cigars that I’ve never smoked never will smoke And then we have this little egg chair it gives me iCarly vibes. It’s kind of not that sturdy either That room is pretty boring, so we’re gonna move on. We have our little hallway, a giant full-size mirror because I’m narcissistic Normally, I wouldn’t show you a bathroom It’s kind of boring, but I wanted to show you guys my first personalized addition to my house So we hung this up today. Artist clearly thought I have straighter teeth than I do, but we got a cross, you know, cause I’m Super religious I’m a church leader, a tear for the dramatic story time effect, some clown makeup ‘cuz I cake my face like a pro and now onto another pointless sitting room, so for everyone who constantly hates on me for wearing Led Zeppelin band tees And asked if I listen to Led Zeppelin or not, clearly I have a Led Zeppelin signed guitar so I listen to Led Zeppelin. And then we have, this rocket seat–Jimmy Neutron vibes Come on, Nickelodeon. we have a bar because everyone in my friend group has a drinking problem And then we have a Tyler Lambert Denim jacket use code Tana link in the description. And now guys, before I show you the main living room, my favorite living room, Everyone’s favorite room in the house. I want to show you guys the best balcony Look at this view. I always wanted a house growing up with a beautiful view I think I would have settled for a beautiful view in Vegas, but a beautiful Hollywood Hills view? *whispers* yeah, I didn’t think I’d be there Seats where all my friends sit, as you guys can see all of my friends are sitting in them right now More seats for more of the friends that I don’t fuckin have And now for the most echo’y room This is the main living room. Everyone’s favorite room the room where we all spend most of our time. We have the couch, very spacious, very long, very luxurious TV, fire place, Buddhas, yadda, yadda, yadda boring, boring, boring I spend a lot of time eating the food that I PostMate’s and don’t cook, My kitchen, so first and foremost, we have this lovely dining table On the dining table, we have a very important essential to being alcoholics Playing cards for all the drinking games we play. A bunch of random decor. That is not mine, it came with the house and I totally wanna get rid of because like, what the fuck is that? A photo of a gun, so when my stalker breaks in for the first time, he knows what we’re made of, what we’re fuckin’ with, what we’re not afraid to fuckin’ do. *laugh* No, I’m kidding. I’m a pussy, I’m so gonna get murdered. A fancy Chandelier which I feel like I will break at some point living in this house Speaking of PostMated meals, on the counter we have my favorite salad (which I’m going to devour). And then, if the photo of the gun wasn’t warning enough for my stalker We have this. Then into my kitchen, we have some Hennessy because I’m a rapper and I wanna fuck your white daughters with it In the fridge, I know that every time people do MTV crib style things, their fridge is all organized and beautiful, but I’m real. And in my fridge I think my favorite things are probably the Fireball box that Christine brought and left here, a bottle of Tito’s, which I don’t drink because I’m like myself and like Grey Goose. two more of my favorite smoothie which I’m going to devour later, Monster to chase my alcohol with, and everything else, isn’t fucking mine. And then a favorite touch of mine a built-in Espresso maker in the wall. Lets get out of the kitchen. and now I’m gonna take you guys up to the third story to my room The only room up there where all of the magic happens–well, the baby-making and by baby-making I mean watching Netflix. this which came with the house But I must say I love and won’t be replacing because look at that motherfucking joint in that Motherfucking monsters mouth. It’s incredible. I took that photo– no I’m just kidding. Then upstairs all we have is this beautiful walkway. this thing which I definitely am not gonna get rid of ‘cuz I think it fits my aesthetic, very well. And now without further ado It’s my room So first and foremost, on the bed, we have my child taking a nap, with her brother. Very nice bed, very sturdy bed, Tempur-Pedic, down comforter, I had sex on it two nights ago, and I approve And then before I show you the rest of the room. We have this lovely balcony Jordan and I actually got stuck on it The other night because this doorknob broke and it’s still broken And then we have my balcony To my room while it’s not the best balcony It is my personal favorite because if that one’s a little lower, so you don’t get as good of a view wait guys look So I think the balcony from my room gets the best view definitely the best place to smoke a blunt. Let’s go back into my room. And then in this corner of the room nothing special ya have a condom, ‘cuz I’m safe and then, out here this weird little metal balcony, but I like because you can spy on people in the shower. Look. And then on this little couch right here And I’m gonna share a secret with you guys the reason why I love this couch is because I can store all of my mess In it and then just cover it with a fur blanket becoming a home owner of a beautifully decorated home I learned that the secret to everything is covering that shit with a fur blanket you Don’t like a couch? you made a mess? cover that shit with a fur blanket and then over here We have my favorite TV in the house I really like the fact that there’s a special indentation in the wall for it but also up there above the fireplace we have another TV and the reason why I like the both of them is because this one is for all the Netflix and YouTube And all that stuff and that one is for the security cameras so I don’t get fucking murdered. And then up here, Be careful on those stairs. I always trip on them. We have the most narcissistic Part of my house. This is a little dressing area I do my makeup right here every single day And I love it this full-body mirror is amazing for selfies, photos, and outfits all that kind of stuff we have a random photo of a lion, a photo of a soccer legend because our Videographer is a soccer legend right now, say hi Ieuan, you’re a soccer legend. And then over here, we have this really, fucking, weird painting Of Batman, which I really want to get rid of and haven’t yet. And this thing, is where I keep all my sex toys, and drugs and guns and Don’t show them! and then before we go into the bathroom We have the lovely velvet wall which I’ve always wanted if you guys have ever been in a Victoria’s secret They have striped walls like this, but we took it to another level by making them velvet We have a Heath Ledger signed Joker card, which I think is kind of incredible And now into here, we have a shitty little closet that holds, none of my clothes But we have an incredible bathroom with a fucking sun roof. Come on, sun! We have a bathtub, which I haven’t used yet because I’m a spray tan ass bitch and brown bath water isn’t very cute. We have a shower, which I’ve actually used a lot more than you would think. The shower has two rain nozzle thingies, which is awesome. It also double functions as a steam room. I just had sex in this shower the other night, it’s also incredible. But I’m kinda afraid of the neighbors seeing me through those windows, so I might not Do it again. But I also come here, where I also narcissistic-ly Get ready. I keep showing you guys the bathrooms, and I know you don’t really care, but there’s another painting up here, which I really love. It’s a Frank Sinatra quote and it says, “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink when they wake up in the morning That’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.” James Charles is triggered, Corinna is triggered, David Dobrik is triggered, but I’m just drunk. *laughs* Just kidding. So now I think you guys have seen enough of my room It’s time to take you to everyone else’s second favorite balcony Oh my god, they hung a picture of me. How nice. So on this balcony, Not only do we have, wait for it, you’re gonna be surprised this time. Another spectacular view. But we have a hot tub, this I’ve yet to have sex in but it is next on my bucket list I don’t even want to splash around and like be a little whore like, you get it, it’s water. Like, oh my god I’m a slut. So now that you guys have seen the upstairs. Which is clearly my quarters It’s time to take you guys down to the bottom story, but if you guys look closely at the wall, it’s Taylor Swift, patterned, which is kind of awesome Or Taylor Caniff patterned, whatever makes you happy. And on this wall, I have these beautiful painting of KSI, RiceGum, and FazeBanks. I threw up on this canvas, down here it’s super dark, Kinda Scary at night That’s why I don’t sleep down here. And to keep, the theme of it being creepiest as fuck down here, every single painting is creepy like come on, escape room bitch. come on, hiding in the fucking flowers bitch, come on… what? So all the rooms down here are guest bedrooms where all of my lovely guests stay. this one is by far the creepiest to me because there’s just like, a giant fucking urn There’s a lamp that my grandma literally has but I did tell you guys earlier, if there’s something you want to hide, cover that shit with fake fur. We got a printer up in this bitch This painting up here though, was a personal choice of mine. Mike Tyson, “we all do dumb shit when we’re fucked up.” and then we have some Basketball player signed stuff, I specifically hung this because it’s photos of the lakers and who plays for the lakers Kobe. Do I have a new song coming out called Kobe? I do but you’ll have to wait and see for that. You’ll never guess What’s behind this door Yet another balcony this balcony wraps around to another guest bedroom and Maya sleeping in there and the balcony door is open, so we’re gonna wake her. But first, fucking look at that shit Wake up. It’s everyday, bro. Who the hell are flipping you? Us Jake Pauler’s in the team 10 house get up before 10 a.m Good morning Maya *groan* Here we have a Elijah: Who’s that other woman in the house? Tana: “What other woman?” Elijah: “That woman who was just upstairs” Tana: “Ohh, my assistant client.” *laughs* Tana: “Oh my god I thought-” Elijah: “I thought it was a joke, I literally thought that was a joke and I thought that was like, one of the people that stayed over or something, cause she was like “Oh it was so nice to sleep down there” And I was like … In this room we have a very messy couch, but like I’ve been telling you this whole video, Now it’s fine, and then back through here, we’re back in the creepy little dungeon. But don’t worry, downstairs is not that boring. I have something to show you guys. But first, another laundry room. And another dressing room. Kinda boring, it’s a bed, it’s a shower. Whatever. Time for the exciting room. The Movie Theater, Bitch! Having a movie theatre that’s only two rows is so humbling for me. I’m so grateful to be so grounded, and if anybody ever says I’m not down-to-earth. I just say my movie theater only has two rows *laughs* just kidding. These couches look like regular couches But they are not they are the most comfortable couches in this house Everyone falls asleep on them the walls are fucking velvet We have a little popcorn maker my favorite movie to actually watch up there on that screen is my live Subscriber count I think it’s time that I take you guys back upstairs all right guys you’ve seen enough of my house. I hope you had a good time. I hope you had fun hanging out with me because I had fun hanging with you I just wanna say thank you to all my haters who click on my video and they view it and they leave a hate comment Because those views make me ad sense money and that ad sense money Bought me this house! *laughs* No, I’m just kidding. But really, you guys have seen enough and everything else I’m about to do in this house is a little age restricted, so it’s time for us to have an orgy shoot up some fucking heroin and you guys need to get the fuck out Bye This is my fireplace watch out, it’s hot Elijah: Ooh it’s so hot Christine: No, no, no, no. Call your little Louis Tomlinson off me here, okay. No, are you gonna pay up this time 10k 10k for me to be in a video. Okay? Someone good Jordan Jordan? Yeah, I know. I know you rep both of us uh-huh Yeah, I know she has more fol- Oh, yes, Sir, okay, ah Right socialblade? I haven’t checked okay. Oh. Yeah, okay. Yes, sir. All right. I’m sorry. I bothered you okay, Bye. Get the camera off of me stop My contract, my contract! Call the, call the rep! Studio… 69.. The hot tub… what? Oh my god. I didn’t know anybody was home. Tana: Just got some hieroglyphics painted on the wall Elijah: Those aren’t fucking hieroglyphics. Tana: And that’s not how you smoke a fucking cigar. Elijah: I’m trying my best And now into the living room Trevor! Wake up I’m filming a house tour wake up. Wake up! Trevor: We love truth tea sister


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